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PN 6261 W5 1804 v. 1

WHEN the following Collection was first suggested, it was intended that it should consist entirely of original matter, arranged under certain heads; so that, at least, it would have some title to order and novelty, especially as the collector was then in a situation peculiarly favourable to pursuits of the kind: but a severe fit of sickness put an end to a plan that, in all probability, would have had some claim on the approbation of the reader.

After this general declaration, it is scarcely necessary to enter into particulars. One part of the original design is kept in view; the insertion of such papers as tend to promote virtue,

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and the love of our country, which never glowed, perhaps, with such purity and warmth as it does at present, in the bosom of every true subject of the United Kingdom: a proof of the gratitude and good sense of the people, to appreciate the first and best gift of Heaven,


The story of Thomas Sainvitz may appear to some to have the air of romance; but it is certainly founded on fact, and faithfully translated from the Latin original.


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