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nutes ; and he will, no doubt, push these the summer, the British surveyors are to be ingenious and interesting experiments much joined by two eminent French academicifarther.-It appears that such earth will ans, with a view of connecting the trigonoabsorb the hundredth part of its weight of metrical surveys of the two countries, and moisture without having its power sensibly thus not only attaining a greater degree of impaired, and is even capable of absorbing geographical accuracy, but obtaining, peras much as the tenth part. It can hence haps, à more satisfactory solution of the easily be made to freeze the eighth part of problem respecting the true figure of the its weight of water, and might even repeat earth. The French gentlemen appointed the process again. In hot countries, the to assist Colonel Mudge and Captain Colby powder will, after each process, recover its are, M. Biot and M. Mathieu of the Insti. power by drying in the sun. Ice may there- tute of France, whose principal object is, to fore be procured in the tropical climates, measure the length of the pendulum at and even at sea, with very little trouble, and Greenwich, Edinburgh, and the Orkneys. no sort of risk or inconvenience.

A new and ingenious instrument, called In the Bath Literary and Philosophical the Colorigrade, has lately been constructed Society, the Rev. Mr Wright has described by M. Biot, for giving names to different a very ingenious method of working a ship's colours, according to the place which they pump by mechanical means, when the crew occupy in Newton's scale. By this means are too few in number to attend to that du- colours may be described accurately and ty, and particularly in a heavy gale. It was scientifically. used by Capt. Leslie in June last, during a A new species of resin from India, has voyage from Stockholm to America, when been analysed by J. F. Daniell, Esq. F.R.S. the crew were exhausted with pumping, and It consists of the ship was sinking. He fixed a spar 2- Extractive matter soluble in water, 0.4 loft, one end of which was ten or twelve feet Resin soluble in alcohol and ether, 62.6 above the top of his pumps, and the other Resin insoluble in alcohol and ether, 37.0 extremity projected over the stern; to each end of the spar he fastened a block : he then

100.0 fastened a rope to the spears of his pump, It forms a very admirable varnish, which is and after passing it through both pulleys a- not only highly transparent, but bears the long the spar, dropped it into the sea astern : heat of the warmest climate without crackto this end he fastened a cask of 110 gallons ing or changing colour. measurement, and containing 60 or 70 gal. Mr Pond, the astronomer royal, has dislons of water, which answered as a balance covered in the stars a Aquilæ á Lyræ, and weight: and the motion of the ship made a Cygni, a constant parallax of half a se the machinery work. When the stern of cond; but he is disposed to ascribe it to the ship descended, or any agitation of the some other cause than that of the ordinary water raised the cask, the pump-spears de- parallax. Dr Brinkley of Dublin found scended, and the contrary motion raised the the parallax to be two seconds. spear, and the water flowed out.

A stone is said to have been lately found was thus cleared in four hours,

at Pompeii, on which the linear measures At a meeting of the commissioners ap- of the Romans are engraved. pointed to manage the yearly grant of The Congo sloop of war is arrived at £10,000, voted by Parliament for finishing Deptford. Several large cases, containing the college of Edinburgh, the plan of Mr the natural productions of Africa, collected W. Playfair being adopted, the prize of 100 in the late expedition to the Congo, have guineas was adjudged to that gentleman. been sent to Sir Joseph Banks, for the purAccording to Mr Playfair's plan, the exter- pose of being assorted in their respective ior of the building, as originally planned by classes : many of them are of a kind hitherAdams, is to be retained with very little al. to unknown, and the whole will shortly be teration ; but there will be a total departure submitted to the inspection of the public. from the internal arrangements. The south- Mr Murray has succeeded in fusing two ern side of the quadrangle is to be occupied emeralds into one uniform mass ; also two almost entirely by the library, which will sapphires into one, by the compressed mixbe 190 feet long, and one of the most ele- ture of the gaseous constituents of water in gant rooms in the kingdom. The western the oxihydrogen blow pipe. side is to be appropriated to the museum, Mr Locateli, the celebrated mathema. and the other two sides are to be occupied tician of Milan, has invented a new piece chiefly as class rooms.

