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Presbyterian church in the U. S.- | Quinby, Josiah. Short history of a

General assembly. Records, 396%. i long journey, 359o. Press, freedom of, 3602-682.

Quinlan, J. E. Sullivan county, Prime, B: Y. New York in 1790,

433. Prime, N. S. Long Island, 441. Ramapo, 475 Printing, 400--21.

Randall, S. S. State of New York,

306". Proctor, L. B. Albany as a his

Read, J: M., jr. Historical inquiry torical city, 490?.

concerning Henry Hudson, 321'. - Bench and bar of Albany

Red Hook, 4773. county, 488.

Red sea men, 352'. - Bench and bar of Kings

Redfield, A. A. Case of laesea macounty, 444. - Historic memories of the old

jestatis in New Amsterdam, 3378.

-- English colonial polity and Schuyler mansion, 4923.

judicial administration, 3822. Protestant episcopal historical so

Reed, Newton. Amenia, 476*. ciety. Collections, 394o.

Rees, 0. van. Geschiedenis der Purchas, Samuel Hakluytus post

nederlandsche volkplantigen in humus; or, Purchase his pil

Noord-Amerika, 324%. grimes, 320'.

Reeves, H: A. Commerce, navigaPuritanism, 396'.

tion and fisheries of Suffolk Purple, E. R. Contributions to his

county, 455". tory of ancient families of New

Reformed church, 3973-98o. York, 386.

Reformed church in America. Cen- Dutch aliases, 390%.

tennial discourses, 3838. Genealogical notes relating | Reformed church in America—Gento Jacob Leisler, 354'.

eral synod. Acts and proceedings, --- Notes of the Colden family,

3989 372

Reid. W. M. Ye history of St Ann's Purple, S: S. Bradford family, 401“.

church in ye city of Amsterdam, Dutch aliases, 390%.

505. Putnam, Harrington. Brooklyn, | Relation de la prise des forts de 4464

Choueguen ou Oswego, 512. - Origin of Brueckelen, 446".

Religious history, 392-934. Putnam, Ruth. Annetje Jans' farm, Reminiscences of city of New York 423?.

and vicinity, 410%. - Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder) Rensselaer county, 4821-85o. & Royce, A. C. Historic New Rensselaerswyck, 4839-85%. York, 295", 408%.

Representation of the lords commisPutnam county, 4775.

sioners for trade and plantations

to the king, 3596 Quakers, 3957, 3969-97'.

Review of the military operations Queen Anne's war, 3549-58o.

in North America 175356, 374*. Queens county, 4499-51'.

Reynolds, Cuyler. Relics of RensQueensbury, 508°, 509'.

selaerswyck, 4853.

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Reynolds. Samuel. Williamsburgh, | Ruland, Peter & Smith vs Chiches

ter & others. New York supreme Rhinebeck, 4778.

court, 456'. Richmond, J. F. New York and its | Rupp, I. D. Collection of upwards institutions, 410".

of 30,000 names, 470', 5039, 5046. Richmond county, 4629-61".

--- Name, age and occupation of Riker, James. Annals of Newtown, those who settled on lands on 453.

Quassick creek, 5013. - Harlem, 4236

- Names and ages of heads of Riverhead, 1597

families in city of New York, 504'. Rivington's New York gazetteer,

- Names and ages of male 404.

children apprenticed by Gov. Roberts, E. HI: New York, 306%.

Hunter, 504 Rochester, 4807, 513'.

Names of male palatines Rockland county, 4747-73".

above 21 years old in Livingston Rockwell, Charles. Catskill moun

manor, 304 tains, 481.

- Names of males at New Rodenbough, T. F. Governor's Is

Rochelle in 1710, 370'. land, 423'.

Russell, William. Ilarper's New Rodman, E. J. St Peter's parish,

York class-book, 3067. Cortlandt-town, 467o.

Ruttenber, E: M. County of Roever, N. de. Kiliaen Van Rens

Orange, 472". selaer en zijne kolonie Rensse

- Indian tribes of Hudson laerswijck, 4859.

river, 313“. Rogers, E. P. Reformed protestant

-- Native inhabitants of ManDutch church of Albany, 495*.

hattan and its Indian antiquities, Rogers, Robert, 375'.

411. -- Concise account of Soru

- Newburgh, 474'.. America, 369'.

