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General colo. N. Y. (state)-Legislature. Documents relative to the colonial nial history

history of the state of New York. 15v. Alb. 1853–87. R974.7 qN421 Contents : v. 1-10 Documents procured in Holland, Englavd and France,

by J: R. Brodhead agent under an act of the legis. lature passed May 2, 1839 ed. by E. B. O'Callaghan

with a general introduction by the agent. v.1-2 Holland documents; v. 3-8 London documents; v. 9-10

Paris documents. v. 11 General index to the documents prepared by E. B. O'Cal

lagban. v. 12 Documents relating to the history of the Dutch and

Swedish settlements on the Delaware river, trans. aud

comp. by B. Fernow. v. 13 Documents relating to the history and settlements of the

towus along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers (with the exception of Albany) from 1630–84 traus., comp. and

ed. by B. Fernow. v. 14 Documents relating to the history of the early colonial

settlements principally on Long Island ; trans., comp.

and ed. by B. Fernow.
v. 15 State archives, v. 1 ed. by Berthold Fernow; New

York in the revolution, prepared under direction
of the regents of the University of the State of New
These volumes are all printed in English, the French
and Dutch manuscript being translated by O’Cal-

V. 12–15 form new series v. 1-4,
N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Calendar of historical manu-

scripts in the office of the secretary of state, Albany N. Y. ed. by E. B. O’Callaghan,

Alb, 1865-66. 974.7 qN424 Contents : v.1, Dutch manuscripts v. 1-21, 1630–64 ; v. 2, English manu

scripts v. 22–101, 1664-1776. These manuscripts (103 volumes) were transferred to the state

library in 1881; Jast 2 volumes not included in Calendar. A poor translation by F. A. Van der Kemp of most of the Dutch

manuscript is in the state library in 24 manuscript volumes ;

for index to them see state archivist's copy of the Calendar.
v. 1-4 of Dutch manuscripts were also translated by E. B.

O’Callaghan and an index to the first three printed. (see
O’Callaghan, E. B. Index to v.1, 2 and 3, etc.016 9747 Ocı)

Fourth volume has manuscript index.
The four volumes of Documentary history by O’Callaghan

together with v. 12–14 of Documents relating to the colonial
history and another volume to be published containing the
documents relating to New York city and the relations
between the Dutch and English colonies, contain everything
of a general and public interest so that the parts not trans-
lated anew (referring to Van der Kemp's translation) will
refer only to personal matters. B. Fernow in Winsor. 4:412.


N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the General colo: state of New York; arranged by E. B. O'Callaghan. 40.

Alb. 1849-51.

974.7 N424
Alb. 1850-51.

947.7 9N423 For contents see Peabody institute. Catalogue of the library. 1889. 4:3218, Cong.I qP31. See also note under preceding entry.

Oldmixon, John, anon. British empire in America containing the

history of the discovery, settlement, progress and present state of all
the British colonies on the continent and islands of America.
Lond. 1708.
New York, 1:117–33.


970 Oli

Ed. 2.


Lond. 1741.

970 Olun

New York, 1:236-80.

Gross Brittanisches America nach seiner erfindung, bevölckerung und allerneuestem zustand aus dem englischen durch Vischer. 879p. Hamburg 1710.


Ol12 New York, p. 168–89.

For translation see two English ed. preceding. Palfrey, J: G. History of New England. V.I-3

Bost. 1858-64.

974 P177 New Netherland, 1:235-38. Parton, James. Colonial pioneers. 63p. N. Y. 1890. (Historical classic readings 9)

E973-2 H62
Contents : Peter Stuyvesant, p. 28-34. Capt. Kid, p. 45–51.

Sir William Johnson, p. 35–40. Capt. Henry Hudson, p. 57–63.
Extracted from other works by Parton.
Ruttenber, E: M. History of the Indian tribes of the Hudson river;

their origin, manners and customs; tribal and subtribal organizations;
wars, treaties, etc.

Alb. 1872.

970.4 R93
Satterlee, H. L. Political history of the province of New York.
N. 1.. 1885

342.7479 Sa8
Bibliography, 2p.
Schuyler, G: W. Colonial New York; Philip Schuyler and his family.
N. Y. 1885.


Mostly genealogies of Schuyler and allied families.
A short account of the ist settlement of the provinces of Virginia,

Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania by the English.

N. Y. state lib.


Lond. 1735

974.7 Sm62



General colo- Six nations of Indians. (see Civil list and constitutiona, history of the gial history colony and state of New York by E. A. Werner.

Alb. 1891. 35: 224-65)

351.2 N42 Relations with the colony and state of New York. Smith, William. History of New York, from the ist discovery to the

year 1732 with a continuation, from the year 1732, to the commencement of the year 1814. 511p.

Alb. 1814. Supposed to have been edited by J: V. N. Yates. J: A. Stevens in Winsor 3:412.

History of the late province of New York, from its discovery to the appointment of Gov. Colden in 1762.

N.Y. 1829.

974.7 Sm64 N. Y. 1829-30.

974.7 Sm65 Includes the History of the province of New York from the 18t discovery to the year 1732; and a continuation in manuscript covering the period 1732–62.

This was communicated in 1824 to the New York historical society by Wil. liam Smith, son of the author and printed by them as v. 4-5 of their collections. 974.7 N422 v. 4-5.

