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Ed. 2.


Champlain, Samuel de. Oeuvres publiées sous le patronage de General hisl’université Laval par C. H. Laverdière.

6 v. in 4. Champlain Québec 1870.

.917.1 qC35 Discovery of Lake Champlain, p. 184-200.

Les voyages de la Nouvelle France occidentale, dicté Canada
depuis l'an 1603 jusques en l'an 1629. 2 v. in 1. Par.

V917.1 C352
Voyages; ou, Journal ès découvertes de la Nouvelle France
Par. 1830.

917.1 C35
Discovery of Lake Champlain, 1: 188–207.

Voyages trans. from the French by C: P. Otis; with historical
illustrations and a memoir of Champlain by E. F. Slafter. 3V.
Bost. 1878–82. (Prince society publications) 917.1 C351

Discovery of Lake Champlain, 2:210–27. 250 copies.
Champlain's expeditions to northern and western New York, 1609-15.

(see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the
state of New York)

1849-51. 3: 1-24. 974.7 N424

1850-51. 3:1-15. 974.7 qN423 Notice biographique de Champlain. (see Laverdière. Oeuvres de Champlain. 1870. 1:pref.9-76)

917.1 qC35 Parkman, Francis. Champlain and his associates; an account of

early French adventure in North America; with introduction and
explanatory notes.

N. Y. 1890.

(Historical classic readings 6)

E973.2 H62 Pioneers of France in the new world. 420p. Bost. 1865. (see his France and England in North America. 1865. V.1)

973.1 P23 Champlain's discovery of Lake Champlain in 1609, p. 310-24. Slafter, E. F. Champlain. (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of America. °1884-89. 4:103-34.

973 qW73 Includes a critical essay on the sources of information.

Memoir of Samuel de Champlain. (see Champlain, Samuel de. Voyages. 1878–82. 1:1-214)

917.1 C351 Wilmere, Alice. Biographical notice of Champlain. (see Hakluyt society. Works. 1859. 23: 2d pref. 1-99)

910.6 H12 Winsor, Justin. Champlain. (see his Cartier to Frontenac. 1894. p. 77-155)

973.1 W73




General his- Asher, G; M. Henry Hudson the navigator; the original documents tory

in which his career is recorded; collected, partly translated and annotated with an introduction.

Lond. 1860. (in Hakluyt society. Works. 1860. v. 27)

910.6 H12 Bibliography, p. 258–78.

Contains the following relating to Hudson's 3d voyage and to colonial New York; The 3d voyage of Master Henry Hudson written by Robert Jnet, of Lime-house. P. 45-92.

Purchas his pilgrimage. fol. Lond. 1626. p. 817. VI of Hudson's discoveries and death. p. 139-44.

Hudsop's 3d voyage (1609) from Van Meteren's Histoire der Nederlanden. fol. Hague 1614, fol. 629a. p. 147-53.

Extracts relating to Hudson's 3d voyage (1609), from J: de Laet's Nieuwe Werelt. fol. Amst. 1625, 1630-31 (from book 3, ch. 7) p. 154-58; from book 3, ch. 10) p. 159-63.

Extracts containing some original information about Hudson's 3d voyage from Mr Lambrechtsen van Ritthem's History of New Netherland. p. 164-66.

Extracts concerning Hudson's 3d voyage (1609), from Adrian van der Donck's Beschryvinge van Nieuw Nederlandt. Amst. 1655, 1656. p. 167–72.

Hessel Gerritz's various accounts of Hudson's last two voyages, from the Latin and Dutch edition of the Descriptio et delineatio geographica detectionis Freti ab. H. Hudsono inventi. Amst. 1612, 1613. P. 181-83.

2 Hudson's 3d and 4th voyage, from the prolegomena to the 1st Latin ed. p. 183-84.

3 Hudson's 3d and 4th voyage from the Latin edition of 1612. An account of the discovery of the northwest passage which is expected to lead to China and Japan by the north of the American continent, found by H. Hudson. P. 185-88.

