The Substance of an Address to the Students at Guy's Hospital,: At the Close of the Lectures on Experimental Philosophy, Volym 2

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; J. and A. Arch; Harvey and Darton; J. Hatchard; W. Phillips; and E. Cox and Son, 1826 - 32 sidor

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Sida 32 - May we not hope that the era is advancing, foretold by prophecy, when "the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea...
Sida 32 - One song employs all nations; and all cry, * Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain for us !* The dwellers in the vales and on the rocks Shout to each other, and the mountain-tops From distant mountains catch the flying joy ; Till, nation after nation taught the strain, Earth rolls the rapturous Hosanna round.
Sida 27 - ... head. In his deepest solitude and retirement, he knows that he is in company with the greatest of Beings ; and perceives within himself such real sensations of his presence, as are more delightful than any thing that can be met with in the conversation of his creatures. Even in the hour of death, he considers the pains of his dissolution to be nothing else but the breaking down of that partition, which stands betwixt his soul and the sight of that Being, who is always present with him, and is...
Sida 27 - In his deepest solitude and retirement, he knows that he is in company with the greatest of Beings; and perceives within himself such real sensations of His presence, as are more delightful than any thing that can be met wiih, in the conversation of his creatures.
Sida 26 - Though the whole creation frowns upon him, and all nature looks black about him, he has his light and support within him, that are able to cheer his mind, and bear him up in the midst of all those horrors which encompass him.
Sida 26 - ... which encompass him. He knows that his helper is at hand, and is always nearer to him than any thing else can be, which is capable of annoying or terrifying him. In the midst of calumny or contempt, he attends to that Being who whispers better things within his soul, and whom he looks upon as his defender, his glory, and the lifterup of his head.
Sida 23 - I feel a warm interest in your future happiness, and see clearly the path which will lead to it, and when I reflect that probably there are many of you present whose faces I...
Sida 21 - ... it tends to enlarge our views and expand our minds, and, consequently, of what importance it is to cultivate our intellectual part, and to do all in our power to diffuse light and knowledge among mankind in general ; for this, by degrees, will put an end to that bigotry and superstition which tends to keep men in ignorance and a state of depression.
Sida 11 - ... Infinite Wisdom. But let us advance a step farther, and consider, not only the union of the living principle with matter, but the power of sensation, loco-motion, and instinct superadded. What a field opens before us in the various classes of animals ! Whether we consider the thousands of organized bodies sporting, pursuing, or avoiding each other in a single drop of water, each of which would be more than sufficient to confound all the atheists in the world...
Sida 20 - ... rapidity which almost more than keeps pace with my desires. The air proceeding from my lungs in tones, modified according to the variety of my sentiments, carries the sound into the ears of my auditors, informs them of all that passes in me, of all that 1 wish to communicate. Thus ideas are conveyed B 2 and information diffused by a natural mechanism which we can never sufficiently admire.

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