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See also New York city, which was the seat of the colonial government.

Description Burke, Edmund, anon. Account of the European settlements in America.

970 B9I This is the 1st ed.; for a full account of subsequent ed. and translations see Sabin. New York state library has also the 5th ed., 1770, and the Italian translation 1763.


Lond. 1757

Earl, Robert. History of lotteries in the state of New York. (see Herkimer county historical society. Papers for 1896. p. 69–77)

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Cap. 917.47 Ea7 Mostly Dutch period. Edsall, T: H: Something about fish, fisheries and fishermen in New

York in the 17th century. (see New York genealogical and biographical record, Oct. 1882, 13:181–200)

929.1 N421 Fisher, S. G: Men, women and manners in colonial times. Phil. 1898.

917.3 F531 Manhattan and the Tappan Zee, v.

2, p. 9–146. Hoffman, C; F. On the distinctive character of the people of New

York previous to the revolution. (see New York historical society.
Proceedings. 1843. p. 95-106)

974.7 1421 V.I Extracts from paper read Dec. 5, 1843.


Pioneers of New York; an anniversary discourse delivered before the St Nicholas society of Manhattan, Dec. 6, 1847. 55P. N. Y. 1848.

974.7 H67 Institutes a comparison with the pilgrims of Plymouth. Winsor. 4: 410. Houghton, G: W. W. Coaches of colonial New York; a paper

read Mar. 4, 1890 before the New York historical society. N. Y 1890.

684 Po Kipp, W: I. New York society in the olden time. (see Putnam's magazine, Sep. 1870, 16:241-55)

051 P98 Also in bis Olden time in New York. 1872, p. 9-42, 917.47 qK62; and in W: L. Stone's History of New York city. 1872,

973.2 L82

General colo- Lodge, H: E. Short history of the English colonies in America. nial history

560p. N. Y. C 1881.

Best summary of the manners and social and intellectual life of the middle
colonies, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

New York, 1609–1765, p. 285-311; in 1763, p. 312–40.
Lossing, B. J: The Hudson from the wilderness to the sea. 464p.
N. Y. 1866.

917.47 L89
Van Rensselaer, Mrs M. D. Goede vrouw of Mana-ha-ta at home
and in society 1609-1760. 418p. N. Y. 1898.

917.47 V35 Watson, J:F. Manners and customs in colonial times. (see N.Y. (city)—

Common council. Manual. 1853. 12:457–60) 352.0747 N4k

From his Historic tales of olden time,
Wharton, A. H. Colonial days and dames.


Phil. 1895.

Cap. 917.3 W551

Baxter, Mrs K. S. (Malcolm). A godchild of Washington; a
picture of the past. 651p.

N. Y. 1897

974.7 qB33
Sketch of Catharine Van Rensselaer, with notes of men and events from
1650 to the middle of this century.
Beauchamp, W. M. The Iroquois and the colony of New York,

(see Oneida historical society. Transactions. 1889-92. no. 5,
p. 40–59)

974.762 On2
Bonney, Mrs C. V. (Van Rensselaer), comp. Legacy of historical
Alb. 1875

923.57 V35
Mostly correspondence between men prominent in colonial and revolution-
ary periods. Colonial period, 1:1-57.
Brodhead, J: R. Address delivered before the New York historical

society at its 40th anniversity 20 Nov. 1844 ; by Brodhead, histori-
cal agent of the state of New York to Holland, England and France,
with an account of the subsequent proceedings at the dinner given
in the evening. 107p.

N. Y. 1844.

974.7 B782
Describes his work in transcribing documents.

History of the state of New York. 2v. N.Y. 1853-71. 974.7 B78
Contents : v. 1 1609-64 ; v. 2 1664-91.
At his death Mr Brodhead left material for a 3d volume. The treatment
is of the most exhaustive character, and the work is a monument of literary
industry and careful execution. The authorities are in all cases given in
footnotes. J: A. Stevens in Winsor. 3:413.

Illustrated with a map of New Netherland according to the charters granted
by the states general Oct. 11, 1614, and June 3, 1621.


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General colonial history



Brodhead, J: R. History of the state of New York. Ed. 2.
N. Y. 1859, 53-

974.7 B781
v.1 1609-64.
Butler, Frederick. Complete history of the United States of America

embracing the whole period from the discovery of North America down to the year 1820. 30.

Hartford 1821. N. Y. state lib.
New York colonial history, 2:35–44, 83-107, 200-38, 315-70, 419–26.
Campbell, Douglas. Historical fallacies regarding colonial New York;

address before the Oneida historical society, Utica N. Y. Jan 14,
N. Y. 1879

974.7 CI5 Capen, Nahum. History of democracy; or, Political progress historic

ally illustrated from the earliest to the latest periods. Hartford 1874.

321.8 qC17 No more pub.

Colonial New York, p. 188–202. Chalmers, George. Political annals of the present united colonies from their settlement to the peace of 1763.

Lond. 1780.

N. Y. state lib. No more pub. For continuation of the work see collections of the New York historical society. 1868. Publication fund ser. 1:1-176, 974.7 N42.

