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A Funeral Song


I AM the Life, the Lord thus saith,
The resurrection is through me;
And whosoe'er in me hath faith
Shall live, yea, though now dead he be;

And he for ever shall not die,

That living doth on me rely.
That my Redeemer lives I ween,
And that at last I rais'd shall be
From earth, and cover'd with my skin,
In this my flesh, my God shall see:

Yea, with these eyes, and these alone,

Ev'n I my God shall look upon.
Into the world we naked come,
And naked back again we go:
The Lord our wealth receive we from,
And he doth take it from us too.

The Lord both wills and works the same,

And blessed therefore be his name.
From heav'n there came a voice to me,
And thus it will’d me to record :
The dead from henceforth blessed be,
The dead that dieth in the Lord.

The Spirit thus doth likewise say,
For from their works at rest are they,

The Song of the Three Children.


O ALL you creatures of the Lord,
You angels of the God most high,
You heavens, with what you do afford,
And waters all above the sky,

Bless ye the Lord, him praise, adore,

And magnify him evermore! Of God you everlasting pow'rs, Sun, moon, and stars so bright that shew, You soaking dews, you dropping show'rs, And all you winds of God that blow. Thou fire, and what doth heat contain, Cold winter, and thou summer fair, You blustering storms of hail and rain, And thou the frost-congealing air. O praise him both you ice and snow; You nights and days, do you the same, With what or dark or light doth shew, You clouds, and ev'ry shining flame. Thou earth, you mountains, and you hills, And whatsoever thereon grows; You fountains, rivers, springs, and rills, You seas, and all that ebbs or flows. You whales, and all the water yields; You of the feather'd airy breed; You beasts and cattle of the fields, And you that are of human seed.

Let Israel the Lord confess;
So let his priests that in him trust;
Him let his servants also bless,
Yea, souls and spirits of the just.
You blessed saints his praises tell,
And you that are of humble heart,
With Ananias, Misael,
And Azarias bearing part.

Bless you the Lord, him praise, adore,
And magnify him evermore.

The Song of St. Ambrose, or Te Deum.


WE praise thee, God! we ’knowledge thee
To be the Lord for evermore;
And the eternal Father we
Throughout the earth do thee adore.

All angels, with all powers within
The compass of the heavens high,
Both Cherubin and Seraphin
To thee perpetually do cry,
O holy, holy, holy one!
Thou Lord and God of sabbath art,
Whose praise and majesty alone
Fills heav'n and earth in ev'ry part.

The glorious troop apostolic,
The prophets' worthy company,
The martyrs' army-royal eke
Are those, which thou art praised by.
Thou through the holy church art known,
The Father of unbounded pow'r;

Thy worthy, true, and only Son,
The Holy Ghost the comforter.

Of glory thou, O Christ ! art king;
The Father's Son for ever more;
Who, men from endless death to bring,
The virgin's womb didst not abhor.
When conqueror of death thou wert,
Heav'n to the faithful open'dst thou ;
And in the Father's glory art,
At God's right hand enthroned now:

Whence we believe, that thou shalt come
To judge us in the day of wrath:
O therefore help thy servants, whom
Thy precious blood redeemed hath!
Them with those saints do thou record,
That gain eternal glory may,
Thine heritage and people, Lord !
Save, bless, guide, and advance for aye.

By us thou daily prais'd hast been,
And we will praise thee without end.
O keep us, Lord ! this day, from sin,
And let thy mercy us defend.
Thy mercy, Lord ! let us receive,
As we our trust repose in thee :
O Lord ! in thee I trusted have,
Confounded let me never be.

Athanasius's Creed, or Quincunq; vult.


THOSE, that will saved be, must hold

The true Catholic faith,
And keep it wholly, if they would

Escape eternal death;
Which faith a Trinity adores

In One, and One in Three; So, as the substance being one,

Distinct the persons be. One person of the Father is,

Another of the Son, Another of the Holy Ghost,

And yet their Godhead one.
Alike in glory, and in their

Eternity as much ;
For, as the Father, both the Son,

And Holy Ghost is such.
The Father uncreate, and so

The Son and Spirit be; The Father he is infinite,

The other two as he.
The Father an eternal is,

Eternal is the Son;
So is the Holy Ghost ; yet these

Eternally but one.
Nor say we there are infinites,

Or uncreated three;

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