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breadth from the line of delicacy in the practice in which he hu manely engaged. His own congregations continue to be thronged, and the peopie of his charge manifest towards him unabated affection. The public opinion in the religious world of the metropolis, may be learnt from the following list of his ordinary religious and benevolent engagements during the past four or five weeks, which we have been able to procure. We believe, however, that the Doctor bas resolved to retire in future, till the storm be overpast; not that he has not been received kindly, but quite the contrary, but he seeks a place of rest for a wearied mind and body.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENTS OF THE REV. DR. COLLYER, From October 28th to November 28th, Sundays not included.

OCTOBER. Mond.20.- Preached Anniversary Sermon at Shoaldham Street

Chapel, Portman Square. Tuesd. 21.-Laid the first stone at Brunswick Chapel, Mile End

Road. Wed. 22 - Preached Collection Sermon at Chandler St. Chapel. Thursd. 23.-Preached at Greenwich, Missionary Sermon. Frid. 24.--Preached at Salter's Hall. Mond. 27.-Presided at Camberwell Tract Society. Wed. 29.---Preached at Rev. Mr. Barker's, Deptford. Thursd. 30.--Preached at Hoxton Chapel.

NOVEMBER. Tues. 4.-Presided at Soho Home Missionary Auxiliary, at Ox«

ford Street Chapel. Wed. 5.-Presided at a Meeting for the Religious Tract Society

at Orange Street Chapel. Thurs. 6.-Preached at Holywell Mount Chapel, for the Willow

Walk Sick Society. Mon. 10.-Crown Street Chapel, took the Chair for the Christian

Union Society. Tues. 11.-Tunbridge Chapel, preached morning Anniversary

Sermon. Wed. 12.-Afternoon preached one of the Anniversary Sermons

at Greenland Dock Chapel: evening took the chair for the Religious Tract Society, at the

Rev. Mr. Chin's, Lion Street, Walworth. Frid. 14.-Lectured on the History of Ethics, at the Philomathic

Institution. Mond. 17.-Presided at Silver Street Chapel for the Religious

Tract Society Frid. 21.--Preached at the Adelphi Chapel. Wed. 26.-Delivered the Address on behalf of the Sunday Sehools

at Orange Street Chapel, at their public exami

nation. Frid. 28.--Preached at Salter's Hall in the evening.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The favours from Trinity College have been received. Also from our Quaker Frieud; and from E. I. and S. D.



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