of mechanism (says a Paris paper), by means A new mode of giving additional strength of which vessels may ascend rivers without to iron and steel, is proposed by Mr Daniell. the assistance of a steam-engine. The first His plan is to twist metal in the same man- experiment, which was made on a small ner as strength and compactness are given boat, completely succeeded. The inventor to hemp and flax.

asserts, that his plan is applicable even to a The trigonometrical survey of Great Bri. man of war, and that it will secure her from tain, under the direction of the Ordnance the danger of shipwreck. The strength of Board, proceeds without interruption. The a single man, or at most that of a horse, is maps of three-fifths of England and Wales sufficient to put this machine in motion. are already completed. In the course of

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The ship



LONDON. THE Journal of the late Captain Tuckey, A new edition of Dr Thomson's System on a Voyage of Discovery into the Interior of Chemistry is in the press, and will speedof Africa, to explore the Source of the ily be published. The work will be enZaire, or Congo-with a Survey of that tirely remodelled, and will be comprised in river beyond the cataracts will soon be four octavo volumes. published by authority.

The second edition of Mr Murray's EleThe Plays and Poems of James Shirley, ments of Chemical Science is in the press, now first collected and chronologically arrang- and will be forthwith published. This edied, and the text carefully collated and restor- tion will contain a succinct and lucid view ed, with occasional Notes, and a Biographical of those important and beautiful discoveries and Critical Essay, are preparing for pub- which have illuminated the rapid and bril. lication ; by William Gifford, Esq.; hand- liant march of chemistry. somely printed by Bulmer, in 6 vols 8vo. Dr Spurzheim's new work, entitled, Ob. uniformly with Massinger and Ben Jonson. servations on the Deranged Manifestations

Specimens of the British Poets, with of the Mind, or Insanity, is in the press. Biographical and Critical Notices, and an In a few weeks will be published, a new Introductory Essay on British Poetry, are work, entitled, Boarding-school Corresponpreparing for press; by Thomas Camp. dence, or a Series of Letters between a Mo. bell, Esq. author of the Pleasures of Hope, ther and her Daughter at School; a joint &c. In 4 vols post 8vo.

production of Mrs Taylor, author of " Ma. Mr A. J. Valpy has in the press a new ternal Solicitude,” “ Practical Hints to edition of the Greek Septuagint, in one large Young Females,” &c. and of Miss Taylor, vol. 8vo. The text is taken from the Ox- author of “Display,” “ Essays in Rhyme,” ford edition of Bos, without contractions.- &c. Also, a new edition of Homer's Iliad, from The Memoirs of John Duke of Marl. the text of Heyne, with English notes, in borough, chiefly drawn from his private cluding many from Heyne and Clarke; one correspondence and the family documents vol. 8vo.-And Catullus, with English preserved at Blenheim, as well as from other notes ; by T. Forster, Esq. Jun. 12mo. authentic sources, never before published,

A work of Biblical Criticism on the Books are preparing with all speed by Wm Coxe, of the Old Testament, and Translations of archdeacon of Wilts. Sacred Songs, with Notes critical and ex. An Account of the Island of Java; by planatory, will soon .appear ; by Samuel Thomas Stamford Raffles, Esq. late lieuHorsley, LL.D. F.R.S. F.A.S. late lord tenant-governor there. With a map and bishop of Asaph.

numerous plates, by Daniel. In the course of this month will be pub- Pompeiana, or Observations on the To. lished, a Treatise touching the Libertie of pography, Edifices, and Ornaments, of Poma Christian Man ; written in Latin, by Dr peii ; by Sir W. Gell and J. P. Gandy, Martyne Luther, and translated by James Esq. with numerous engravings, are in the Bell; imprinted by R. Newberry and H. press. Bynneman, 1579, dedicated “ to Lady Mr Mill's long expected History of BriAnne, Countesse of Warwicke;" with the tish India is now in the press, and will be celebrated Epistle from M. Luther to Pope published in three 4to volumes. Leo X. : edited by W. B. Collyer, D.D. Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, F.A.S. and dedicated (by permission) to the and Koordistan, in the years 1813 and 1814; Duke of Sussex.

