Hobbes: A Biography

Cambridge University Press, 13 apr. 1999 - 390 sidor
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Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) is now recognized as one of the fathers of modern philosophy and political theory. In his own time he was as famous for his work in physics, geometry, and religion. He associated with some of the greatest writers, scientists, and politicians of his age including Ben Jonson, Galileo and King Charles II. A. P. Martinich has written the most complete and accessible biography of Hobbes available. The book takes full account of the historical and cultural context in which Hobbes lived, drawing on both published and unpublished sources. It will be a great resource for philosophers, political theorists, and historians of ideas. The clear, crisp prose style will also ensure that the book appeals to general readers with an interest in the history of philosophy, the rise of modern science, and the English Civil War. A. P. Martinich is a Professor of Philosophy and the author or editor of nine books, including The Philosophy of Language (1996), Philosophical Writing (1997), and The Two Gods of Leviathan (Cambridge University Press, 1992).

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HOBBES: A Biography

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A scholar's biography, this book will become a standard work for students of Hobbes (1588—1679). Martinich (Philosophy/Univ. of Texas, Austin) offers a mixture of personal and intellectual biography ... Läs hela recensionen

Hobbes: a biography

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Hobbes's position as one of the founders and leading theorists of modern political philosophy has been established for some time. His connections with leading thinkers of his day, as well as his ... Läs hela recensionen


Tutor and Companion 16081620
Secretary and Humanist 16211629
Early Scientific Studies and Religious Views
The Elements of Law Natural and Politic
A Decade of Exile 16411651 I
A Decade of Exile 16411651 II
Leviathan and the Engagement Controversy
Demonstrations and Disputations 16521659
Baiting the Bear 16601669
The Final Years 16701679
A Bibliographical Essay

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