Deeds of the Hungarians

Central European University Press, 1 jan. 1999 - 235 sidor
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Written between 1282-1285, Gesta Hungarorum is an ingenious and imaginative historical fiction of prehistory, medieval history and contemporary social history. The author divides Hungarian history into two periods: Hunnish-Hungarian prehistory and Hungarian history, a division which persisted in Hungary up to the beginnings of modern historiography.

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General Editors Preface
List of Maps Figures and Tables
The Emergence of a European
The Nation
The Origins of Human
Two Authors Two Histories within One Europe IC

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Om författaren (1999)

László Veszprémy, DSc is medievalist, paleographer, visiting professor at CEU, Department of Medieval Studies, director of the Institute of Military History. Books: co-author of the series Mittelalterliche lateinische Handschriftenfragmente (1988-98); editor, among other books, of Simonis de Kéza, Gesta Hungarorum (1999 CEMT 1); and (with B. K. Király) A Millennium of Hungarian Military History (2002).

Frank Schaer is freelance translator.

Simon of Kéza (Simon Kézai) was a court cleric of the Hungarian King, Ladislas IV (1272-1290). He travelled extensively in Italy, France and Germany and culled the epic and poetic material from a broad range of readings.

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