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General his- Hildreth, Richard. History of the United States of America from the English period discovery of the continent to the organization of government under the federal constitution.

N. Y. 1849.

N. Y. state lib. New York as an English colony, 1:415-47; 2: 44-57, 76–77, 87, 116, 130, 138– 10, 182–92, 200-4, 226, 246-19, 263–66, 313–18, 357-61, 391-94, 408.

Hulsemann, J; G; Geschichte der democratie in den Vereinigten

Staaten von Nord America. 388p. Göttingen 1823. N. Y.state lib.

New York as an English colony, p. 53–56, 66-80.
Johnson, Rossiter. A history of the French war, ending in the

conquest of Canada, with a preliminary account of the early at-
tempts at colonization and struggles for the possession of the
continent. 381p. N. Y. C1882. (Minor wars of the United

N. Y. state lib.

Kapp, Friedrich. Die land und seereise im vorigen jahrhundert.

(see his Geschichte der Deutschen im staate New York. 1869. p. 280-307)

325.243 K14 Levermore, C: A. The whigs of colonial New York. (see American historical review, Jan. 1896, 1:238-50)

973 Am 35 Marshall, O. H. The New York charter, 1664 and 1674. (see Magazine of American history, Jan, 1882, 8: 24-30)

973 M27 Largely on boundary troubles.

New York charter, 1664 and 1674. (see his Historical writings. 1887. P.321-32)

N. Y. state lib. N. Y. (state)-Historian. Annual report. V.2-3.

Alb. 1897-98.

974.7 1425 v. 2-3 called Colonial series v. 1-2; this series has for its purpose the printing of the English volumes of the New York colonial mss of which v. 22–24 have been already issued. These two volumes also include all the muster rolls to be found in the same series of manuscripts with a full index of names.

Papers relating to the trade and manufactures of the province of

New York, 1705-57. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of.
Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. 1:709-36. 974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:483-99. 974.7 qN423 Pearson, Jonathan. Indian wars on the border, 1662–1713. (see his History of the Schenectady patent. 1883. p.231-43, 271-89)

974.744 qSch2


Stevens, J: A. English in New York, 1664-1689. (see Winsor, Jus- General his

tin, ed, Narrative and critical history of America. 1884-89. English period 3:385-420)

973 9W73 Bibliography, p. 411-20.

Period 1664-74
Blome, Richard. Brittania; or, A geographical description of the

kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland with the isles and terri-
tories thereto belonging.

Lond. 1673


B62 Title page wanting in New York state library copy. New York, p. 327–28. Denton, Daniel. Brief description of New York, formerly called New

Netherlands with the places thereunto adjoyning; likewise a brief relation of the customs of the Indians there,


Lond. 1670.

V917.47 D451 First account of the province of New York printed in Evglish. Winsor, 3:420.

Brief description of New York formerly called New Netherlands with the places thereunto adjoining ; likewise a brief relation of the customs of the Indians there; a new edition with an introduction and copious historical notes by Gabriel Furman.

79 p. N, Y. 1845. (Gowans' bibliotheca Americana, 1)

917.47 143 Brief description of New York, formerly called New Netherlands with the places thereunto adjoining, together with the manner of its scituation, fertility of the soyl, healthfulness of the climate and the commodities thence produced; also some directions and advice for such as shall go thither, Lond. 1760, 16p. n, p, 1845. (in Pennsylvania historical society, Bulletin. 1848. v,1) 974,8 P384 Partly reprinted in Stedman. Library of American literature. 1880-90. 1:419-26, R810.8 qSt3.

Description exacte de tout ce qui s'est passé dans les guerres entre le

roy d'Angleterre, le roy de France, les estats des provinces unies du Pays-bas, et l'evesque de Munster, 1664-1667.

241 P. Amst, 1668,

942,066 D45 Ogilby, John. America : being a description of the new world con

taining the conquest of Mexico and Peru and other provinces with the several European plantations in those parts. 674p, Lond. 1671,

917 fOg4 New Netherland, now called New York, p. 168–82.

General history Nicolls



Nicolls 1664-68
Articulen van vrede ende verbondt tusschen Karel de tweede van dien

naem, koningh van Groot Britannien ter eenre; ende de staten
general der Vereenighde Nederlantsche provintien ter andere zijde
geslooten, 24p. 'sGravenhage 1667,

N. Y. pub, lib. Asher, p. 219, no. 357.

This is the treaty of Breda wbich established the right of Great Britain to New Netherland. Capitulation by the Dutch to the English, 1664. (see N. Y. (state) -

Legislature. Laws revised and passed at the 36th session of the legislature. 1813. 2: apx, 1-2)

N, Y, state law lib. Also called Articles of surrender.

Also printed in Smith. History of New York. 1829. 1: 28; New York colonial history. 2:250; O'Callaghan. History of New Netherland. 2:532 ; Muinsell. Annals of Albany. 4:28; and New York state library bulletin;

bistory 2. p. 95 98.
The Clarendon papers: copied from the original ms in the Bod-

leian library at Oxford Eng. by G: H, Moore. (see New York his-
torical society. Collections. 1870. Publication fund

974.7 142 Downing, Sir George. A discourse vindicating his royal master

from the insolencies of a scandalous libel, printed under the title of “An extract out of the register of the states general of the United Provinces, upon the memorial of Sir George Downing, envoy, etc.,” whereunto is added a relation of some former and later proceedings of the Hollanders, by a meaner hand. 171p. Lond. 1672.

