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For it is through the tender love

Of God alone whereby
That day-spring hath to visit us

Descended from on high;
To light them who in darkness sit,

And in death's shade abide,
· And in the blessed way of peace,

Their wand'ring feet to guide.

The Song of Angels.

Luke 2. 13.


THUS angels sung, and thus sing we:
To God on high all glory be!
Let him on earth his peace bestow,
And unto men his favour shew!

Nunc Dimittis.

Luke 2. 29.


GRANT now in peace, that by thy leave I

may depart, O Lord ! For thy salvation seen I have,

According to thy word;

That which prepared was by thee

Before all people's sight, Thy Israel's renown to be,

And to the Gentiles light.

The Song of Moses and the Lamb.

Revel. 15. 3.


O thou Lord, thou God of might!
Who dost all things work aright,
Whatsoe'er is done by thee,
Great and wond'rous proves to be.
True thy ways are, and direct,
Holy King of saints elect!
And, therefore who is there
Who of thee retains no fear ?
Who is there that shall deny
Thy great name to glorify?
For thou, Lord! and thou alone,
Art the perfect Holy One.
In thy presence nations all
Shall to adoration fall;
For thy judgments now appear
Unto all men, what they are.

Here end the Hymns of the New


The Ten Commandments.

Exod. 20.


THE great Almighty spake, and thus said he :
I am the Lord thy God, and I alone
From cruel Egypt's thraldom set thee free;
And other gods but me thou shalt have none.
Have mercy, Lord! and so our hearts incline,
That we may keep this blessed law of thine.
Thou shalt not make an image to adore
Of ought on earth, above it, or below;
A carved work thou shalt not bow before,
Nor any worship on the same bestow :
For I, thy God, a jealous God am known,
And on their seed the fathers' sins correct,
Until the third and fourth descent be gone;
But them I always love, that me affect.
The name of God thou never shalt abuse,
By swearing or repeating it in vain;
For him that doth his name profanely use,
The Lord will as a guilty one arraign.
To keep the Sabbath holy bear in mind :
Six days thine own affairs apply thou to;
The sev'nth is God's own day, for rest assign'd,
And thou no kind of work therein shall do,
Thou, nor thy child, thy servants, nor thy beast,
Nor he that guest-wise with thee doth abide;

For after six days labour God did rest,
And therefore he that day hath sanctified.
See that unto thy parents thou do give
Such honour as the child by duty owes,
That thou a long and blessed life may live
Within the land, the Lord thy God bestows.
Thou shalt be wary, that thou no man slay.
Thou shalt from all adultery be clear.
Thou shalt not steal another's goods away,
Nor witness false against thy neighbour bear.
With what is thine remaining well apaid,
Thou shalt not covet what thy neighbour's is;
His house, nor wife, his servant, man, nor maid,
His ox, nor ass, nor any thing of his.

Thy mercy Lord, thy mercy let us have,
And in our heart these laws of thine engrave.

The Lord's Prayer.

Matt. 6. 7.



OUR Father which in heaven art!

We sanctify thy name:
Thy kingdom come; thy will be done

In heav'n and earth the same:
Give us this day our daily bread;

And us forgive thou so,
As we on them, that do offend,

Forgiveness do bestow :


Into temptation lead us not ;

But us from evil free: For thine the kingdom, pow'r, and praise,

Is and shall ever be.

The Apostles' Creed.


IN God the Father I believe,
Who made all creatures by his word;
And true belief I likewise have
In Jesus Christ, his Son, our Lord;

Who by the Holy Ghost conceiv'd,
Was of the Virgin Mary born;
Who meekly Pilate's wrongs receiv'd,
And crucified was with scorn;
Who died, and in the grave hath lain;
Who did the lowest pit descend;
Who on the third day rose again,
And up to heaven did ascend;

Who at his Father's right-hand there,
Now throned sits, and thence shall come
To take his seat of judgment here,
And give both quick and dead their doom.
I in the Holy Ghost believe,
The holy Church-Catholic too;
And that the saints communion have,
Undoubtedly believe I do.

I well assured am likewise A pardon for my sins to gain, And that my flesh from death shall rise, And everlasting life obtain.

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