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5. Irony makes a sentence convey a meaning the opposite of its ordinary sense. EXAMPLE" And we, brave men, are satisfied,

If we ourselves escape his sword.” 6. Hyperbole exaggerates the truth.


" With fury driven, The waves mount up, and wash the face of heaven.7. Antithesis contrasts two or more things with each other.


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Zealous though modest, innocent though free. By honor and dishonor, by evil report and good report, as deceivers, and yet true.8. Metonomy puts one thing for another,

The cause for the effect,
The effect for the cause,
The container for the thing contained,

An attribute or quality for the thing or person.
EXAMPLES—" Shall the sword devour for ever ?"

Thy hand, unseen, sustains the poles.”
“ His ear is ever open to their cry.”
“I am much delighted in reading Homer."
" He has returned to his cups again.”

“I'll plunge thee headlong in the whelming lide." 9. Synecdoche puts a part for a whole, and a whole for a part EXAMPLE="When the tempest stalks abroad,

Seek the shelier of my roof." "Oh! ever cursed be the hand

That wrought this ruin in the land.” 10. Apostrophe is a sudden transition from the subject of a dis course to address a person or thing, present or absent. EXAMPLE—“This is a tale for fathers and for mothers. Young men and young women! you cannot understand it.

E. Everett, 11. Interrogation expresses an assertion in the form of a question. EXAMPLES- -“ Looks it not like the king ?"

“He that formed the eye, shall he not see ?" 12. Exclamation expresses a sudden or intense emotion. EXAMPLE_"O liberty! O sound, once delightful to every Roman ear!"

13. Vision represents past or future time as present to the view EXAMPLE_"I see them on their winding way,

About their ranks the moonbeams play.”


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Paralepsis is a figure by which a main truth is expressed incidentally, or with a professed effort of the speaker to conceal it. EXAMPLE="Without alluding to your habits of intemperance. I would ask,

how can you attempt to justify your present inattention to

business and the neglect of your family ?” Climax is that form of expression by which the thoughts are. made to rise by successive gradations. EXAMPLE—"He aspired to be the highest; above the people, above th:

authorities, above the Laws, above his COUNTRY.” Anti-Climax is the opposite of the climax. EXAMPLE-—"How has expectation darkened into anxiety, anxiety into

dread, and dread into despair.”Irving. Alliteration is the repetition of the same letter at the begin ning of two or mors words immediately succeeding each other, or at short intervals. EXAMPLES— Up tie high hill he heaves a huge, round stone."

“He carves with classic chisel the Corinthian capital that

crowns the column."

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Of what does Prosody treat ?
Why are Pauses observed in reading ?
How many sorts of Pauses?
How are Grammatical Pauses indicated ?
When should a Coinma be used ?
When, a Semicolon ?-a Colon ?-a Period ?-a Dash?
When, a mark of Interrogation ?-of Exclamation ?

What is the sign of Apostrophe, and when should it be used ?
Huotation ?-Hyphen ?-Brackets ?-Parentheses ?—Reference ?-Brace ?

What is Composition ?-How many kinds ?
How are words arranged in Prose Composition ?
What are some of the various kinds of Prose Composition ?
What is Poetry ?- What the most common varieties?
What is Lyric Poetry ?— Dramatic ?—Epic ?-Didactic?
What is an Epigram ?-an Epitaph ?-a Sonnet?
What is Versification ?-What are the distinctions of Verse ?
What is Blank Verse ?--What is Rhyme ?
What is a Verse ?-a Hemistich?-a Couplet ?–a Triplet ?
What is a Stanza ?-What is a Foot?–Of what may it consist ?
What is a Trochee ?-an lambus ?-a Pyrrhic ?-a Spondee?
What is a Dactyl ?-an Anapæst?-an Amphibrach ?-a Tribrach?
What is a Figure of Speech?
What is a Grammatical Figure?-a Rhetorical Figure ?
What is an Aphæresis ?-an Apocope ?-a Prosthesis ?-a Paragoge?
What is a Synæresis ?-a Diæresis ?-a Syncope ?-a Tmesis ?

What is an Ellipsis ?-a Pleonasm?-a Syllepsis ?-an Enallage ? a Hyperbaton?


What is a Simile ?–a Metaphor?-an Allegory ?-a Personation ?Irony?

