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[blocks in formation]

With an Engraving of our Saviour's Flight

into Egypt.

A few Copies of the Sacred Star, from January to June, may be had, bound in one Vol., cloth, price is, 6d.



Works by J. Paul, 1, Chapter-house Court, St. Paul's.

THE MOTHER'S MAGAZINE, issued by an Association of

Mothers in America. This interesting publication is republished in this country monthly, price 2d. Volumes 1 to 6 already published at 2s. per volume, or bound in cloth, 3s., containing many interesting articles by some of the most talented writers in America, respecting Maternal Associations,

and suitable for general circulation among families. w We feel no hesitation in saying that every family should pos

sess a copy of this work." THE MOTHER'S HYMN BOOK, compiled from various

Authors and private Manuscripts, for the use of Maternal Associations; reprinted from the American Edition, with additions, and Rules for the Formation of Maternal Associa

tion. Bound is. 60. THE PENNY PULPIT; a collection of accurately reported

Sermons by some of the most talented Ministers of various denominations, published in Weekly Numbers, or Monthly Parts, 6d.; or in volumes, bound in cloth, 3s. 6d. each. Volumes 1 to 18, already published, containing nearly 600

Sermons. Parts 118 and 119, for January, price is. contains Two Sermons by the Rev. J. Burnet.-Puseyism Examined. Efficacy of Rites and Ceremonies, Concluding Remarks. The Creation of Man and his Condition in Paradise,

by the Rev. K Young. The Expulsion from Eden, by the Rev. F. A. Cox. The Consequenees of Adam's Transgression upon his Posterity, by the Rev. J. Bennett. The Immortality of the Human Soul, by the Mr. J. Pitman. The Great Deliverer of the World, by the Rev. James Reading. The Individual Ac

countability of Man, by the Rev. T. Archer. PEACE AMONG CHRISTIANS, being an accurate Report

of the Discussion at Guildford, by the Rev. J. Sidden, of the Church of Rome, and the Rev. H. M. Seymour, and the Rev. J. Page, Clergymen of the Church of England, revised and corrected by each of the parties. Cheap edition for distribution, 1s., or bound in cloth, 1s. 6d. THE DREAM OF HEAVEN; or, the Sister's Tale, a Fact

and not a Fiction. By Rev. T. Sharp. (Upwards of 18,000

of this publication have been sold.) 16th edition. Price 6d. The sin and folly of pride illustrated in the eventful history of MARY SMITÁ ; or, the Female Convict. A Narrative founded

on Recent Facts, supposed to have been one of the Sufferers drowned on Board the Amphitrite, off Boulogne. By the


TIONAL CHURCHES, being a Masterly Reply to Dr. Chalmers' Lectures on Church Estsblishments, Bound in cloth, !S. 6d., cheap edition for distribution, 1s,

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THE STAR. The sun has now disappeared behind the western hills, and the rich, beautiful colours, that remained for a while to mark the spot where he seemed to sink, already fade into a pale red. What is that which sparkles and twinkles so brilliantly?

That is the evening star : it is the first that we behold upon the sky, and the most richly beautiful of all. For it is not only bright in itself, but seems also to float in brightness, and to have no need of the darkness of night to make it visible. Other stars remain concealed until the shades of evening become much deeper; and then, as we look up, we'may discover one after another peeping forth, as it were, to remind us that the heavens will still be telling the glory of God;. and that, if one sun have ceased for a few hours to declare the greatness of the Creator to us, a thousand yet remain ready to bear witness; and, as the poet bsautifully expresses it,

Together singing as they shine,

The hand that made us is divine." Looking up to those bright orbs, we seem to behold a covering of some dark blue substance spread above our heads, and a great number of


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