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Page Doers of the Word .

The Supreme Excellency of the Sacred The Value of Time.


309 Test of Spiritual Inertia .

The Final Condemnation of Sinners no Stop and Think

Impeachment of the Divine Perfec. The Church the World's only Hope


312 The Colossal Iniquity

9 The Rainbow of the New Covenant 315 Swimming in Celestial Joy 9 False Peace

. 317 The Gulf of Eternity

10 Purity of Communion : its Importance, The Withered Fig-Tree

10 and the Best Means of Promoting it 353 Secret Prayer 11 Conscience a Judge.

357 Spoken Against 11 The Last Hour

360 Practical Thoughts on the Christian Pas- The Striving of the Spirit

362 torate 49 On Searching the Scriptures

401 The Omnipotence of Love

The Covenant by Sacrifice

404 Ennobling Influence of Prayer 54 Pray to thy Father

405 An Address to Students 54 Self-Consecration

406 The Love of Christ 97 The Change and the Contrast:

408 The Way of the Past 99 Marching and Fighting

449 Happy Communion 103 Dying Grace

452 The Virgin Mary's Hour of Conflici Address to the Undecided

453 with Unbelief 105 Self-Denial of the Rich .

454 Look to Yourselves. 106 A Dying Christian's Prayer

454 The Evangelist Luke 107 Constant Miracles .

455 The Great Supper 145 Holiness and Happiness

456 The Feast of Heaven 147 The Triumph of the Gospel

456 The Responsibility of Hearers of the Sin

. 457 Gospel

149 The Pleasures of the World The Resurrection of Christ

153 The Christian's

Life, Present and Future 499 The Folly of Rejecting Religion because Ruin Prevented

. 501 there are Hypocrites

193 Fulness of Paul's Prayers Are Christians doing their Duty? : . 197 Strength and Weakness

. 504 Fortitude in Adversity 201 Prayer

. 504 An Address for the Times 204 Enjoyment of Religion

. 505 The Faith and Translation of Enoch 241 Personal Devotion

506 The Present Crisis 244 Holy Worship.

545 Deliverance in Triai 247 An Important Question

. 547 Present Condemnation 249 Penitence and Mercy

549 A Voice from the Tombs 250 The Election of Grace

550 I Desire to Die

252 God acknowledging his People . 552 The Offence of the Cross: in what does Agony on behalf of Lost Souls . 553 it consist in these days?


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Eessons by the Way; or, Things to Think On. Religious Liberty 12 Adam Clarke on Dancing

60 Never Despair . 12 Policy for Young Ladies

60 Sir Matthew Hale's Journal 12 Civilization and Slavery.

60 Give the Bible to All 12 Woman's Rights

61 Importance of being able to despise Ri. Slander

61 dicule 13 The Tabernacle and the Ark :

61 Lost Time 13 Resolutions

61 The Pulpit in the American Revolution 13 Christ All in ali

61 The Next Age :

13 The Wonders of the Created Universe : 109 Will and Deed. 13 Prayer is Power with God

. 109 Intellectual Culture and Intellectual The Death of a Child

. 109 Life 14 Happiness in Sorrow

. 109 Microscopic Mollusks

14 General Jackson's Epitaph on his Wife 110 Original s'hinkers 14 Webster's Epitaph

110 Lesson to Students.

14 Sleep in Jesus. Quaker Courting 14 An Inch of Time

110 Eloquent Prayer 14 I Read only the Bible

110 Self-Confidence 14 Experience

110 A Cure for Slander. 14 Abuse

. 110 Probation.

14 Sublime and Beautiful Secrets between Husband and Wife 60 Anger


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Page The Home School 156 'r Russian Gainbling .