with Remarks on the Marches of Alexan. Mr Joseph Lancaster has printed pro- der, and the retreat of the Ten Thousand ; posals for publishing, by subscription, in by John Macdonald Kenneir, Esq. 4to. one volume octavo, a Matter-of-fact Ac. Early this present month will be publishcount of many singular and providential ed, a Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Events, which have occurred in his public Bay, in his Majesty's ship Rosamond ; conand private Life.

taining some account of the North Eastern J. E. Bicheno, Esq. will soon publish an Coast of America, and of the Tribes inhaInquiry into the Nature of Benevolence, prin- biting that remote region ; illustrated with cipally with a view to elucidate the moral plates ; by Lieut. Edward Chappell, R.N. and political Principles of the Poor Laws. A work on the Principles of Political

Mr W. Savage, printer, of London, has Economy and Taxation, is preparing by issued proposals for publishing, by sub- David Ricardo, Esq. scription, Practical Hints on Decorative An Authentic Narrative is preparing of Printing, with specimens, in colours, en. the Loss of the American brig Commerce, graved on wood; containing instructions wrecked on the western coast of Africa, in for forming black and coloured printing the month of August 1815; with an Acinks—for producing fine press-work and count of the sufferings and captivity of her for printing in colours.

surviving officers and crew, on the great

African Desert ; by James Riley, her late guishing by a star such as are not containmaster and supercargo.

ed in the Thes. as published by H. Steph. We are happy to announce, that the con- All the arrangements being now completed tinuation of the State Trials to the present by the very recent arrival of Professor time, edited by Thomas Jones Howell, Esq. Schæfer's copious MS. materials, which the is in course of publication. The first va editors have purchased at considerable exlume, which has just appeared, comprises pense, the work will proceed without dethe period from 1783 to 1793, and contains lay, and the editors' confidently expect that many cases of the highest interest and im- they will be able to announce the publicaportance. We understand that, for the tion of the third number very speedily.. accommodation of such persons as possess The two first numbers contain about 2000 Hargrave's State Trials, a separate title words omitted by Stephens. A learned pupage has been printed so as to render " the pil of Lenneps is now engaged in transcribContinuation" applicable to that as well as ing the notes of Ruhnken and Valkenaer, to the octávo edition; as, by a curious co- written on the margin of a Leyden Scapula. incidence, the folio and the octavo editions The editors have carefully perused the parts terminate at nearly the same period. By already published, for the purpose of ascerthis very admirable mode of publication, taining any typographical errors, and in those who wish to possess the modern State tend to follow Stephens' example in subTrials, either as a separate work or as a scribing to the General Index a complete supplement to either of the collections, may list of errata. be provided with it accordingly.

Mr T. Moore has in the press, and will Algebra of the Hindus, with Arithmetic speedily publish, Lalla Rookh, an oriand Mensuration ; translated from the Sans- ental romance. Oriental imagery seems to crit, by H. T. Colebrooke, Esq. 4to. be so admirably adapted to the style and

No II. of the new and enlarged edition genius of Mr Moore, that we form high of H. Stephens' Greek Thesaurus, is just expectations of the merit and interest of published. To this number is added an this work. Index of all the words which are discussed A volume of Comic Dramas; by Miss in this and the previous number, distin. Edgeworth.

EDINBURGH. Essay on the Theory of the Earth ; trans- Mandeville; a Domestic Story of the lated from the French of M. Cuvier ; with Seventeenth Century; by the author of Ca. Mineralogical Notes, and an account of Cu- leb Williams, 3 vols 12mo. vier's Geological Discoveries, by Professor Travels from Vienna through Lower Jameson; the third edition, with numerous Hungary, with some account of Vienna additions, 8vo.

during the Congress ; by Richard Bright, On the Nature and Necessity of the A- M.D. 4to, with engravings. tonement; by the Rev. William Stevenson, Mr Hugh Murray is preparing for the minister of the gospel, Ayr, 12mo.

press the late Dr Leyden's Historical AcA volume of Practical Sermons; by the count of Discoveries and Travels in Africa, Rev. David Dickson, New North Church, enlarged and continued, with a view of the Edinburgh, is in course of preparation for present State of that Continent. the press.