- Palatine parish by Quassaig, Roosevelt, Jacobus. Will, 424'. Roosevelt, Theodore. New York,

- Provincial and revolutionary

military organizations, 391%. Roscoe, W: E. Schoharie county,

& Clark, L: H. Orange 502'.

county, 473. Rosendale, S. W. An early owner

Rye, 470 ship of real estate in Albany,

490%. Rou. Lewis. 1345, 436%, 138%

Sabin, Joseph, Dictionary of books - Difficulties in the French

relating to America, 300". protestant church, New York, St John (ship), voyages, 100%. 1384.

St Lawrence county, 5072-10. Royal society of Canada. Proceed Salem (N. Y.) historical committee. ings and transactions, 330+.

Salem book, 496o. Royce, A. C., Goodwin, Jrs Maud Sanders, John. Centennial address

(Wilder) & Putnam, Ruth. His relating to early history of Sche. toric New York, 295”, 1082.

nectady, 500".


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Sandford, L. H. Bogardus vs Trin- | Schuyler, Peter. Letter concerning ity church, 438".

destruction of Schenectady, 500%. Saratoga county, 1954.

- Massacre at Schenectady, Sardemann, J. E. Peter Minuit, 500%. 335,

Schuyler, Philip, 305°, 313, 370°, Satterlee, H. L. Political history of 3714, 371. province of New York, 313.

Schuyler county, 513-14".. Sawyer, John Cherry Valley, 51.28.

Scisco, L. 1. Burgher guard of Scarsdale, 470%.

New Amsterdam, 414%. Schaeffer, C: W. Lutheran church

- Garrison of Fort Amsterin America, 395'.

dam, 324", 414%. Schaets, Rer. Gideon, 19.5.

- Rural militia of New NethSchagen, P. Old Dutch letter re

erland, 392'. lating to settlers in New Nether

Scott, C. Indian forts of 166.3, 478°. lands, 330%.

- Origin and meaning of word -- Original document, 1147.

Shawangunk, 478o. Schaghticoke, 183'.

Scott, G: G. Saratoga county, 195“. Scharf, J: T. Westchester county,

Scott, John, 410“. 166,

Scudder, H: J. Formation of civil Schenck, P. L. The Zabriskie home

government of Suffolk county, stead. 473.

455". Schenectady, burning of, 498”, 499".

Sedgwick, Theodore. Memoir of Schenectady, first reformed church, William Livingston, 377". 2001h anniversary, 500%.

- Robert Livingston, 4824. Schenectady county, 4973-301'.

Selyns, Henry Church members Schiffer, W. H. & Child, E. B. Brief

and their residences in 1686, 384'. history of Albany, 489'.

- Members of Dutch church Schoharie county, 301-3%.

in New York city, 430%. Schoolcraft, H: R. Comments on

Seneca Indians, 513'. aboriginal names and geograph

Sentiments of a principal free ical terminology of state of New

holder, 3624 York, 300, 4056

| Settlers, 383-81%. Schoonmaker, Marius. Kingston,

Seward, W: H: & Campbell, W: W. 1799. Schuyler, Jrs ('atherine, :371', 371',

Centennial celebration at Cherry 371'.

Valley, 5125. Schuvler. G: W. Colonial New | Seymour, C: C. B. Jacob Leisler,

York; Philip Schuyler and his ! 3513. family, 3139.

- Self-made men, 3.31". - Jacob Leisler, 33t.

Seymour, Hloratio. Influence of New Netherland and the New York on American jurisprupatroons, 3887.

dence, 3823. - State archives, 304,

-- Lecture on topography and Schuyler, Jolin. Journal of expe i history of New York, 306“.

dition to Canada and Fort La ! Shannon, J. City of New York Prairie, 352.

175.3-4, 419'.

Sharpe, Ret. John. Proposals for | Smith, H. P. Essex county, 509'. erecting a school, library and

-Churchill, J: C. & Child, W. chapel at New York, 419", 438o. S. Landmarks of Oswego county,

- Sermon at funeral of the Rt 5111. Hon. Katherine Lady Cornbury, Smith, J. C. St George's parish, 357

Flushing, 450". - Surrender of New York to Smith, J. II. Duchess county, 4762. Dutch, 346%.

Smith, J. L. Smithtown, 459o. Shea, J: G. Catholic church in

Smith, P. H: Duchess county, 476. United States, 3936.

Smith, I. C. Roger Morris house, - Early New York history

4241. from Canadian sources, 352%.

Smith. W. II. & Ruland vs Chiches- Introduction to Colden's | ter & others. New York supreme History of the five Indian na

court, 456'. tions, 3724.

