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The first Song of Moses.

Exod. 13.


NOW shall the praises of the Lord be sung,
For he a most renowned triumph won:
Both horse and man into the sea he flung,
And them together there hath overcome.
The Lord is he whose strength doth make me

And he is my salvation and my song,
My God, for whom I will a house prepare,
My father's God, whose praise I will declare.
Well knows the Lord to war what doth pertain,
The Lord Almighty is his glorious name :
He Pharaoh's chariots and his armed train,
Amid the sea o’erwhelming, overcame :

Those of his army, that were most renown'd

He hath together in the Red Sea drown'd: The deeps a covering over them were thrown, And to the bottom sunk they like a stone. Lord! by thy power thy right hand famous grows; Thy right hand, Lord ! 'thy foe destroyed hath; Thy glory thy opposers overthrows, And stubble-like consumes them in thy wrath.

A blast but from thy nostrils forth did go,

And up together did the waters flow; Yea, rolled up on heaps the liquid flood Amid the sea, as if congealed, stood.

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I will pursue them ! their pursuer cried ;
I will o’ertake them and the spoil enjoy :
My lust upon them shall be satisfied;
With sword unsheath'd my hand shall them destroy!

Then from thy breath a gale of wind was sent,

The billows of the sea quite o'er them went,
And they the mighty waters sunk into,
E'en as a weighty piece of lead will do.
Lord! who like thee among the Gods is there?
In holiness so glorious who may be,
Whose praises so exceeding dreadful are ?
In doing wonders, who can equal thee?

Thy glorious right hand thou on high didst rear,

And in the earth they quickly swallow'd were ;
But thou in mercy onward hast convey'd
Thy people, whose redemption thou hast paid.
Then by thy strength thou hast him pleas'd to bear
Unto a holy dwelling-place of thine;
The nations at report thereof shall fear,
And grieve shall they that dwell in Palestine.

On Edom's princes shall amazement'fall;

The mighty men of Moab tremble shall;
And such, as in the land of Canaan dwell,
Shall pine away of this, when they hear tell.
They shall be seized with a dreadful fear;
Stone-quiet thy right hand shall make them be,
Till passed over, Lord ! thy people are,
Till those pass over that were bought by thee.

For thou shalt make them to thy hill repair,
And plant them there, O Lord! where thou art

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heir ;

E'en there, where thou thy dwelling hast prepar'd,
That holy place which thine own hands have rear'd.

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The Lord shall ever and for ever reign,
His sovereignty shall never have an end;
For when as Pharoah did into the main
With chariots and with horsemen down descend,

The Lord did back again the sea recall,

And with those waters overwhelm'd them all ; But through the very inmost of the same The seed of Israel safe and dry-shod came.

The second Song of Moses.

Deut. 23.


TO what I speak, an ear, ye Heavens lend, And hear, thou Earth! what words I utter will. Like drops of rain my speeches shall descend, And as the dew my doctrine shall distill,

Like to the smaller rain on tender flowers,

And as upon the grass the greater showers;
For I the Lord's great name will publish now,
That so our God may praised be of you.
He is that rock, whose works perfection are,
For all his ways with judgment guided be;
A God of truth, from all wrong-doing clear ;
A truly just and righteous one is he;

Though they themselves defild, unlike his sons,

And are a crooked race of froward ones, O mad and foolish nation! why dost thou Thyself unto the Lord so thankless shew?

Thy Father and Redeemer is not be?
Hath he not made, and now confirm’d thee fast?
O call to mind the days that older be,
And weigh the years of many ages past!

For if thou ask thy Father, he will tell;

Thy Elders also can inform thee well,
How He, the High'st, did Adam's sons divide,
And shares for ev'ry family provide;
And how the nation's bounds he did prepare,
In number with the sons of Israel.
For in his people had the Lord his share,
And Jacob for his part allotted fell;

Whom finding in a place possest of none

A desart vast, untilled and unknown, He taught them there; he led them far and nigh, And kept them as the apple of his eye. Ev'n as an eagle to provoke her young, About her nest doth hover here and there, Spread forth her wings to train her birds along, And sometimes on her back her younglings bear;

Right so, the Lord conducted them alone,

When for his aid strange god with him was none; Them on the high-lands of the earth he set, Where they the plenties of the field might eat. For them he made the rock with honey flow; He drained oil from stones, and them did feed With milk of sheep, with butter of the cow, With goats, fat lambs, and rams of Bashan breed

The finest of the wheat he made their food,

And of the grapes they drunk the purest blood; But herewithal unthankful Israel So fat became, he kicked with his heel,

Grown fat, and with their grossness cover'd o'er,
Their God, their Maker, they did soon forsake :
Their rock of health regarded was no more,
But with strange gods him jealous they did make.

To move his wrath they hateful things devis'd;

To Devils, in his stead, they sacrific'd; To gods unknown, that new invented were, And such as their fore-fathers did not fear. They minded not the Rock who them begat, But quite forgot the God that form'd them hath; Which when the Lord perceiv’d, it made him hate His sons and daughters, moving him to wrath.

To mark their end, said he, I'll hide my face,

For they are faithless sons, of froward race;
My wrath, with what is not a god, they move,
And my displeasure with their follies prove.
And I, by those that are no people, yet
Their wrathful jealousy will move for this,
And by a foolish nation make them fret;
For in my wrath a fire inflamed is,

And down to Hell the Earth consume it shall,

E'en to the mountains' bottoms, fruit and all. In heaps upon them mischiefs will I throw, And shoot mine arrows till I have no moe. With hunger parched, and consum'd with heat, I will enforce them to a bitter end; The teeth of beasts I will upon them set, And will the pois’nous dust-fed serpent send.

The sword without, and fear within, shall slay Maids, young men, babes, and him whose hair

is grey ; Yea, I had vow'd to spread them here and there, Men might forget that such a people were.

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