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General his- Beekman, J. W: [The founders of New York; an] address delivered
Dutch period before the St Nicholas society of the city of New York, Saturday
Dec. 4, 1869. 3бр.
Alb. 1870.

974.7 qB39
Bryant, W: C. & Gay, S. H. Popular history of the United States.
N. Y. 1876–96.

973 384 New Netherlands, 1:339–69, 429–75; 2:115-64. DeWitt, Thomas. New Netherland. (see New York historical

society. Proceedings. 1844. p. 51-76) 974-7 N421 V.I

Read before the society Jan. 2, 1844.
Dussen-Muilkerk, E. J. Berg van. Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis

onzer kolonisatie in Noord-Amerika. (see Gids, 1848, P. 522-54 ;
1849, p. 702–20)

059 G36 Early history of New York. (see Family magazine, 1840, 7: 203-5)

051 (F21
Dutch period.
Fernow, Berthold. New Netherland; or, The Dutch in North Amer-

ica. (see Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical history of
America. C1884-89.
4: 395-442)

973 W 73 Hall, C: H: The Dutch and the Iroquois; suggestions as to the im

portance of their friendship in the great struggle of the 18th century for the possession of this continent; being a paper read before the Long Island historical society, Feb, 21, 1882. 55P.

N. Y. 1882.

970.1 H14 Henderson, J: D. The Dutch in New Netherlands, an address deliv

ered before the Herkimer county historical society, Feb. 8, 1898. 8p. n. p. 1898.

974.7 H382 Also in papers of Herkimer county historical society. 1898. p. 9-16, 974.761 H42. Hildreth, Richard. History of the United States of America from

the discovery of the continent to the organization of government
under the federal constitution, 3v.

N, Y. 1849. N,Y, state lib.
New Netherlands, 1:136-49, 413-47.
Hollantse mercurius, 1650-90. V,1-41, Haerlem 1651-91. 905 H71

This annual publication contains many references to New Netherlands.
Laet, Johannes de. Beschryvinghe van West Indien,
622p, Leyden 1630.

917 9L121 Asher, p. 1, no. 2.. New Netherlands, p. 100-9.

De Laet was a director of the West India company and co-patroon of Rengselaerswyck.

Ed. 2.


Laet, Johannes de. Extracts from The new world; or, A descrip- General his

tion of the West Indies; tr. from the original Dutch [by George Dutch period Folsom], (see New York historical society. Collections, 184149, ser. 2, 1:281-316; 2: 373)

974.7 N422 V,6-7 L'histoire du nouveau monde ; ou, Description des Indes occidentales. 632p, Leyden 1640.

917 QL123 Asher, p. 1-2, no. 4. New Netherlands, p. 74-82.

Nieuvve wereldt; ofte, Beschrijvinghe van West Indien, 510p, Leyden 1625,

917 L12 Asber, p. 1, no. 1. New Netherlands, p. 83-91.

The standard work on New Netherland of the 17th century. B. Fernow in Winsor, 4:417.

Hudson's journals Ap. 19, 1607-June 21, 1611, not now known were used; the account of the 3d voyage is supposed to be Hudson's own report.

Translations of parts relating to New Netherland in collections of the New
York historical society. ser. 2, 1:281-316; 2:373, 974.7 N422 v.6-7.

Novus orbis; seu, Descriptionis Indiae occidentalis. боор.
Lug. Bat. 1633.

917 L122
Asber, p. 1, no. 3. New Netherlands, p. 70–77.
Lambrechtsen, N. C. History of the New Netherlands; tr. from the

original Dutch by F. A. Van der Kemp. (see New York historical X society. Collections. 1841. ser. 2, 1:75–123) 974.7 N422 v.6

Korte beschrijving van de ontdekking en der verdere lotgevallen van Nieuw-Nederland, weleer eene volkplanting van het gemeenebest der Vereenigde Nederlanden in America.

