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has enlarged upon fome. points of duty in his illuftration of Some of the teftimonies from Scripture; and if it is written fo as to contribute to mollify one fingle heart, or to rescue but a fly or a worm from unnecessary pain, it would be a reflection upon the humanity of the learned to attempt an apology for the manner of it.

But if I fhould feem to them to have mistaken, misapplied, or diftorted any text of Scripture, I hope no miftake, inaccuracy, or defect, on my part, will be any objection to the benevolent caufe which I have efpoufed. Upon me be the reproach, Spare but

the innocent brute. You are welcome

to say, if you pleafe, I have handled


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the word of GOD improperly, or injudiciously, but say not that I have handled it deceitfully; for I am confcious my intention is good; and, if I have deceived myself, it is a delightful deception, and I should be forry to be undeceived. But I prefume I have deceived neither myself nor others: for, MERCY is a moft amiable difpofition of mind, admired even by those that will not practise it; and the cultivation of it in the lowest inftances, and to the most infignificant objects, can never be attended with any ill confequences to Society; nor has it any thing in it inconfiftent with reason, or with our ideas of fuftice. Reft it upon thefe common principles, and, though I should


Ifhould have failed in my proofs from Revelation, my end is in part anfwered, and I am well pleafed; but much happier shall I be, if I have been able to prove, that Mercy to Brutes is as much a doctrine of divine Revelation, as it is in itself reasonable, amiable, useful, and just.



Page 14. li. 15. for barrs read bars-P. 42. li. 15. for not be read not to be-P. 95. li. 5. for 20 read 29-P. 97. li. 6. for as read if-P. 98. li. 16. after Hebrew a comma-P. 109. li. 13. for 24 read 23-P. 114. at bottom, for ix read xiP. 148. li. 3. for that read when he-P. 158. li. 2. after likewife dele the comma-P. 159. li. 76 WATERING?-P. 164. line the laft. for in read at-P. 181. in note, line the last, after binding put a comma-P. 184. li. 20. for on read inP. 190. l. 12. for for read and-P. 256. li. 11. for neighbors read neighbor's-P. 264. line the laft, after muzzle put a comma-P. 266. line the laft, Cattle?-P. 274. line 11. for in read upon.

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OVE is the great Hinge which univerfal Nature

upon turns. The Creation is a transcript of the divine Goodness; and every leaf in the Book of Nature reads: us a lecture on the wifdom and benevolence of its great Author. The Philosopher, inured to study and contemplation, untainted with pride, and unbiased by prejudice, fees



fees and acknowledges this truth as incontestable, that the Supreme Being is wife, and juft, and good, and merciful. And from the obfervations he has made upon the animal part of the creation that is within his view and reach, he draws this general conclufion, that every creature muft have its proper use and office, (however latent as to us ;) and that the different powers, appetites, perfections, and even comparative, defects of different animals, are effentially neceffary to answer the different purposes for which they were created, and to promote the common good of the whole. I fhall not undertake to illuftrate this particular, as it would carry me too far from my purpose; and as all

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