Books II-IV (1647-1655) Supplement I-II: Documents of and about Howell. Notes, index


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Sida 452 - It is without controversy, that, in the nonage of the world, men and beasts had but one butterv, which was the fountain and river, nor do we read of any vines or wines till two hundred years after the flood ; but now I do not know or hear of any nation that hath water only for their drink, except the...
Sida 381 - Tis a powerful sex : — they were too strong for the first, the strongest and wisest man that was ; they must needs be strong, when one hair of a woman can draw more than an hundred pair of oxen.
Sida 484 - The knee-timber of your voyage is money. Spare your purse in this particular ; for upon my life you have a sufficient pardon for all that is past already, the king having under his broad seal made you admiral of your fleet, and given you power of the martial law over your officers and soldiers.
Sida 488 - Ejigland, that the Mitre should have now come to such a scorn, to such a national kind of hatred, as to put the whole Island in a combustion?
Sida 544 - River thro' it, which was accounted one of his twelve Labours. But it was a bitter taunt of the Italian, who passing by Paul's Church, and seeing it full of horses, Now I perceive (said he) that in England Men and Beasts serve God alike.
Sida 486 - Character of him : Who hath not known or read of this Prodigy of Wit and Fortune, Sir Walter Raleigh, a Man unfortunate in nothing else...
Sida 424 - God therefore — do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following. 'First, I give my gracious God an entire sacrifice of body and soul, with my most humble thanks for that assurance which his blessed Spirit imprints in me now of the salvation of the one, and the resurrection of the other...
Sida 447 - Region so far above my bead, that I fell to envy the Bird extremely, and repine at his happiness, that he should have a privilege to make a nearer approach to Heaven than I. Excuse me that I trouble you thus with these rambling meditations; they are to correspond with you in some part for those accurate fancies of yours lately sent me. So I rest —Your entire and true Servitor, JH Holborn, 17 Mar.
Sida 481 - YOURS of the seventh current was brought me, whereby I find that you did put yourself to the penance of perusing some epistles that go imprinted lately in my name : I am bound to you for your pains and patience, (for you write you read them all...
Sida 405 - I was invited yesternight to a solemn supper by BJ where you were deeply remembered ; there was good company, excellent cheer, choice wines, and jovial welcome: one thing intervened, which almost spoiled the relish of the rest, that B. began to engross all the discourse, to vapour extremely of himself, and, by vilifying others, to magnify his own Muse.

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