Navigating C++ and Object-oriented Design

Prentice Hall, 1998 - 799 sidor
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This book helps programmers understand both C++ and object-oriented design methodologies, so they can write C++ code that truly meets its potential.This comprehensive, practical tutorial has been refined through years of teaching C++ to professional developers. It covers the latest ANSI C++ features, including bool, namespaces, member templates, RTTI; explicit, export, and nothrow versions of new and delete. Detailed appendices cover the ANSI C++ IOStream Library and Standard Template Library (STL). The book shows how C++ improves on C, and clearly explains how object-oriented development is different from previous methods. It includes chapter summaries, a detailed glossary, and extensive exercises. Any professional programmer who wants to learn C++, including applications programmers, software engineers, system architects, and product maintenance personnel. This is also a comprehensive guide to C++ for computer science students.

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Paul Anderson is President, cofounder, and key course developer at Anderson Software Group, Inc. a professional consulting and training company specializing in teaching C++, C, Java, Object-Oriented Design, UNIX, Shell Programming, and UNIX internals. As a seminar leader, Paul has taught courses to thousands of software developers. Gail Anderson is Director of Research and cofounder of Anderson Software Group, Inc. A key developer for courses on C++, Advanced C++, Java, and Object-Oriented Design with C++, she specializes in researching object-oriented design methodologies and programming techniques.

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