Travels Through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the Years 1798 and 1799, Volym 1


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Sida 183 - In spite of all our expedients for discovering the evenest paths, our sledges were every moment overturned to the right or the left ; and frequently the legs of one or other of the company raised perpendicularly in the air, served as a signal for the whole caravan to halt. The inconvenience and the danger of our journey were still farther increased by the following circumstance.
Sida 179 - Around, in sympathetic mirth, Its tricks the kitten tries; The cricket chirrups in the hearth, The crackling faggot flies.
Sida 42 - South of the city. The accident being announced by the discharge of cannon, all the fire engines were immediately hurried to the aid of the owners. The severity of that winter was so great, that there was not a single spot near where the water was not frozen to the depth of a yard from the surface. It was necessary to break the ice with hatchets and hammers, and to draw up the water as from a well.
Sida 185 - In the cavities of the ice they deposit the fruits of their love, and teach their young ones, betimes, to brave all the rigours of the rudest season. Their mothers lay them down all naked as they are brought forth, on the ice ; and their fathers take care to have an open hole in the ice near them, for a speedy communication with the water. Into these they plunge with their young the moment they see a hunter approach ; or at other times they descend into them spontaneously in search of fishes for...
Sida 294 - ... heavy load, by throwing the pannier on the ground. In one parish in Finland (one of these parishes, it is to be observed, is equal in extent to a whole province of most other countries), it is the custom for young women to wear, suspended at their girdles, the case or sheath of a knife, as a sign that they are unmarried, and would have no objection to a husband.
Sida 187 - ... with places where you may get horses. You travel partly by land, and partly over the ice of the sea. The distance between some of these islands amounts to no less than eight or ten miles.
Sida 66 - ... with a polite or rather ceremonious bow for their good cheer, are regaled with tea and coffee.
Sida 61 - Their countenances bear the characteristic of northern physiognomy, which is an expression of the most perfect tranquillity and composure of mind, indicating nothing of that passion and fire which, to every discerning observer, is visible in the features of the French and Italian ladies. As there is but little gallantry or attention...
Sida 53 - On that day the king and royal family come to the park, where they take up their abode in tents for the remainder of the month, that is, for the space of nearly a week. A camp is formed...
Sida 65 - ... or brandy, and by the tasting of these, previous to their repast, endeavour to give an edge to their appetite, and to stimulate the stomach to perform its office. After this prelude, the guests arrange themselves about the dinner table, where every one finds at his place three kinds of bread, flat and coarse rye bread, white bread, and brown bread.

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