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Sida 42 - North-West, and learned as by an unexpected revelation, that her historical territories of the Canadas, her eastern seaboards of New Brunswick, Labrador, and Nova Scotia, her Laurentian lakes and valleys, corn lands and pastures, though themselves more extensive than...
Sida 37 - We are living, we are dwelling, In a grand and awful time, In an age on ages telling, To be living is sublime.
Sida 73 - ... combination of rock, verdure, forest, glacier, and snow-capped mountain of unrivalled grandeur and beauty. When it is remembered that this wonderful system of navigation equally well adapted to the largest...
Sida 72 - Day after day for a whole week, in a vessel of nearly two thousand tons, we threaded an interminable labyrinth of watery lanes and reaches that wound endlessly in and out of a network of islands, promontories and peninsulas for thousands of miles, unruffled by the slightest swell from the adjoining ocean, and presenting at every turn an ever-shifting combination of rock, verdure, forest, glacier and snow-capped mountain of unrivalled grandeur and beauty.
Sida 42 - ... and the verification of the explorer. " It was hence that, counting her past achievements as but the preface and prelude to her future exertions and expanding destinies, she took a fresh departure, received the afflatus of a more imperial inspiration, and felt herself no longer a mere settler along the banks of a single river, but the owner of half a continent, and in the magnitude of her possession, in the wealth of her resources, in the sinews of her material might, the peer of any power on...
Sida 144 - He that soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly ; and he that soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.
Sida 23 - From ocean unto ocean Our land shall own Thee Lord, And, filled with true devotion Obey Thy sovereign word. Our prairies and our mountains, Forest and fertile field, Our rivers, lakes, and fountains, To Thee shall tribute yield.
Sida 32 - Men die in darkness at your side, Without a hope to cheer the tomb ; Take up the torch and wave it wide, The torch that lights time's thickest gloom.
Sida 72 - Well, I may frankly tell you that I think British Columbia a glorious Province — a Province which Canada should be proud to possess, and whose association with the Dominion she ought to regard as the crowning triumph of Federation.

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