102p. Middelburg 1818. (Zeeuwsch genootschap der wetenschappen. Nieuwe verhandlingen. V.3, pt 1)

974.7 L17 Its object is a concise account of the discovery and history of the colony of New Netherlands till its final cession to Great Britain in 1674.

Its value consists principally in the fact that the author had access to the papers of the West India company, since lost, and that it instigated research. B. Fernow in Winsor, 4:431.

Translated as History of New Netherlands by F. A. Van der Kemp.

Noticed in North American review, June 1819, 9:77–91.
Montanus, Arnoldus. Description of New Netherland, 1671; trans-

lated from De nieuwe en onbekende weereld ; of, Beschryving van
America en 't Zuidland. Amst. 1671. (see N. Y. (state)—State,
Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)


4:113-31. 974.7 N424 1850-51.

4:73-83 974.7 qN423
De nieuwe en onbekende weereld; of, Beschrijving van America
en 't Zuidland.

Amst. 1671.

970 M761
Asher, p. 19-23, no. 14. Nieuw Nederland, p.123-34.

General his
Dutch period

Montanus, Arnoldus, anon. Die unbekante neue welt; oder, Beschrei

bung des weltteils Amerika, und des Süd-landes durch O. D. 658p. Amst. 1671.

970 qM76 Neu Niederland, p. 142–53. O'Callaghan, E. B. History of New Netherland; or, New York under the Dutch.

N. Y. 1846-48.


OcІІ Winsor, 4:431-32.

N. Y. 1855

L. I. hist. soc.


Ed. 2.


Ogden, J. D. Founders of New York, being an anniversary address

delivered at the Lyceum on the 5th Dec. 1845, before the St Nicholas society. 19p.

N. Y. 1846.

N. Y. pub lib. Plantagenet, Beauchamp, anon. A description of the province of

New Albion. 35p. Lond. 1648. (in Force, Peter, ed. Tracts and other papers relating principally to the origin, settlement and progress of the colonies in North America. 1836-46. V.2) N. Y. state lib. Visit of Sir Samuel Argoll to Manhatas Isle in 1613, p. 18-19.

For criticism see John Pennington. An examination of Beauchamp Plantagenet's Description of the province of New Albion. (see Pennsylvania historical

society. Memoirs. 1840. v. 4, pt 1, p. 133–65, 974.8 P383.
Rees, O. van. Geschiedenis der nederlandsche volkplantigen in

Noord-Amerika, beschouwd uit het oogpunt der koloniale politiek ;
drie voorlezingen, gehouden in de afdeeling koophandel der maat-
schappij Felix Meritis, te Amsterdam op. 8, 15 en 22 Feb. 1855.
Tiel 1855

974.7 R25 Scisco, L. D. Garrison of Fort Amsterdam. (see American historical register, May-June 1896, 4:255–62, 372–77)

973 Am31 Stanwood, J. R. Sketch of events incident to the settlement of the

province of New Netherland. (see New England historical and geneological register, July 1882, 36:233-41)

929.1 N422 (see his Direct ancestry of the late Jacob Wendell. 1882, P. 7-17)

929.2 qW483 Valentine, D: T: Notable women of olden times, (see Munsell, Joel, Annals of Albany. 1850-59. 7:86-93)

974.743 M92
Contents :
Elizabeth Van Es

Lysbet Van Voorhuydt
Helena Teller

Geertruyd Schuyler
Johanna De Laet

Machtelde Willemsen
Katrijn Roelofs

Lysbet Greveraet
Annetje Jans


Wassenaer, Nicolaes van. Historisch verhael alder ghedenck- General hisweerdichste geschiednisse die hier en daer in Europa van den Trading

companies beginne des jaers 1621 tot [1632] voorgevallen syn. 5. Amst. 1622–35.


Asher, p. 180–81, no. 330. Description and contents in Muller, p. 53-59.
v. 18-21 continued by Barent Lampe.
Records all the information that could be gathered from America.

Brodhead speaks of the work at some length in his History of the state of
New York. 1853. 1:46, 157.