Noticed in North American review Jan. 1816, 2:150-53.
Smith was a leader of the dissenting element in New York.

History of the province of New York from the ist discovery. 334p.

Lond. 1776. History of the province of New York from the ist discovery to the year 1732,

255P, Lond. 1757. 974.7 qSm6 Discovery to 1664 treated in 1st 23 pages; English period in remainder.

History of the province of New York from the ist discovery to the year 1732.

Ed. 2. 276p. Histoire de la Nouvelle-York, depuis la découverte de cette province jusqu'à notre siécle, traduite de l'Anglois par M.E. * * * 415P Lond. 1767


Translated by Marc Antoine Eidous.
Thwaites, R. G. The colonies, 1492-1750.


N. Y. 1891. (Epochs of American history, v.1)

973.2 T42 The middle colonies, p. 195–217; Colonies 1700-50, p. 264–85.

Social and economic conditions in the colonies in 1700, p. 218–32.
Warden, D: B. Chronologie historique de l'Amérique.

Par, 970

W21 Edited by Marquis de Fortia-d'Urban; being L'art de vérifier les dates. pt 4. New York colonial history, 10:1-123.

974.7 Sm6

Ed. I.

Phil, 1792.

974.7 Sm61



Watson, J: F. Annals and occurrences of New York city and state in General his.

the olden time; a collection of memoirs, anecdotes and incidents Discovery
concerning the city, country and inhabitants from the days of the

Phil. 1846.

974.7 W331 Historic tales of olden time, concerning the early settlement and advancement of New York city and state for the use of families and schools.

N. Y. 1832,

974.7 W33 Yates, J: V. N. & Moulton, J. W. History of the state of New York; including its aboriginal and colonial annals.

V.I, pt 1-2.
N. Y. 1824-26.
No more pub.
Sabiu says that Moulton is sole author of this scarce book.
Contents: Ante-colonial v. 1 pt1; Novum Belgium v. 1 pt 2.

974.7 Y2

n. d.

No attempt has been made to give a complete bibliography of early
Banvard, Joseph. First explorers of North America; or, Discoveries

and adventures'in the new world. 334p. Bost. 1874. N. Y. state lib.

Explorations of Hudson and Champlain, p. 194-240.
Belknap, Jeremy. De Monts, Poutrincourt, and Champlain. (see

Belknap's biographies of the early discoverers of America.

920.07 qB41
A reprint of the 1st ed. of 1798.
De Costa, B: F. Cabo de Arenas; or, The place of Sandy Hook in

the old cartology. (see New England historical and genealogical register, Ap. 1885, 39: 147-60)

929.1 N422 Explorations of the North American coast previous to the voyage of Henry Hudson. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of

the city of New York. 1892-93. 1:1-32) 974.71 qW69 Fiske, John. Discovery of America, with some account of ancient America and the Spanish conquest.

Bost. 1892.

973.I F54 Heckewelder, Rev. John. Indian tradition of the ist arrival of the

Dutch at Manhattan Island, now New York. (see New York his

torical society. Collections. 1841. ser. 2, 1: 69-74) 974.7 N422 v.6 Homes, H: A: The Pompey (N. Y.) stone, with an inscription and

date of A. D. 1520; an address before the Oneida historical society on the 11th of November, 1879. 15P.

Utica 1881. 908 H75




973 Ol12

General his. Howell, G:R.

Evidence of the French discoveries in New York Discovery

previous to the colonization by the Dutch, (see Albany institute, Transactions. 1887. 11:309-16)

N, Y, state lib, Murphy, H:C. Voyage of Verrazzano, a chapter in the early history of

maritime discovery in America, 1987, N. Y. 1875. N. Y. state lib. Van Pelt, Daniel. Were the Dutch on Manhattan Island in 1598 ?

(see National magazine, Nov. 1891, 15:91-97; Jan. 1892, 15:279-85)

973 M271 Verrazano, John de. Relation of the land by him discovered in the

name of his majestie; written in Diepe the 8th of July 1524. (see New York historical society. Collections.


947.7 N422 From Hakluyts voyages. 1600. 2:295-300.

Verrezano's voyage. (see Reminiscences of the city of New York and its vicinity. 1855. p. 253-63)


Verrazzano's voyage, 1524 [letter] to the king of France. 16p.
Bost. n.d. (Old South leaflets 17)
Weise, A. J. Discoveries of America to the year 1525. 380p.
N. Y. 1884.

973.1 W43
Gives an account of Verrazano's discovery of New York.
Who discovered the Hudson ? (see Galaxy, July 1869, 8: 129-

051 G13 Wilson, J. G. Explorations of the North American coast previous to

the voyage of Henry Hudson. (see New York genealogical and biographical record, Oct. 1891, 22:163–74)

929.1 9N421 From his Memorial history of the city of New York. Winsor, Justin. Father Louis Hennepin and his real or disputed

discoveries. (see his Narrative and critical history of America. C1884-89. 4: 247-56).

973 W 73

Champlain Bixby, G. F. The ist battle of Lake Champlain; has current history correctly located its site ? (see Albany institute.

(see Albany institute. Transactions. 1893. 12: 12 2-36)

N. Y. state lib. The ist battle of Lake Champlain ; a paper read before the Albany institute, Nov. 5, 1889. 15p. Alb. 1893. 973.2 B55 Regarding the locality of the battle fought by Champlain July 29, 1609.

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