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Whitaker, Epher. Founders of Wilson, J. G. Henry Hudson's Southold, 462?.

voyage, 321. – Growth of Suffolk county,

Lord Lovelace and the 155".

second Canadian campaign, 357%. - Southold, 462".

Memorial history of city of White, F: C. & Terry, Roderick. New York, 31., 321", 4124, South church reformed, of New

Old New York, 412%. York city, 439".

- Peter Minuit and Walter White Plains, 471'.

van Twiller, 334, 336-, 336". Whitehead, W: A. Billopp house,

- Sir Danvers Osborn and Sir Staten Island, 4648.

Charles Hardy, 375'. -- Staten Island and the New Wilson, W. S. Staten Island, 464. Jersey boundary, 464

Wilt wyck, see Kingston. Whitinore, W: H. Andros tracts, Winslow, F. E. Trinity church, 350%, 500%.

1398. - Manors of New York and Winslow, Gen. John. Letter to the their lords, 3887.

earl of Halifax, 375". — Sir Edmund Andros, 350%.

W'insor, Justin. Archives of New Wightman, C: S. Baptist church | York, 3015. of Oyster bay, 4514.

- Cartier to Frontenac, 317°, Wildwyck, see Kingston.

351. Wiley, S: T. & Garner, W. S. Cy

Champlain, 317'. clopedia of Niagara county, 515.

Denonville and Dongan, 351”. Willard, F. H. & Hardin, G: A.

Father Louis Hennepin and Herkimer county, 506%.

his real or disputed discoveries, Willers, Diedrich, jr. Land titles 316". in New York city. 425.

| Winthrop, B: R. Old New York, Willes, J. Case of Lewis Morris, 412°, 425%. 3619

Withrow. W. H. Adventures of Willett, Thomas, 415*, 418'.

Isaac Jogues, S. J., 330“. Williams, G: W. Negro race in

ienots in America, 4003.

America, 384. Williams, Thomas. Campaigns Wolf, E. J. Lutherans in America, against Crown Point, 510%.

3954 Williamsburg, 4447-47'.

Wood, James. Discovery and setWills, 387-88®.

tlement of Westchester County, Wilmere, Alice. Champlain, 317". 467. Wilson, J. G. Arent van Curler, Wood, Silas. Claim of Huntington 336o.

to Cap-Tree island, Oak island - Centennial history of protes and Grass island, 159'. tant episcopal church in diocese

First settlement of towns of New York, 394%.

on Long Island, 412?. - Explorations of North Ameri

Geography of Huntington, can coast previous to voyage of 4.39%. Henry Iludson, 316".

---- Huntington, 459o.

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Woodbridge, Sylvester, jr. Histori- | Yates, J: V. N. & Moulton, J. W. cal discourse at dedication of

State of New York, 315°, 325*. Christ's 1st church chapel in Ray

Yates county, 513-14%.

Yonkers. 471%. nor South, Hempstead, 452".

York, duke of, commission to Woodhull, Nathaniel. Journal, 375°.

Nicolls, 345o; present to the comWooley, Charles. Two years jour

mon council of New York, 416o. nal in New York, 356.

Yorktown, 472. Word in season, 364.

Young, A. W. Chautauqua county, Wraxall, Peter, 372.

515°. Wyckoff, R. M. Early medicine in Zabriskie, F. N. Reformed P. D. New York, 404'.

church of Claverack, 4824. Wyoming county, 513-14?.

Zenger, J: P: trial of, 364'-68?.

Bibliography bulletins. This series is mostly selected from original bibliographies presented by the library school students as a condition of graduation. The library is glad to receive suggestions of subjects on which bibliographies or reading lists are specially needed, and contributions of available material are invited.

i Guide to the study of James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 16p.

May 1895. Out of print. 2-4 Colonial New England; Travel in North America; History of the

17th century. 8op. July 1897. Price 10 cents. 5 Selection of reference books for use of cataloguers in finding full

names. 228. Jan. 1898. New edition in preparation, 6-8 Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 647. Feb. 1898. Price 10

cents. 9-11 Netherlands; Renaissance art of 15th and 16th centuries;

History of latter half of 15th century. 128p. Ap. 1898. Price

15 cents. 12 Best books of 1897. 28p. June 1898. Price 5 cents. 13 Fairy tales for children. 30p. June 1898. Price 5 cents. 14 Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins to Dec. 31, 1897.

62p. Aug. 1898. Price 10 cents. 15-17 Russia; Nature study in primary schools; Biography of musi

cians. 150p. Jan. 1899. Price 15 cents. 18 Best books of 1898 28p. May 1899. Price 5 cents. 19 College libraries in the United States. 52p. Dec, 1899. Price 10

cents. 20 House decoration and furnishing. 20p. Dec. 1899. Price 5 cents. 21 Best bocks of 1899. 28p. May 1900. Price 5 cents. 22 Domestic economy. 144p. Jan. 1901. Price 20 cents. 23 Connecticut local history. 1140. Dec. 1900. Price 15 cents. 24. New York colonial history. 272p. Feb. 1901. Price 35 cents. 25 China and the far east. In press.

Manuscript bibliographies. The following bibliographies are available in manu. script for consultation in the library or may be lent under certain conditions. The Decimal classification subject number precedes each title

012 Phillips Brooks. G: W. C. Stockwell, '95 012 Hawthorne. N. E. Browne, '89 012 Ben Jonson. Mrs Mary (Wellman) Loomis, '90 012 Charles Kingsley. E. E.. Burdick, '90 012 Poems on Lincoln, Grant,Sherman and Sheridan. M.. L.. Sutliff,'93 012 John Lothrop Motley. M.. E. Robbins, '92 012 Robert Louis Stevenson. E. S. Wilson, '98 012 Charles Sumner. H. W. Denio, '94 012 Bayard Taylor. W: S. Burns, '91 012 Tohn Wesley. E. L.. Foote, ’92 013 Members of the A. L. A. H. C. Silliman, '95 016.0285 Lists of books for children. J. Y. Middleton, '91 016.2217 Higher criticism of the Old testament: select. Rev.

W: R. Eastman, '92 016.246 Christian art: select. M., L. Davis, '92 016.27 Church history : reading list. Elizabeth Harvey, '90 016.28 Religious denominations of the United States : select.

G: F. Bowerman, '95

Published by Cathedral library association. N. Y. 1896. Price 75c. 016.33185 Clubs for boys and working girls. J. D. Fellows, '97

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