4 Hudson's 3d and 4th voyage from the 2d Latin edition of 1613, with notes indicating the variations of the Dutch edition. A description and chart of the strait or passage by the north of the American continent to China and Japan. p. 189-96.

Henry Hudson the navigator. (see Macmillan's magazine, Oct. 1866, 14:459-71)


M22 Also in Littell’s living age, 17 Aug. 1867, 94:397-407, 051 L71.

Sketch of Henry Hudson the navigator. 23P Brooklyn 1867.

L. I. hist. soc.
Reprinted for private distribution.
Bardsen, Ivar. Sailing directions of Henry Hudson, prepared for his

use in 1608; from the old Danish of Ivar Bardsen, with an intro-
duction and notes; also a dissertation on the discovery of the Hudson
river; by B: F. DeCosta.


Alb. 1869. 656 M9


(see his

Belknap, Jeremy. Henry Hudson. (see Belknap's biographies of the General his.

tory early discoverers of America. n.d. p. 113-18) 920.07 qB41

Reprint of the 1st ed. of 1798.
Cleveland, H: R. Life of Henry Hudson. (see Sparks' library of
American biography. 1838. 10:185-261)

920.07 Sp2 Ferris, M.. L. D. Henry Hudson the navigator. (see Magazine of American history, Sep. 1893, 30:214-36)

973 M27 Higginson, T: W. Henry Hudson and the New Netherlands (A. D. 1609–26).

Book of American explorers. 1877. p.279-307)

973.1 H53 Contents: 1 Discovery of the Hudson river.

2 Indian traditions of Hudson's arrival.
3 Last voyage of Hudson.

4 Dutch settlement of New Netherlands.
Hudson's voyage in 1609; extract from Verhael van de eerste schip-

vaert der hollandsche ende zeeusche schepen door 't way-gat by Noorden, Noorwesen, Moscovien, ende Tartarien om, na de coninckrycken Cathay ende China : etc. 't Amsterdam, voor Joost Hartgers, etc. 1648. Transmitted to the New York historical society by Dr M. F. A. Campbell, at the Hague. Translated by J: R. Brodhead. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1849. ser. 2, 2:367-70)

974.7 N422 v.7 Hulsius, Levinus. Zwölfe schiffahrt; oder, Kurze beschreibung der

newen schiffahrt Nord Osten ober die Amerische inseln in Chinam and Japponiam von einem Engelander, Heinrich Hudson, newlich erfunden in hochteuchten sprach beschrieben durch M. Gothar

dum Arthusen von Dantzig. 67p. Oppenheim 1627. N. Juet, Robert. Third voyage of Master Henry Hudson. (see Asher, G; M. Henry Hudson the navigator. 1860.


910.6 H12 V.27 Called Juet's journal

(see New York historical society. Collections. 1809. 1:102-46)

974.7 N422 Extract. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1841. ser, 2, 1:317-32)

974.7 1422 v.6
Extract. (see Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany)

1850-59. 1:9-14. 974.743 M92
1869-71, 1:1-8. 974.743 M921

Ed, 2.

tory Hudson


General his- Juet, Robert. Discovery of the Hudson river. 2op. Bost. n. d. (Old South leaflets 94)

973 Ol12 Extract from Juet’s Third voyage of Master Henry Hudson. Laet, Johannes de. Nieuvve wereldt; ofte, Beschryvinghe van WestIndien. 510p. Leyden 1625,

917 L12 Note ou Laet under Dutch period, 1609-64, p. 322. Meteren, Emanuel van Belgische ofte nederlantsche oorlogen ende

gheschiedenissen beginnende van t'jaer 1598 tot 1611, mede vervatende enighe haerder gebueren handelinghe.

Schotlant buyten Danswyck 1611.