Wassenaer's description and 1st settlement of New Netherland is reprinted in Collectanea adamantea, v. 27. Watson, J:F. The first colonists. (see his Annals and occurrences

of New York city and state. 1846. p. 42-45) 974.7 W331
Yates, J: V. N. & Moulton, J. W. History of the state of New
York; including its aboriginal and colonial annals.

v.l, pt 1-2.
N, Y, 1824-26.
No more pub. Sabin says Moulton is the sole author of this scarce book.
Contents : Ante-colonial, v. 1, pt 1. Novum Belgium, v. 1, pt 2.

974.7 Y2

947.7 OcII

Trading companies 1609-26
Agreement between the managers and principal adventurers of the

West India company made with the approbation of the states gen-
eral. (see ()'Callaghan, E. B. History of New Netherland. N. Y,

1846-48. 1:408-10) Banta, T. M. Who founded New York? (see Holland society of New York. Yearbook. 1895. p. 119-33)

947.7 qH71 Brief relation of the discovery and plantation of New England. 36p.

. Lond. 1622.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Contains account of Capt. Darmer's meeting with Holland traders at Hud.
son river.
A brief relation of the discovery and plantation of New England and of

sundry events therein occurring from 1607 to the present 1622.
Lond. 1622. (see Massachusetts historical society. Collections.
1822. ser. 2, 9:1-25)

974.4 M38 v.19 On p. 11 occurs the 1st mention in English of the Dutch colony. Brodhead, J: R. Memoir on the early colonization of New Nether

land. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1849. ser. 2, 2:355-66)

974.7 N422 v.7 De Forest, J. W. The founder of New York, (Jesse de Forest].

(see American historical register, May 1895, 2:881--90, 117280)

973 Am31

974.7 F82

General his. Dozy, C. M. Jesse de Forest, founder of New Amsterdam. (see Trading

The pilgrim fathers. 1888. p. 20-22, in Holland society of New companies York. Yearbook. 888-89)

974.7 qH71 Between p. 80 and 81 of the Yearbook, Folsom, George, anon. Expedition of Capt. Samuel Argall to the

French settlements in Acadia and Manhattan Island, A. D. 1613. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1841.

ser. 2, 1:333-42)

974.7 N422 v.6 Heckewelder, John. Indian tradition of the first arrival of the Dutch

at Manhattan Island, now New York. (see New York historical

society. Collections. 1841. ser. 2, 1:68–74) 974.7 N422 v.6 Howell, G: R. Date of the settlement of the colony of New York, 15p. Alb. 1897.

(Founders and patriots of America-New York society. Publications 1) Lamb, Mrs M. J. R. (Nash). Origin of New York; glimpse of the

famous Dutch West India company. (see Magazine of American history, Oct. 1887, 18:273-88)

973 M27 Miller, E. J. West India company and the Walloons. (see Albany

institute. Transactions. 1893. 12:53-68) N. Y. state lib. Netherlands-States general. Charter given to the West India

company, dated the 3d of June 1621. (see O'Callaghan, E. B. History of New Netherland. 1846-48. 1:399-407) 974.7 OCHI

Generael octroy voor de ghene die eenighe nieuwe passagien haavenen, landen of plaetsen sullen ontdecken. n. p. 1614. Asher, p. 180, no. 329.

Octroy by de hooghe mogende heeren staten generael verleent aende West-Indische compagnie, in dato den 3. Juni 1621

24p. s'Gravenhage 1621. Murphy, p. 51, no. 475. - Octroy by de hooghe mogende heeren staten generael verleent aende West Indische compagnie in date den derden Junii 1621. Mette ampliatien van dien ende het accoort tusschen de bevinthebberen ende hooft-participanten vande selve compagnie. Na de copie ghedruckt in's Graven-baghe. Tot Middeburgh, by de weduwe ende erffgenamen van Symon Moulert, ordinaris drucker vande 'Ed: Mog: hoeren staten van Zeelandt. 1623.

Grollier club, p. 85, no. 254. A reprint of the 2d edition of the Dutch West India company charter.

Ed. 1.

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