458 The Secret 156 Bible and No Bible

458 Nature and the Gospel 157 The Time to Amend

458 Hint to Church Members 157 The Law and the Gospel

458 A Striking Simile 157 The Register

459 Who is Christ? 157 Will it work Well?

459 The Bible. 157 Anecdote of John Newton

459 Family Prayer. 157 How to get Fed

459 To-Morrow . 158 Contriving to do Good

459 The Three Whats

Life's Last Hours

459 Human Merit , 158 Solemn Thought Awakened

460 Paul's Three Desires 158 Persecution

460 Fruitless Haste * 158/ Only Lent, and not Given?

460 Spiritual Alchemy o

An Example to the Opulent

460 The Home of the Church

An Artless Argument

460 The Root of the Evil 158 A Wise Answer

460 History 158 Economy

460 The Estimation of Time.

The Press--Guttenberg

506 Reason

to 158 Cowper's Study at Weston Underwood . 506 Prayer

158 Chinese Amazement at English Fashions 506 The Recluse

158 Personal Appearance of the Pope , 507 Beware of Satan

158 Degradation of Turkish Women 507 The Arrow that enters Heaven

158 Sir Isaac Newton's Religion and MoGod seen in his Works 207 rality

507 Necessity of a Due Allowance of Sleep. 208 Causes of Idiocy

507 Pleasant Words


. 508 Training of Children 208 An Anecdote of Whitfielà

508 Christ the Light of the World


508 The Right Kind of Suppers

319 Image Worship in the Greek Church' . 508 A Mother's Prayer 320 Why Common Sense is Rare.

508 Don't be Hasty 320 The Poet Cowper on War

• 508 How Prayer is Answered 320 Death

508 Love thinketh no Eyil 320 Self- Burdening

554 The Pastorate of Carr's-lane, Birining- The Dewdrops.

554 ham 364 Slight Circumstances

554 Absurdity of Atheism 367 Providence and Politics

555 A Turkish Funeral.

410 Object of Embalming in Egypt in AnOn Smoking and Drinking 410 cient Times

555 Greatness

411 “ What is the State of your


iny National Excitement 411 Friend?"

555 The Burnett Prize Essays, 411 Animal Suicides

555 Emigration

411 “Holiness, without which no Man shall A Reflection to Embolden the Weak

see the Lord" Christian 411 Settling Accounts

556 Prayer 457 Thus is Life.

. 556 One Drop at a Time 457 Which is the Fool ?

556 Biography. Rev. Evan Jones 15 Mr. Joseph Routledge

159 Rev. Michael Jones. 16. The Death of Baxter

162 Miss Mary Parsons

Dr. Philip Doddridge

209, 255 Bishop Hall's Mode of Life 62 Rev. Professor Scholefield

252 Domestic Picture of Dr. Chalmers . 63 Mr. Richard Brace .

321 Memoir of Mr. John Gray 64 William Wilson Hyde

323 Two Young Converts 79 Rev. Mr. Harrison

325 Mrs. Newton 81 Rev. William Innes, D.D.

367 Mr. Robert Armitage 111, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown

412 Mr. William Cooper 114 Sketch of Luther

414 John Kitto, D.D. 115 Rev. William Dove

462 Lord Bacon 116 Robert Newton, D.D.

. 514 Popery. Popery in Haverfordwest

66 Romanism, Rationalism, and ProtestPrayer for the Downfall of Popery. 68 antism

. 326 What has Popery done? :

68 The Popisi College of Maynooth : . 371 Brief Account of the late Mr. Clare, Spanish Popery

. 416 of Haverfordwest. 169 The Evils of Popery

. 418 Popish Missions 218, 258 The Paganism of Popery

509 Conversation with a Roman Catholic The Vatican Morality

511 at Rugeley 221 Popery

511 The Holy Scriptures our only Rule of Jewish Ceremonies not to be Imitated in Faith and Practice 256 Christian Worship


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Extracts, Essays, and Correspondence. Shall we send Missionaries to the Mos- Literature of the Tomb . lems in Turkey ? ' 31 Sons of Pastors and Deacons .

385 Prayer-Meetingg.

34, 75
American Affairs

419 Household Hints

27 Political and Religious Aspects of the Periodical Literature

36, 472, 518

425 Monthly Review, 46, 91, 139, 187, 235, 302, Royal Geographical Society :

428 350, 398, 444, 557 Sabbath Observance

430 War. 70 Tomb of the late Czar Nicholas

431 Prayer-Meetings

77 Annual Meeting of the Lyons Branch Missions in Turkey 78 of the Evangelical Alliance

432 The Witch Doctor of the Kaffirs 78 Ministers' Widows

436 Religious Revival of the Eighteenth Chalmers and Shakspere

437 Century 116 Domestic Affairs

25, 437, 461 The Bible, . 118 The Colonies

438 The Sabbath 120 The Christian Ministry

465 Australia. 123, 223, 374, 477 Colleges

468 War and Peace: their Cost and Profit. 125 Ireland Reformation Principles in Scotland . 129 China

474 Danger of Dramatic Readings

131 John Howard, the Philanthropist, TarThe Martyr's Memorial 164 tary, and the Crimea

475 Spiritual and Water Baptism .

1774 Who are the Prospered Men in our Con. The Great Decline of Religion at the gregations ?

. 476 Close of the Seventeenth Century 180 Opium-its Particular Properties. . 476 Revival of Religion.

