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ies consulted

Political science quarterly; a review devoted to the historical, statistical Bibliograph.

and comparative study of politics, economics and public law; ed.
by the faculty of political science of Columbia college. V. 1-13.
N. Y. 1886-98.

305 P75 Studies in history, economics and public law; ed. by the faculty of

political science of Columbia university in the city of New York.
V. 1-9. N. Y. 1891-98.

305 St. Terhune, Mrs M.. V. (Hawes). Some colonial homesteads and

their stories; by Marion Harland. 511p. N. Y. 1897. 973.2 T27
- More colonial homesteads and their stories; by Marion Harland.
449p. N. Y. 1899.

973.2 T27 Ulster historical society. Collections. v.1. Kingston N. Y. 1860.

974.734 U17
Asher, G; M. comp. Bibliographical and historical essay on the Dutch

books and pamphlets relating to New Netherland and to the Dutch
West India company and to its possessions in Brazil, Angola, etc.
234p. Amst. 1854-67.

016.97 As3
Including Asber's List of the maps and charts of New Netherland.

Contents: Description of New Netherland, p. 1-28, 20 titles; History of
New Netherland, p. 180-219, 29 titles.

Titles are translated and there are very full English notes.
- Bibliographical list containing the books, maps, etc. mentioned
in the present work. (see his Henry Hudson the Navigator. 1860.
p. 258–78)

910.6 H12 V.27

Bibliography and cartography (of Lake George). (see Society for the

preservation of scenic and historic places and objects. Annual re-
port. 1900. p. 65–68).

N. Y. state lib.
Brooks, E. S. comp. Selection of books touching the general story of

the state of New York. (see his Story of New York. 1888.
P. 307-8)

974 7 B79 Includes list of romances and stories illustrating New York history. Channing, Edward & Hart, A. B. comp. Guide to the study of

American history. 471 p. Bost. 1896. Ro16.973 C36

Bibliography of New York, p. 67-69, 112–13, 2:8-60. Eastman, F. S. comp. Catalogue of authors used. (see his History of the state of New York. 1833. p. 7-8)

974.7 Ea7

ies consulted

Bibliograph. Fernow, Berthold, comp. Critical essay on the sources of information

[relative to New Netherland). (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of America. C1884–89. 4:409-42) 973 9W 73 - Critical essay on the sources of information [relative to the middle colonies). (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of America. °1884-89. 5:231-58)

973 9W73 A few words regarding the falls of Niagara. (see N. Y. (state)-Niagara reservation, Commissioners of. Annual report. 1894. 10:72-107)

71 N421 A bibliography of descriptions of Niagara Falls. Fisher, G: P. comp. Bibliographical note relative to the colonial era in

American history. (see his Colonial era. 1892. p. 325-35) 973.2 F53 Greene, E. B. comp. List of printed commissions and instructions

to royal and proprietary governors in the English colonies of North America. (see American historical review, Oct. 1897, 3:170-76) .

973 q.Am 35 Arranged chronologically. Griffin, A. P. C. comp. Bibliography of American historical societies,

the United States and the Dominion of Canada. p. 6771236. Wash. 1896.

016.973 G871 Also in annual report of American bistorical association. 1896. 7:675-1236.

Reprinted with additions from annual reports of the American historical association 1890 and 1892.

- Index of articles upon American local history in historical collections in the Boston public library. 225p. Bost. 1889. (Boston public library. Bibliographies of special subjects 3)

C016.973 2687 Indexes very fully articles in Manual of the city of New York; Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York; and Documentary history of the state of New York. - Index of the literature of American local history in collections published in 1890-95, (with some others). 151p. Bost. 1896.

016.973 087 Arranged alphabetically by names of places. - [Index to articles in historical collections relating to New York city. Ip. Bost. 1887.

016.9747 4687 50 copies reprinted from bis Index of articles upon American local history.

— Index to articles in historical collections relating to New York, colony and state. 8p. Bost. 1887. 016.9747 qG87 50 copies reprinted from bis Index of articles upon American local history.

ies consulted

Ludewig, H. E. comp. The literature of American local history; a Bibliograph.

bibliographical essay. 180 p. N. Y. 1846. 016.973 L96 Bibliography of New York, p. 111-25.

— ist supplement : New York. 20p. N. Y. 1848.

016.973 L961 30 copies reprinted fr. the Literary world, Feb. 19, 1818, 3:17. Muller, Frederik, comp. Catalogue of books relating to America;

including a large number of rare works printed before 1700 amongst
which a nearly complete collection of the Dutch publications on New
Netherland from 1612 to 1820. 104p. Amst. 1850. 016.97 M91

New York, p. 37-59.
Munsell, Frank, comp. Bibliography of Albany; being a catalogue

of books and other publications relating to the city and county of

Albany in the state of New York. 72p. Alb. 1883. 016.974742 M92 Murphy, H: C. comp. Lijst van stukken betreffende Niew Neder

land verschenen in Amerikaansche mengelwerken; 1. 12p. n. t-p.

L. I. hist. soc. A list of documents relating to New Netherland which have been published in different works. It was preseuted by me to the Netherlands literary society at Leyden, wbich is engaged in publishing a catalogue of everything that has been written on the subject of Netherlands and its colonies. These sheets are sent to me in advance of the publication. Another list, also presented by me, of publications in this country on the same subject will soon be pub

lished by the same society. Ms note by H. C. Murphy, dated Oct. 24, 1861. North, S. N. D. History and present condition of the newspaper and

periodical press of the United States. (see U. S. Census, roth, 1880. [Final reports). 1883-88. 8:1-446) R317.3 qUn3 v. 108 Nowspaper and periodical press, 1639-1783, p. 1-27.