New York to 1691, p. 567–612. Colden, Cadwallader. History of the five Indian nations depending on the province of New York in America.


. Original edition; only four or five copies known in the United States. Sabin 4:222.

History of the five Indian nations depending on the province of
New York; with an introduction and notes by J. G. Shea.
N. Y. 1866.

970.3 C673 155 copies reprinted exactly from Bradford's New York ed. 1727. Accord. ing to Sabin the following work is necessary to complete the 1st ed.

History of the five Indian nations of Canada, which are depend. ent on the province of New York in America and are the barrier between the English and French in that part of the world. 204+ 283p.

970.3 C67 History of the five Indian nations of Canada which are the barrier between the English and French in that part of the world. 204+283p.

970.3 C671 History of the five Indian nations of Canada which are dependent on the province of New York in America and are the barrier between the English and French in that part of the world. 2v.

970.3 C672

N. Y. 1727

Lond. 1747

Ed. 2.

Lond. 1750.

Ed. 3.

Lond. 1755.

General colo-Colden, Cadwallader. Letters on Smith's History of New York. (see

New York historical society. Collections. 1868-70. Publication fund ser. 1:177-235, 2 : 203-12)

974.7 N42 These letters are supplementary to those contained in collections of the New York historical society. 1849. ser. 2, v. 2, 974.7 N242 v.7.

Papers relating to an act of the assembly of the province of New York, printed and sold by William Bradford. 24p.? N. Y. 1724.

Mr H. C. Murphy's imperfect copy of this piece is probably unique. Sabin. 4:222. It was reprinted with the preceding 3 ed. of his History of the five Indian nations.

& Smith, William. Correspondence between Lieut. Gov. Cadwallader Colden and William Smith jr the historian respecting certain alleged errors and misstatements contained in the History of New York, with sundry other papers relating to that controversy. (New York historical society. Colden papers, v. 4) (see New York historical society. Collections. 1849.

ser. 2, 2:193-214)

974.7 N422 v.7 De Peyster, Frederic. Address delivered before the New York his

torical society on its both anniversary, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1864. 76p. N. Y. 1865.

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973.2 D78 New York, p. 108–60. Dunlap, William. History of New York for schools. 2V. N. Y. 1837.

974.7 D922 N. Y. 1844.

974.7 D921 N. Y. 1855.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Conversational style.
Contents : v.1, Colonial period ; v.2, Revolution.

History of the New Netherlands, province of New York and
state of New York, to the adoption of the federal constitution.
N. Y. 1839-40.

974.7 D92 v. 1 and part of appendix in v. 2 on colonial period.

Has little merit as historical autbority. The main value of the work consists in the abstracts published as an appendix to the 24 volume. J: A.

Stevens in Winsor, 3: 413.
Fisher, G:P. Colonial era. 348p.

N. Y. 1892. (American history ser.)

973.2 F53 New York to 1688, p. 177-93; 1688-1756, p. 241-54. Includes a bibliography of colonial era.






Fiske, John. The Dutch and quaker colonies in America. 2v. General colo.

nial history Bost. 1899.

974.7 F54 Frost, John, comp. The book of the colonies; comprising a history of

the colonies composing the United States from the discovery in the Ioth century until the commencement of the revolutionary war. 280p. N. Y. 1846.

N. Y. state lib. Settlement of New York and New Jersey, p. 230–44.

Remarkable events in the history of America, from the earliest times to the year 1848.

Phil. 1848. N. Y. state lib.
New York colonial history, p. 387-427.
Gordon, T:F. Gazetteer of the state of New York, comprehending its
colonial history. 102+801p. Phil. 1836.

917.47 G65
History of New York, 102p.
Grahame, James. History of the United States of North America

from the plantation of the British colonies till their assumption of national independence.

Phil. 1846.

973.2 G762
Phil. 1845.

973.2 G761
Foundation and progress of New York, book 5.
Hawks, F. L. History of the United States, no. 2; or, Uncle Philip's
conversations with the children about New York.

N. Y. 1844, 35

974.7 H31
Mostly on colonial period.
Histoire et commerce des colonies angloises dans l'Amérique septen-
trionale. 336p. Lond. 1765.

N. Y. state lib.
New York, p. 135–66.
History of British dominion in North America from the first discovery

of that continent by S. Cabot 1497, to the peace of 1763. 297+

N. Y. state lib.
Province of New York, 82p. book 3.
Hogeboom, J: T. Oration at the centennial celebration at Hudson

N.Y. on the 4th of July, 1876. 32p. Hudson 1876. 974.739 H861

Discovery and settlement of New York and manors of the patroons, p. 1-15. Lodge, H: C. A short history of the English colonies in America.

560p. N. Y. 1881.

New York, 1609-1765, p. 285–340.
Morse, J. & Parish, E. Compendious history of New England to

which is added a short abstract of the history of New York and New
Jersey. 324p. Charlestown 1820.

974 M832 New York, p. 292–302.


Lond. 1773

973.2 L82

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