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full titles. Those wishing this information should consult the works under “ Bibliographies consulted." Prmted indexes and calendars of manuscript are included, but not the manuscripts themselves. Many histories of special churches are included for the large amount of local history which they contain. Of city charters and legislative journals only the best reprints are given. Newspaper articles, historical fiction, legends, Indians and Indian missions, boundary disputes, genealogies of single families, French settlements in western New York, and material relating to Columbia university, formerly Kings college, are omitted.

Maps are also omitted, but information may be found in the following: Asher, G; M. comp. List of the maps and charts of New Netherland and of the views of New Amsterdam. 22 +23p.

N. Y. 1855. (in his Bibliographical and historical essay. 1854-67) 016.97 As3 Davis, W: T. Staten Island names. p. 20-76.

New Brighton N. Y. 1896.

917-4726 029 Special no. 21 of the proceedings of the Staten Island natural science association. List of maps used in collecting names, p. 21-23. Grolier club of the city of New York. Catalogue of plans and

views of New York city from 1851 to 1860 exhibited at the Grolier club Dec. 10-25, 1897.

38p. N. Y. 1897. 016.9127471 689 Index to the maps and engravings in Valentine's manual. (see Old New

York, Aug.-Oct. 1889, 1:24-37, 105-16, 165-76) 974.71 2071 V.I

Based on the list in Vanual of the city of New York. 1863. 22:839-52, 352.0747 N4k. For bibliography of the West India company and the East India com

pany the student is referred to no. 21-327 in Asher's Bibliographical

and historical essay. 1854-67. The bibliography aims to be complete only to December 1898, but important works published since then are included when they have come to the compilers' notice.


ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations following entries refer to the libraries in which the books were consulted or sources from which the entries were taken. Call numbers are given for books in the New York state library. Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon: e. g. 3:145 means v. 3, p. 145. The following are the principal abbreviations used. abbreviations are self-explanatory. Asher

Asher, G; M. comp. Bibliographical and historical

essay on the Dutch books and pamphlets relating to New Netherland.


Amst. 1854-67.

016.97 As3 Griffin

Griffin, A. P. C. comp. Bibliography of American

historical societies, the United States and the dominion of Canada. p. 677-12 36. Wash. 1896.

016.973 G871 Grolier club Grolier club of the city of New York. Catalogue

of books printed by William Bradford and other printers in the middle colonies.


N. Y. 1893

016.094 G89 Exhibited at the Grolier club in commemoration of the bicentennial of the introduction of printing into New

York, Ap. 14-21, 1893.
L. I. hist. soc. Long Island historical society, Brooklyn

Muller, Frederik, comp. Catalogue of books relat

ing to America. 104p. Amst. 1850. 016.97 M91
NÀY. hist. Soc. New York historical society, New York city
N. Y. pub. lib. New York public library, New York city
N. Y. state lib. New York state library, Albany

Used for a few books not in new card catalogne.
Prov. pub. lib. Providence public library, Providence R. I.

Rees, O. van. Geschiedenis der nederlandsche volk-
plantingen in Noord-Amerika, 162p.

Tiel 1855.

974.7 R25 Sabin

Sabin, Joseph, comp. Dictionary of books relating to
America. N. Y. 1868-92.

Co16.97 Sai
Winsor Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of
America. 8v. Bost. 1884-89.

973 qW 73


Works analyzed



The following works have been analyzed and are not elsewhere entered in full.


V. I-10.

V. I.

Albany institute. Transactions. v.1-12. Alb. 1830-93. N. Y. state lib.
American antiquarian society. Proceedings 1849-98. V.1-19
Worcester 1850-98.

906 Am3 American historian and quarterly genealogical record. Schenectady N. Y. 1876.

973 Am31
Edited by Schenectady bistorical society. No more pub.
American historical association. Annual report for 1889-98.
Wash. 1890-99.

973 Am33
Papers. 5v.
N. Y. 1886-91.

973 Am32 No more pub. Subsequent papers appear in the association's reports to congress. American historical magazine and literary record, monthly. Jan.-June 1836.

New Haven 1836.

973 Am3 No more pub. American historical record and repertory of notes and queries,

monthly; concerning the history and antiquities of America and biography of Americans.

v. 1-19. Phil. 1873-82. 973 Am3 v. 1-3 ed. by B. J. Lossing. v.4-19 continued as Potter's American monthly. Oct.-Dec. 1882, of v. 19 wanting in New York state library copy and not

examined. American historical register and monthly gazette of the patriotic

hereditary societies of the U. S. of America; ed. by C: H. Brown

ing, Sep. 1894-Ap. 1897. V. 1-5, no. 2. Phil. 1895-97. 973 qAm 31 American historical review, quarterly, Oct. 1895-July 1898. V.I-3. N. Y. 1896-98.