215, 260
Jubilee Services

483 Eloquence 229 Evangelical Alliance

522 The Prayerful Teacher 230 Biblical Criticism

. 526 Jerusalem and the Jews 232 Millenarianism

529 British Missions 332, 379, 434 Improprieties in Prayer

532, 589 American Colleges 293 Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

535 Slavery 294 Scripture Reading in Public

. 536 On Light Reading 334 Reading Sermons

537 Nicholas I., Late Emperor of all the To the Independent Churches of Great Russias. 376 Britain and Ireland

585 Reading of Sermons

. 382
Choosing a Profession

. 590 Restoration of the Jews. - The War




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Poetry. The Old and the New 44 Our Church's Danger

350 A Call to Constancy in Prayer 45 Small Things

350 The Opening Year

45 Literal Translation of the Song of DeThe Creator's Works 46 borah

491 It is told Me I must Die .

90 Hymns composed for the Anniversary The Years

91 of the Independent Chapel, Redbourn, Man by Nature, by Grace, and in Glory 138 Herts

493 The Way, the Truth, and the Life. 139 Where is thy Brother?

. 596 Bishop Heber's Prayer for his Country 139 The Death of a Missionary

. 597 Woman 139 The Close of Day

597 Bring back the Chain 349 God is passing by

. 597

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Religious Intelligence.
The English Congregational Chapel Religious Liberty in Turkey

304 Building Society 47 Rev. J. R. Leifchild, A.M.

304 Ordinations, 47, 142, 238, 352, 417, 559 Settlements

351, 400 Removals, 48, 94, 143, 239, 351, 400, 448, 600 Openings

352, 448, 600 Testimonial 48 Recognitions

352, 399 Home Missions in the Mining Districts Anniversary of Monmouthshire 93 Re-openings

400, 496 Congregational Church, Hungerford, Autumnal Meetings of the CongregaBerks 94 tional Union

ᏎᏎ7 British Missions, 94, 143, 189, 239 Ministerial Removals

494 Lozells Congregational Church, Bir- Ministerial Settlements

495 mingham 142 Resignations

496, 544 Religion in London. 188 Congregational Lecture

543 Re-opening of Bishopsgate Chapel 189 Albion Chapel, Southampton

. 543 Epping

237 Queen-square Chapel, Brighton . 598 The Union Meetings 265, 562 Apprenticeship Society.

. 600 Religious Anniversaries

• 283

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DOERS OF THE WORD. ALL the voices of our Divine manual, bis boils, and utter groans, and curse in their addresses to mcn, unite to press our day, and make ourselves and all upon them the doing of some work about us miserable with our pains and within the brief span of mortal life our spleen, is not only to be content that shall make that life fruitsul, fra- with a very poor-spirited sort of mangrant, and memorable. And as though hood, but to be disobedient to the henanticipating the sluggish indolence of venly call. But to be, to take life from the nature they seek to arouse, or ra- God's hand, his inestimable gift, a life ther measuring the force of the current strung in every part, body and soul, of its perverse and selfish activities, with flexile sinews and elastic forces; to they lay the utmost urgency they can suffer, as that wise and wholesome disemploy upon these stirring calls."Son," cipline under which strong spirits grow saith the vineyard master, “go work stronger, and the weakest, by God's to-day in my vineyard !"

grace, are made mighty and enduring; The language of the Preacher is, and to do, to act, to bend our loins to bur" Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, dens, to put our shoulder to the wheels do it with thy might, for there is no of humble and good endeavours, to toil work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor for God's glory and man's advantage : wisdom, in the grave, whither thou these make up, not merely the ideal of goest.'

“Why stand ye here all the an heroic and manly living, but obeday idle ?” asked the householder of dience to the will of God. them that stood for hire in the market- See how we are equipped for work. place. And even our Divine Lord and

Every power, corporeal, mental, and Exemplar declared of himself,“ I must spiritual, has its appointed and approwork the works of Him that sent me priate function, failing which, we dewhile it is day; the night cometh when grade it to the condition of a useless no man can work." And these are and idle appendage. The feet were but a part of those heaven-tempered made to run and walk; the hands to goads with which the Scripture seeks lift and carry, and wield the implements to prick us out of our apathy, and of various toil; the fingers to weave urge us to duty.

their tissues of cunning art; the “ To be, to do, and to suffer is the muscles to strain at their tasks, to hold only complete formula of a truly effec- us erect under weight and pressure. tive human life. Simply to be, just to So has every faculty of the mind its crawl out of the dust like a lizard, to adjustment to its own sphere of action, bask in the sun through our short its own specific work to do. The soul, day, then slink back to our earthy bed with all its mazy wheelwork of affecagain, is as wicked as it is ignoble and tions, passions, and desires, its reaunproductive. To be and to suffer, to soning, its electing, its willing, is an sit down in the ashes, like Job with executive creature, sent forth complete VOL. XII.


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