Smith, William, 3599, 370%. - New York negro plot of

- Histoire de la Nouvelle1741, 419®.

York, 314?. Shelter island, 4597.

- Late province of New York, Shirley, 372o.

3148. Simms, J. R. Frontiersmen of New

- New York, 314'. York, 5022.

- Opinion concerning estab-- Schoharie county and bor

lishment of courts of justice, der wars of New York, 502'.

3625, 3828.

Province of New York, 3145. Simpson, Henry. Lives of eminent Philadelphians, 401%.

Rule of Jacob Leisler and - William Bradford, 401".

his fate, 3543.

-- & Alexander, James. ArguSkeel, Adelaide. Newburgh, 474'.

ments of council in suit against Slafter, E. F. Champlain, 317'.

Rip Van Dam, 3628, Slavery, 399-400%.

- Complaint to committee of Sleepy Hollow, 467°-68%.

general assembly, 364. Sluyter, Peter & Dankers, Jasper.

- & Colden, Cadwallader. Journal, 1680, 493'.

Correspondence, 310% - Journal of a voyage to New

Smith, W: H: Pelham papers, 5128. York, 347%.

Smithtown, 459. Smart, J. S. & Noble, Henry. Cen

Society for preservation of scenic tennial anniversary of Cam

and historic places and objects. bridge, 496

Annual report, 297, 508 Smiles, Samuel. Huguenots, 383*.

Society for promotion of useful Smith, E: M. Documentary history arts. Transactions, 385". of Rhinebeck, 4774.

Society for the propagation of the Smith, G: T. Poundridge, 470%.

gospel in foreign parts. Extracts Smith, G: W. The royal grant, from records, 4422. 4979

Society of colonial wars--New York Smith, H. E. Huguenots of New state society. Battle of Lake Rochelle, 4709.

George, 5099

Somers, 470°.

Stevens, J: A. Old New York Songs, upon election of new magis. coffee-houses, 433. trates for this city, 365".

- Old New York taverns, 4335. Southampton, 4604-61o.

- Part of New York in the Southeast, 477?.

stamp act troubles, 377?. Southern central New York, 512,

- Second non-importation agreeSouthold, 4618-628.

• ment, 377*. Sparks, Jared. Library of Amer

– Sources of information relaican biography, 3197.

tive to English in New York, 300*. Spence, Irving. Letters on early

- Stamp act in New York, history of presbyterian church in

377° America, 438€.

Stevens, J: A., jr. Colonial New Sprague, E: P. Presbyterian

York, 3720. church in Salem, 496%.

- Commercial history of city Sprague, W: B. Annals of Ameri of New York, 439%. can pulpit, 3928.

- Merchants of New York, Springer, A. O. Albany's bicenten

4399 nial, 490.

Stevenson, T. B. Père Jogues, 336*. Stamp act riot in New York city, Stewart, A. T. Historical dis4159, 4172

course, Tarrytown, 4683. Stanton, Rev. H. C. Origin and

Stickney, C: E. The Minisink re growth of presbyterianism in

gion, 473, Albany, 4953.

Stiles, Ezra. Religious liberty in Stanwood, J. R. Direct ancestry of

colony of New York, 1773, 393. Jacob Wendell, 324".

Stiles, H: R. Brooklyn, 446°, 447'. - Events incident to settle - Brooklyn ferry and ferry ment of province of New Nether rights, 446". land, 324".

- Civil, political, professional Stark, Caleb. Memoirs and official and ecclesiastical history of

correspondence of Gen. John Kings county and Brooklyn, 446o. Stark, 374".

- Ecclesiastical history of Stark, John, 3748.

Kings county, 4449. Staten Island, 4624-64°.

Graveyards of Long Island, Stebbins, Calvin. Edmund Burke,

455%. 377

Stillwell, W: H. Coney Island, 1486. Steenwyck, Cornelis, 415'.

- Reformed protestant Dutch Steiner, B. C. Andrew Hamilton church of Gravesend, 448".

and John Peter Zenger, 365o. Stilwell, B: M. Early memoirs of Stephenson, John. The Bowery the Stilwell family, 3334, 414o. under English rule, 424?.

Stitt, C. H. Huguenot church and Steuben county, 513-14%.

settlement at New Paltz, 480°. Stevens, J: A. English in New | Stockwell, A. P. Gravesend, old York, 343

and new, 448o. - Life in New York at close of Stone, W: L. Administration of the colonial period, 433*.

Lord Cornbury, 357".

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