Gene Eating: The Story of Human Appetite

Orion, 27 dec. 2018 - 336 sidor

'It is rare to find a book, written by a world-class scientist, that is both informative and entertaining. Giles not only delves into the science of obesity but, with honesty and great precision, skewers many of the more foolish fad diets out there. ' DR MICHAEL MOSLEY, bestselling author of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet

'A hard-to-fault book written in a way that entertains as well as it informs ... Yeo's study of human appetite is packed with insights and revelations, incorporating up-to-date scientific thinking ... It's an anti-diet diet book you can trust'

'I really enjoy working with Giles - he makes so much sense, and cuts through the confusion about diet and health with refreshing directness. His excellent book Gene Eating busts myths and homes in on what you really need need to know. It's been a genuine help to me and I'm sure it will be to everyone who reads it.' HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL

'Dr Yeo is a leading scientist in the field of obesity and one of our best science communicators. Everyone worried about their weight ought to read this book to digest its message about the importance of genetics.' ROBERT PLOMIN, author of Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are

'An excellent and engaging book, but also an important one. It is about time that a serious, respected academic provided a voice of reason'
Anthony Warner aka THE ANGRY CHEF

'Gene Eating is just a fantastic book exactly as you'd expect - but more so. Mainly it's very funny, packed with science and trivia and genuinely helpful weightloss and nutrition info' DR CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN, the BBC

Why do diets fail?
Why are we all getting fatter?
And why are some of us just hungrier than others?

We have never had more access to nutrition advice, and yet we have never been unhealthier. In an age of misinformation and pseudo-science the world is getting fatter and the diet makers are getting richer. So how do we break the cycle that's killing us all?

Dr Giles Yeo's myth-busting book draws on the very latest science, and his own genetic research at Cambridge University, to explore the evolution of human appetite and how our genes affect our ability to lose and gain weight. He tackles the history of the food we eat, debunks marketing nonsense and confronts both toxic diet advice and the advocates of 'clean eating'. He translates his pioneering research into an engaging must-read.

Inspiring and revelatory, Gene Eating is an urgent and essential book that empowers us all with the facts we need to make informed and healthy choices about the way we eat.

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Yeo admits early on Gene Eating is an anti-diet book. So the readership of this work can be divided in two, and which group you belong to will determine how you react. Either you are following or ... Läs hela recensionen

Gene Eating: The Science of Obesity and the Truth about Dieting

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Yeo, a geneticist who runs the Metabolic Disease Unit at the U.K. government’s Medical Research Council and moonlights as a BBC science commentator, offers an “anti-diet book” that’s less a tutorial ... Läs hela recensionen

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Giles Yeo is a geneticist with over 20 years' experience dedicated to researching obesity and the brain control of food intake. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge and assisted the pioneering research that uncovered key pathways in how the brain controls food intake. His current research focuses on understanding how these pathways differ from person to person, and the influence of genetics in our relationship with food and eating habits. He is based at the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit, where he is Principal Research Associate, and is a fellow and graduate tutor at Wolfson College. Giles also moonlights as science presenter for the BBC.
He lives in Cambridge with his family.

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