What is a Hyperbole ?-Vision ?-Paralepsis ?- Antithesis ?-Metonomy ?-Synecdoche?

What is an Apostrophe ?—Interrogation ?-Exclamation ?--Climax ? Alliteration ?


" Whom the winds wast where'er the billows roll." " The man who forms his opinions entirely on that of another, can have 20 great respect for his own judgment."

“I am the last of noble Edward's sons,

Of whom thy father, Prince of Wales, was first.” “O grant me, pitying Heaven, this last request, Since I must every loftier wish resign.”

My heart is awed within me when I think of the greal

miracle that still goes on in silence round me.” “The smoke of their wigwams arose in every valley, from Hudson's Bay to the farthest Florida, from the ocean to the Mississippi and the lakes."-Slory.

Meek Dian's crest
Floats through the azure air.”Byron.
“Beneath them lay the wished-for spot.”—Pollok.

My soul has ranged
By thee sustained, and lighted by the stars.”— Young.

" A sea

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Of Glory streams along the Alpine heights."Byron.

A wretch, from thick polluted air, Darkness, and stench and suffocating damp And dungeon horrors, by kind fate discharged.” – Young.

“His passions diedDied, all but dreary solitary Pride.”Pollok. “And sorrow, and Repentance, and Despair,

Among them walked.”—Pollok. “Like Murray, he did not conduct the understanding through the pain. ful subtlety of argument-nor was he, like Townshend, forever on the rock of exertion.”-Robertson.

“For solidity of reasoning, force of sagacity, and wisdom of conclusion, under such a complication of difficulties, no nation or body of men can stand in preference to the General Congress of Philadelphia.”Pilt.

“On every side, sweet sunny spots of verdure smile towards him from among the melancholy heather.” — Wilson.

"Was it the temple—with all its courts, the dazzling splendor of its materials, the innumerable multitudes, the priesthood in their gorgeous attire, the king with all the insignia of royalty, on his throne of burnished brass, the music, the radiant cloud filling the temple, the sudden fire flashing upon the altar, the whole nation upon their knees.”—Milman.

1. O, I have loved, in youth's fair vernal morn,

To spread imagination's wildest wing, The sober certainties of life to scorn,

And seek the visioned realms that poet's singWhere Nature blushes in perennial spring,

Where streams of earthly joy exhaustless rise, Where Youth and Beauty tread the choral ring,

And shout their raptures to the cloudless skies, While every jovial hour on downy pinion flies. 2. But, ah! those fairy scenes at once are filed,

Since stern Experience waved her iron wand,
Broke the soft slumbers of my visioned head,

And bade me here of perfect bliss despond.
And oft have I the painful lesson conned;

When Disappointment mocked my wooing heart,
Still of its own delusion weakly fond,

And from forbidden pleasures loth to part, Though shrinking oft beneath Correction's deepest smart 3. And is there nought in mortal life, I cried,

Can sooth the sorrows of the laboring breast?
No kind recess, where baffled hope may hide,

And weary Nature lull her woes to rest?
O grant me, pitying Heaven, this last request !

Since I must every loftier wish resign,
Be my few days with peace and friendship blessed :

Nor will I at my humble lot repine, Though neither wealth, nor fame, nor luxury be mine. 4. O give me yet, in some recluse abode,

Encircled with a faithful few, to dwell,
Where power cannot oppress, nor care corrode,

Nor venomed tongues the tale of slander tell!
O bear me to some solitary cell,

Beyond the reach of every human eye!
And let me bid a long and last farewell

To each alluring object ’neath the sky,
And there in




to die 5. "Ah vain desire!" a still, small voice replied,

“ No place, no circumstance can Peace impart:She scorns the mansion of unvanquished Pride,

Sweet inmate of a pure and humble heart;


Take then thy station—act thy proper part;

A Savior's mercy seek,—his will perform :
His word has balm for sin's envenomed smart,

His love, diffused, thy shuddering breast shall warm His power provide a shelter from the gathering storm." 6. O welcome hiding-place! O refuge meat

For fainting pilgrims on this desert way!
O kind Conductor of these wandering feet,

Through snares and darkness, to the realms of day!
So did the Sun of righteousness display

His healing beams; each gloomy cloud dispel:
While on the parting mist, in colors gay,

Truth's checring bow of precious promise fell,
And Mercy's silver voice soft whispered—“All is well"

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