Reports of some recent Decisions by the The Secret and True History of the Consistorial Court of Scotland, in Actions Church of Scotland, from the Restoration of Divorce, concluding for Dissolution of to the year 1678; by the Rev. James Kirk. Marriages celebrated under the English law; ton ; with notes, and a biographical memoir by J. Fergusson, Esq. 8vo. of the author, will speedily appear. The The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographiwork will contain original anecdotes and in- cal Dictionary ; comprising a Complete teresting details, not elsewhere to be found; Body of Geography, physical, political, stathe more valuable, as Kirkton was himself tistical, and commercial; 6 vols Svo, with an eye and ear witness of many of the facts atlas, by Arrowsmith, 4to. which he records, and a distinguished suf- A new General Atlas will speedily be ferer in the presbyterian cause, during a published, in royal quarto, constructed from part of Charles Il.'s reign; by Mr Charles the latest authorities ; by A. Arrowsmith, Kirkpatrick Sharpe.

hydrographer to the Prince Regent: it will Trials for Sedition in Scotland, before be comprehended in fifty-three maps, from the High Court of Justiciary; reported by original drawings, engraved in the best Mr Dow, W. S. 8vo.

style, by Sydney Hall. Dramatic Tales ; by the author of the Memoirs of the most remarkable Passages Poetic Mirror, 2 vols 12mo.

in the Life of Sir James Turner, knight, The Spirit of the Isle, and other Poems; from the commencement of his Military by W. M. Fowler, 8vo. 5s.

Career in Germany, in 1632, till his Triul A View of the History of Scotland, from before the Privy Council in 1668; written the earliest Records to the Rebellion in the by himself. Published from the original year 1745; in a series of letters, 3 vols 8vo. manuscript ; with a portrait, 8vo. Vol. I.




French and English Dialogues ; written The unedited Antiquities of Attica : com. for the use of the Countess of Sefton's Chilprising the Architectural Remains of Eleu. dren; by Miss Dickenson. 2s.6d. sis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus ; by The First Step to the French Tongue, the Dilettanti Society ; imperial folio, with designed as an easy Introduction to, and 84 engravings. £10, 10s.

consisting entirely of, the Verbs, with prac. BIOGRAPHY.

tical Exercises ; by A. Picquot. Is. 6d. Memoirs of the Life and Doctrines of the Latin Exercises ; by J. Whittaker, 12mo. late John Hunter, Esq. founder of the Hun- 3s. terian Museum at the Royal College of Sur. Dictionary of French Homonymes ; by geons, Glasgow; by J. Adams, M.D. 12s.6d. T. Harmond, 12mo. 35.

Lives of the British Admirals ; by J. The French Scholar's First Book ; by M. Campbell. Vol. VII. and VIII. 8vo, le Breton, 12mo. 2s. £1, 4s. ; royal 8vo, £1, 10s.

A Dictionary of Nouns, or Alvearium of Historical Anecdotes of some of the How. Definitions ; by Ralph Sharp. 28. 6d. ard Family, 8vo. 75.

Fifth Annual Report of the National SoMemoirs of the Life and Writings of the ciety for the Education of the Poor in late De Lettsom, &c.; by T. J. Pettigrew, the Principles of the Established Church F.L.S. 3 vols 8vo. £1, 16s.

throughout England and Wales. 5s. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Virgil, with English Notes at the end, Rev. Claudius Buchanan, D.D. late Vice- including many from the Delphini and other Provost of the College of Fort William in editions. 7s.6d. Bengal ; by the Rev. Hugh Pearson of St A Second Edition of Valpy's Edition of John's College, Oxford, 2 vols 8vo. £1. 1s. Virgil, without Notes. 4s. bound.

Life and Studies of Benjamin West, Esq.; Epitome Sacræ Historiæ, with English by John Galt, 8vo. 75.

Notes. 2s. bound.