949.203 M56 v. 2 This ed, the last pub. by the author, is exceedingly scarce. Appeared later under the title Historie der nederlandsche oorlogen.

v. 1 wanting in N. Y. state lib. v.2 p.346 contains the 1st printed account of Hudson's voyage to the North river.

Historie der nederlandscher ende haerder naburen oorlogen ende geschiedenissen, tot den jare 1612 's Graven-Haghe 1614. Fol. 671.

Full title, and translation of folio 629a on Hudson's voyage to the North river in Asher, Henry Hudson the navigator. 1860. p.274, 147–53, 910.6 H12 V.27.

Historie van de oorlogen en geschiedenissen der Nederlanderen
en derzelver naburen, beginnende 1315, en eindigende 1611,
New ed, IOV,
Gorinchem 1748-63.

949.203 M 56
First account of Hudson's voyage to the North river, 10:203.
Miller, Samuel. Discourse designed to commemorate the discovery

of New York by Henry Hudson, delivered before the New York historical society, Sep. 4, 1809. 28p. N. Y. 1810. 040 Pi V.55

Discourse, designed to commemorate the discovery of New York by Henry Hudson, delivered before the New York historical society, Sep. 4, 1809, being the completion of the 2nd century since that event. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1809. 1:17-45)

974.7 N422 Murphy, H: C. Henry Hudson in Holland, an inquiry into the

origin and objects of the voyage which led to the discovery of the Hudson river with bibliographical notes. 72p.

The Hague 1859


Parton, James. Captain Henry Hudson. (see Parton, James.
Colonial pioneers. 1890. p.57–63)

E973.2 H62
Purchas, Samuel. Hakluytus posthumus; or, Purchase his pil-
grimes, 5v.
Lond. 1625-26.

N. Y. state lib.
Hudson's 3d voyage, 3:581-95.

Asher says we are indebted to Purchas for most of our information about Hudson. Described in Sabin, 16:116-24.


Read, J: M. jr. Historical inquiry concerning Henry Hudson, his General his

friends, relatives and early life, his connection with the Muscovy Dutch period company and discovery of Delaware bay.


Alb. 1866. 923.9

H86 Historical inquiry concerning Henry Hudson, his friends, relatives and early life, his connection with the Muscovy company and and discovery of Delaware bay abridged from the work of Read, and ed. by Edmond Goldsmid. (see Clarendon society reprints. 1882-84. ser. I, p. 143-230)

942 C54 Watson, J: F. Original exploration of the country. (see his Annals and occurrences of New York city and state. 1846. P. 37-42)

974.7 W331 Wilson, J. G. Henry Hudson's voyage and its results in trade and

colonization. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of
New York. 1892-93. 1: 108-51)

974.71 W69
Also in National magazine, Jan. 1892, 15:221-49, 973 M271.

Dutch period 1609-64
Alphen, D. C. van. Dissertatio historico-politica de Novo Belgio

colonia quondam nostratium. Lug. Bat, 1838. British museum Arnoux, W:H: The discovery and settlement of New York considered in its legal aspect. 24p.

N. Y. 1887 N. Y. state law lib, - The Dutch in America; a brief examination into the Dutch claim of sovereignty in America, particularly in New York, 50p. X N. Y, 1890, (N, Y. Court of appeals. Brief of counsel in the case of

W:P. Abendroth vs N. Y. elevated railway co.) N. Y. state law lib.
Asher, G; M. Bibliographical and historical essay on the Dutch books

and pamphlets relating to New Netherland and the Dutch West
India company.


Amst. 1854-67. 016.97 As3
Preface and introduction relating to New Netherlands.
Bancroft, George. History of the United States from the discovery
of the American continent.

Ed. 1-10.

Bost. 1838-74.

N. Y. state lib.
New Netherlands, 2: 256–315. First 10 ed. printed from same plates.

History of the United States of America from the discovery of the
continent; the author's last revision. 6v. N. Y. 1890-91, °58 84.



973 B221

New Netherlands, 1:475–518.

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