Chronological history of the newspaper press of New York, p. 387-408. Onderdonk, Henry, jr, comp. Bibliography of Long Island. (see Furman, Gabriel. Antiquities of Long Island. 1875. p. 435-69)

974.721 F98 Perkins, F:B. comp. Check list for American local history; re

printed with additions of the Boston public library. 1980. Bost. 1876.

C016.973 P41 The pilgrim fathers; exhibition of documents from public and private

collections at Leiden relating to the Dutch settlements in North America. 22p. Leiden 1888. (in Holland society of New York. Year book. 1888–89)

974.7 qH71 Between p. 80 and 81 of the Yearbook.

ing to manuscripts

Matter relat. The pilgrim fathers. 32p. Leiden 1888.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Documents relating to America, p. 19–32.
Publications relating to New York affairs under Governor Cosby. (see

N. Y. public library. Bulletin, July 1898, 2:249–55) 027.4747 9N421

Describes the contents of a folio volume in the Lenox library containing 73 documents relating to Cosby's adwivistration, collected by James Alexander, a participator in many of the events in question. 58 of the documents refer to the dispute between Rip Van Dam and the governor, The remaining 15 relate mainly to Rev. Alexander Campbell. In the list are incorporated also titles of a few other works in the Lenox library relating to the same

affairs. Sabin, Joseph, comp. Dictionary of books relating to America. 200. N. Y. 1868-92.

C016.97 Sai Only 196 p. of v. 20 pub. Ap. 6, 1900; through Smith, Henry. Satterlee, H. L. comp. Authorities. (see his Political history of the province of New York. 1885. p. 106-7) 005. P. 100-7)

342.7479 Sa8 Stevens, J: A. comp. Critical essay on the sources of information

[relative to the English in New York 1664-1689). (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of America. -41884-89. 3:411-20)

973 9W73 MATTER RELATING TO MANUSCRIPTS Brodhead, J: R. Address delivered before the New York historical

society at its 40th anniversary 20th Nov. 1844. 107p. N. Y. 1844.

974.7 B782 Describes his work io transcribing European documents.

Communication from Paris July 12, 1842. (N. Y. Assembly doc. 1842. no. 195, doc. C, p. 29-113)

N. Y. state law lib. Letters requesting increase of appropriation for the transcribing of European documents and giving list of New York documents found in London archives, followed by Governor Sewari's answer.

Also in Senate doc. 1812. no. 106, doc. B, p. 29–113.
- Communication to the governor, (London, Dec. 2, 1842).
(N. Y. Senate doc. 1843. no. 2, p. 3-4)

N. Y. state law lib. – Final report of Brodhead, agent of the state of New York to procure and transcribe documents in Europe relative to the colonial history of said state, made to the governor, Feb. 12, 1845. 374p. Alb. 1845.

016.9747 B78 Contains chronological index to manuscript copies made by Brodhead from originals in Europe. These manuscripts (80 v.) are now in New York state library.

Calendar of Holland documents 1611-65; London documents 1614-1782; Matter relatParis documents 1631–1778.

ing to

manuscripts Also in Senate doc. 1845. no. 47. Tbese documents are published with a general index in Documents relative to

the colonial history of the state of New York. 18.53–61. v.1-11. 974.7 qN421. Brodhead, J: R. Report. (N. Y. Senate doc. 1842. no. 2, p. 145-58)

N. Y.state law lib.
Dated, The Hague, Oct. 25, 1841.
Fernow, Berthold. Archives of the state of New York. (see New
York genealogical and biographical record, July 1889, 20:106-13)

929.1 9N421 -- comp. & ed. Calendar of wills on file and recorded in the offices

of the clerk of the court of appeals, of the county clerk of Albany and of the secretary of state 1626–1836 ; comp. under the auspices of the Colonial dames of the stale of New York and published by the society. 657p. N. Y. 1896.

929.3 9N42 500 copies printeil.

– Critical essay on the sources of information (relative to New Netherland). (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical listory of America. €1884-89. 4:409-38)

973 9W73 — Manuscript sources of New York liistory. (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of America. €1884-89. 5:231-33)

973 qW73 Great Britain, Public record office. Calendar of state papers,

colonial series; America and West Indies, preserved in her majesty's public record office; ed. by W. N. Sainsbury. 5v. Lond. 1880-98.

942 qG792 ('ontents : v. 1 1661-68.

v. 4 1677-80. v.2 1669-74.

v. 5 1681-85. v. 3 1675-76 and Addenda, 1574-1674. Jameson, J: F. List of printed guides to and descriptions of archives

and other repositories of historical manuscripts. (see American his-
torical association-Historical manuscripts commission. Annual re-
ports. 1896. 1:481-512; 1898. 3:573-90) 973 Am37

New York archives, 1:489-91; 3:577-81.
List of documents relating to Ulster county contained in the Clinton

papers in the state library at Albany. (see Ulster historical society.
Collections. 1860. 1:103-5)

974.734 U17 N. Y. (state)-Colonial agency, Committee on. Report. 16p. (N. Y. Senate doc. 1845. no. 111)

N. Y. state law lib.

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