Stephen's Greek Thesaurus, No II. Pomona Britannica : by George Brook. The Art of Talking with the Fingers, for shaw, Part X. royal 4to. £i, Is.

the use of the Deaf and Dumb. ls. DRAMA.

An Introduction to the Method of IncreManuel, a Tragedy; by the Author of ments, &c. ; by Peter Nicholson, 8vo. 8s. Bertram. 4s. 6d.

The Book of Versions, or Guide to French Laou-Seng-Urh, or an Heir in his Old Translation and Construction ; by J. CherAge; a Chinese Drama, translated from the pilloud, 12mo. 3s. 6d. bound. original Chinese by J. F. Davis, Esq. of A Modern French Grammar; by Charles Canton ; to which is prefixed, a brief View Peter Whitaker, 18mo. 6s. 6d. of the Chinese Drama, and of their Theatri- Elementary Fortification ; by Lieut-Col. cal Exhibitions. 5s. 6d.

Pasley, 3 vols 8vo. £3. Frightened to Death ; a Musical Farce, Education in Public Schools; containing in Two Acts ; by W. C, Oulton. 2s. Four Tracts for and against from the

The Theatrical Inquisitor and Monthly Edinburgh Review—the Classical Journal Mirror, No 55.

-the Pamphleteer-and also, Dr Vincent's Wat Tyler, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo. 3s. 6d. celebrated Tract. 5s. 12mo. EDUCATION,

FINE ARTS. Fairy Tales, or Stories of Fable and Fic

Composition in Outline from Hesiod's tion ; selected by Benj. Tabart from the Theogeny, Weeks and Days, and the Days; works of Goose, Bunch, Oberon, Mab, &c. engraved by J. Blake, from designs by John &c. 45. 6d.

Flaxman, R.A. printed to correspond with The Elegant Girl, or Virtuous Principles the Outlines from Homer, &c. the true Source of Elegant Manners ; illus- The Costume of the Netherlands, Part I. trated by 12 large, beautiful, and impressive containing 10 coloured engravings, with coloured prints. 165.

letter-press descriptions in English and Moral Culture attempted, in a series of French. 15s. Lectures to Sunday Schools in Birmingham; Day-light; a recent Discovery in the Art by James Luckcock. 4s.

of Painting, with Hints on the Philosophy Robinson Crusoe, written by himself; a of the Fine Arts ; by H. Richter. 4$* new edition, revised and corrected for the

HISTORY advancement of Nautical Education; illus- A History of Muhammedanism; comtrated by technical and geographical anno- prising the Life of the Arabian Prophet, tation, and embellished with maps and en- and succinct accounts of the empires foundgravings; by the Hydrographer of the Na. ed by the Muhammedan arms, &c.; by yal Chronicle. £2, 2s, and £1, ls. Chas. Mills, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

History of Brazil, Vol. II. ; by Robert Principal Causes of Mortality among Chil. Southey, Esq. 4to. £2, 10s.

dren. 2s. 6d. The History of the Wars, from the Considerations on the Moral Management French Revolution to the Battle of Water- of Insane Persons ; by J. Haslam, M.D. 35. loo in 1815. Part I. 2s.

MISCELLANIES. Illustrations of Literary History ; consisto Curiosities of Literature, Vol. III. ; by ing of Authentic Memoirs and Original I. D’Israeli. 125. Letters of eminent Persons, and intended as The Second Part of Neale's Illustrated a Sequel to the Literary Anecdotes of the History of Westminster Abbey, imp. folio Eighteenth Century; by John Nichols, (to correspond with the large paper of the F.S.A. 2 vols 8vo. £2, 14s.

new edition of Dugdale's Monasticon), £2, GEOGRAPHY

12s. 60.--crown folio, £1, 11s. 6d.-proofs Garnett's Engraved Chart from America and etchings, £2, 12s. 6d. imp. 4to. £1, to the British Channel, on an entire new 4s.royal 4to. 16s. plan, showing the Direct Course. 2s.6d. Private Memoirs, relating to the Captivi. being the first of an intended Series to vari- ty of the Royal Family of France in the Ous Parts of the Globe.

