Critical Theories in Education: Changing Terrains of Knowledge and Politics

Thomas S. Popkewitz, Lynn Fendler
Psychology Press, 1999 - 254 sidor
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This book examines critical theories in education research from various points of view in order to critique the relations of power and knowledge in education and schooling practices. It addresses social injustices in the field of education, while at the same time questioning traditional standards of critical theory. Drawing on recent social and literary criticism, this collection identifies conversations across disciplines that address the theoretical and methodological challenges in educational debate. "Critical Theories in Education" offers a rethinking of Marxist theories of education, joining issues of teaching and pedagogy with issues of the state and economy, social movements, literary criticism, pragmatism and postcolonialism.

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Om författaren (1999)

Thomas S. Popkewitz is Professor and Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is co-editor of Foucault's Challenge: Discourse, Knowledge, and Power in Education (1998) and author of Struggling for the Soul: The Politics of Education and the Construction of the Teacher (1998) and A Political Sociology of Education Reform: Power/Knowledge and Power in Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research (1991). Lynn Fendler is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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