973 qAm35 American monthly magazine, July 1892-98.

V. 1-13:

Wash. 1892-98.

973-3 Am3 Published by the national society of Daughters of the American revolution. Buffalo historical society. Publications. V.1-4.

Buffalo 1879-96. 974.797

B86 Family magazine; or, General abstract of useful knowledge. 1834-40. N. Y. 1834-40.

051 F21 Minor variations of title. No more pub.!


Works analyzed

Fort Orange monthly, Feb.-Sep. 1886.

v. 1-2, no. 3. Alb. 1886.

051 F771
No more pub.?
Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder), Royce, A. C. & Putnam, Ruth, ed.

Historic New York. 2v. N. Y. 1897-99. (Half-moon papers. v.

974.71 G63
Same as Half-moon series, but with different paging.
Half-moon series. 1897-98. v. 1-2. N. Y. 1897-98. N. Y. state lib.

Same as Goodwin. Historic New York, but with different paging,
Herkimer county historical society. Papers during years 1896-98;
comp. by A. T. Smith.
Herkimer 1899.

974.761 H42 Historical magazine concerning America (monthly] 23v. Morrisania N. Y. 1857–75.


No more pub. v. 1 pub. iu Boston, v. 2-9 in New York. Later volumes
ed. by H: B. Dawson.
Historical record [monthly] devoted to the promotion of historical

research, ed. by the Historical society, Schenectady N. Y. Jan.-Ap.
1872. V. I, no. 1-4. Schenectady 1872.

974.7 qH62 No more pub. Holland society of New York. Year book, 1886-97. N. Y. 1886-97.

974.7 qH71 Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science; [monthly]. V. I-16. Balt. 1883-98.

305 J62 Long Island historical society. Memoirs.

V. 1-4.

Brooklyn 1867-89.

974.721 L85 Magazine of American history ; [monthly). 30v.

N. Y. 1877-93.

973 M27
No more pub. v. 11-29, no. 1 ed. by Mrs M. J. R. (Nash) Laub.
Magazine of the reformed Dutch church; (monthly). Ap. 1826–30.
V. 1-4
New Brunswick 1827–29.

205 M27
v. 3-4 pub. in New York.
Magazine of western history; [monthly). 1884-May 1894. 19v.
Cleveland 1884-94.

973 M271 No more pub. v. 15-19 title reads National magazine; a al devoted to

American history.
Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany. Iov. Alb. 1850-59. 974.743 M92

V. 1-4.
Alb. 1869-71.

974.743 M921 pub. anon. Collections on the history of Albany from its discovery to the present time; with notices of its public institutions and biographical sketches of citizens deceased.


Alb. 1865-71.

974.743 M92

Ed. 2.

Works analyzed

4 v

New England historical and genealogical register; published quar

terly under the direction of the New England historic-genealogical society, 1847-98. v. 1-52. Bost. 1847-98.

929.1 N422 New England magazine; an illustrated monthly, v. 1-24. Bost. 1886-Aug. 1898.

051 B34 v. 1-3 bave title Bay state monthly. New Haven colony historical society. Papers.

V. I-5

New Haven 1865-94.

974.67 N42 N. Y. (city)--Common council. Manual of the corporation of the

city of New York, 1841-70. 28 v. N. Y. 1841-71. 352.0747 N4k

v. 2–25 comp. by D: T: Valentine. N. Y. (state)-Legislature. Documents relative to the colonial his

tory of the state of New York. v. 1-15. Alb. 1853-87. 974.7 qN421 N. Y. (state)-Statę, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York; arranged by E. B. O'Callaghan.

Alb. 1849-51.

974.7 N424 40. Alb. 1850-51.

974.7 qN423 New York civil list 1891. Alb. 1891.

351 2 42 New York genealogical and biographical record; devoted to the

interests of American genealogy and biography; issued quarterly, 1870-98. v. 1-29. N. Y. 1870-98.

929.1 N421 v. 18-29 are quarto, 929.1 qN421. New York historical society. Collections, 1809-30, '41-59. N. Y. 181-59

974.7 N422 No more pub.

Collections; publication fund series, 1868-91. V. 1-24.
N. Y. 1868-92.
Proceedings, 1843-49. N. Y. 1844-49.

974.7 1421 O'Callaghan, E. B. ed. New York colonial tracts.

V. 1-4

Alb. 1866-72.

974.7 Oci Old New York; a monthly journal relating to the history and antiquities of New York city.

N. Y. 1890-91.

974.71 q011 No more pub. Oneida historical society, Utica, N. Y. Transactions, 1878-98.

Utica N. Y. 1881-98. Oud-Holland; nieuwe bijdragen voor de geschiedenis der nederlandsche kunst, letterkunde, nijverheid, enz 1883-98.

V. 1-16. Amst. 1883-98.

059 Ou2


974.7 142


974 762 Onz

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