Temple; written by the Duchesse d'An. Illustrations of the History of the Ex- gouleme. 6s. 6d. pedition of the Younger Cyrus, &c. ; by A Dissertation on Weights and Measures, Major Rennal, 4to. with maps in folio. £1, and the best means of revising them; pube 16s.

lished originally in the British Review, No LAW.

XVII. 2s. A Complete Collection of State Trials Vice Triumphant; the Remedy proposed and Proceedings, for High Treason and easy and effectual ; with the Statement of a other Crimes and Misdemeanours, from the New Hypothesis to explain Accountableness earliest period to the year 1783, with Notes by S. Spurrel. 2s. and other Illustrations; compiled by T. B. Remonstrance presented to the GovernHowell, Esq. F.R.S.F.S.A. and continued ment in or about 1653, on the Inestimable from 1783 to the present Time; by Thomas Riches of the British Seas. 2s. Jones Howell. Vol XXII. £1, 11s. 6d. An Essay concerning Parliaments at a

A Practical Treatise on the Criminal certainty, or the Kalends of May; by Sae Law; adapted to the Use of the Profession, muel Johnson ; reprinted from the edition Magistrates, and Private Gentlemen, 4 vols. of 1694, with Notes by the Editor. 2s. £5, 5s.

A Description of the Safety-lamp inventA Second Letter on the Game Laws; byed by George Stephenson, and now in Use a Country Gentleman, a Proprietor of in Killingworth Colliery; to which is added, Game, 8vo. 2s.

an Account of the Lamp constructed by Sir A Treatise of the Law and Practice of H. Davy, with engravings. Is. 6d. Extents in Brief and in Aid, &c. ; by Edw. Davis' Gentleman's Diary, or Mathema: West, of the Inner Temple, Esq. barrister. tical Repository, Vol. II. Part I.; containing at-law. 14s.

the Years 1761 to 1770 inclusive; the DiaThe Magistrate's Manual, or a Summary grams engraved by the Proprietors. 7s. of the Duties and Powers of a Justice of Tables of Exchange; by J. Pohlman, the Peace, &c.; by Wm Toone, attorney- royal 8vo. £1, 1s. at-law. 18s.

Lectures on Popery; by W. Fletcher, The Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace, royal 12mo. 9s. and Authority of Parish Officers, in all Mat- An Appeal to Equity, showing the Un. ters relating to Parochial Law, 2 vols royal reasonableness and Injustice of obliging 8v0. £2, 12s. 6d.

Dissenters to contribute towards the support The New Law List ; by Samuel Hill of of the Church of England, with some Rethe Stamp-Office. 6s.

marks on Tythes; by Phileleutherus, 8vo. The Shipmaster's Assistant and Owner's 1s. 6d. Manual ; containing complete information German Commercial Letters, 12mo. 6s. relative to the Mercantile and Maritime 6d. Laws and Customs, a new edition ; by D. Apicius Redivivus ; or the Cook's Oracle, Steel, Esq. barrister-at-law, 8vo. £1, 1s. 12mo. 8s. MEDICINE.

The Works of Gianutio and Gustavus The Medical Guardian of Youth ; by Silenus, translated by J. H. Sarrat, ProRobert John Thornton, M.D., &c. 4s. fessor of Chess, 2 vols 8vo. £1, 1s.

Orfile's Toxicology, Vol II. Part II. 8s. An Account of the Island of Jersey ; by

Surgical Observations ; being a Quarter. W. Plees. £1, 1s. ly Report of Cases in Surgery, treated in The Classical Journal, No XXIX, for the Middlesex Hospital, in the Cancer Es- April 1817; containing a variety of Classitablishment, and in Private Practice ; em- cal, Biblical, and Oriental Literature, 6s. bracing an Account of the Anatomical and A Narrative of the Melancholy Event Pathological Researches in the School of which recently occurred at Rochester Bridge, Windmill-street; by G. Bell, Esq. Part III. with Biographical Sketches of Mr and Mrs 8vo. 6s.

Mills, Mr and Miss Gilbert, &c. ; by W. A Cursory Inquiry into some of the $. Palmer, Romsey, 12mo. 35. 6d.

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