942.066 D75 Sommiere aenteyckeninge ende deductie ingestelt by de gedeputeerden van de Ho: Mog: heeren staten general der Vereenighde Nederlanden.


's Gravenhage 1665. Translation of titles and description of this and following work in Catalogue of library of J: C. Brown. 1882. 2: 386, 391, 016.97 qB811.

Asher, p. 215-17, no. 345-52.

This was the first energetic protest of the Dutch government against the capture of New Netherland by the English.

Verdere aenteyckeninge of duplyque op seeckere replyue vanden Heer George Downing, extraordinaris envoyé vanden coningh van Groot Brittagne, jegens de Remarques vande gedeputeerden vande Ho: Mo: heeren staten generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden : ingestelt 30 Dec. 1664. 256p. 'sGravenhage 1666. See notes under immediately preceding entry.

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Kort en bondigh verhael van't geene in den oorlogh tusschen den General his

koningh van Engelant etc, en de H. M. heeren staten der vrije Nicolls
Vereenighde Nederlanden en den bisschop van Munster is voorge-
vallen beginnende in den jare 1664 en eyndigende met het sluiten
van de vrede tot Breda in 't jaer 1667. 255P,

Amst. 1667.

V949,204. K84 Asher, p. 217, no. 353.

A French edition was printed at Amsterdam in 1688 : now very rare. Lawrence, Eugene.

Richard Nicolls, the first English governor, 1664-68. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93 1: 307-40)

974.71 qW69
Also iu National magazine, May 1892, 16:1-27, 973 M271.
N. Y. (state)-Library. Colonial records: General entries, v, I,

1664-65, transcribed from manuscripts in the state library,
P. 51-204.
Alb, 1899,

N. Y. state lib,
Also in 81st anvual report of New York state library. 1899. 027.5747 N42.
New York historical society. Commemoration of the conquest of
New Netherland on its 200th anniversary. 875. N. Y, 1864.

N, Y, state lib. Contents : Oration on the conquest of New Netherland, J: R. Brodbead,

p. 5-58.

Travslation of the 1st New Netherland charter, granted 1614,

p. 59-60.

Translation of the commission of Stuyvesant, p. 62-63.
Copy of the duke of York's commission to Richard Nichols,

P. 63-64.

Official documents relating to the surrender of New Netherland,
1664, p. 64-69.

Translation of a letter of Sec. Van Ruyven to Dutch villages on
Long Island announcing the surrender, p. 69.

Translation of a letter from officials of New Amsterdam to the
West India company, p. 70-71.

Translation of a letter from Rev. Samuel Drisius to the classis of
Alusterdam, dated 15 Sep. 1664, p. 72-73.

Nichols, Gor'. Richard. Gov. Nichols' answer to the several queries

relating to the planters in the territories of the duke of York in America. (sce N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York) 1849-51. 1:87-88. 974.7 N424

1850-51, 1:59.

974.7 qN423 Made about 1669.



General his. Seizure of New Netherland by the English, (see Holland society of
New York, Yearbook. 899. p. 69-77)

974.7 qH71
Extracts from Mrs Lamb's History of the city of New York; and, Brodhead's
History of the state of New York.
Treaty between Col, Richard Nicolls, governor of New York and

the Esopus Indians, 1665. (see Ulster county historical society.
Collections, 1860, 1:59–65)

974.734 U17

Lovelace 1668-73
Vermilye, A. G. Francis Lovelace and the recapture of New

Netherland, 1668-74. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of
the city of New York. 1892-93, 1:341-62)

974.71 qW69 Also in National maguzine, June 1892, 16: 129-48, 973 M271.

Dutch occupation 1673-74
Dyre, William. Some proposition concerning ye ill consequence of

New Yorke being in ye hands of ye Dutch, (see Historical maga-
zine, May 1867, ser. 2, 1: 299-300)

973 H62 V,11 Sharpe, John. Surrender of New York to the Dutch, (see Massachusetts historical society. Collections. 1889. ser. 6, 3: 436-44)

974.4 M38 v.53

Period 1674-1719

Beschryvinge van eenige voorname kusten in Oost en West Indien;

als Zueriname, Nieuw-Nederland, Florida, van haar gelegentheyd,
aart en gewoonte dier volkeren, hun koophandel, godsdienst en
zelzaame voorvallen, door verscheidene liethebbers gedaen. 150p
Leeuwarden 1716,

Asher, p. 27, no. 19.
Blome, Richard. A description of the island of Jamaica, with the

other isles and territories in America to which the English are
related. 88p.
Lond. 1678.


B62 New York, p. 76-78.

The present state of his majesties isles and territories in America with new maps of every place, together with astronomical tables from the year 1686 to 1700, 262p. Lond. 1687, New York, p. 201-9.

917.3 B621

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