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Blome, Richard. L'Amérique anglaise; ou, Description des isles et General his

tory, 1674-1719 terres du roi d'Angleterre dans Amérique traduite de l’Anglais. 331p. Amst, 1688.


Nouvelle York, p. 256–57.
Burton, R. The English empire in America ; or, A view of the

dominions of the crown of England in the West Indies with an ac-
count of the discovery, situation, product and other excellencies and
rarities of these countries. Ed. 5. 1912. Lond. 1711, N.Y.state lib.

New York, p. 90-96.
Dankers, Jasper & Sluyter, Peter. Journal of a voyage to New

York and a tour in several of the American colonies in 1679-80 ;
tr, from the original manuscript in Dutch for the Long Island his-
torical society and edited by H: C. Murphy. 440p. Brooklyn
1867. (in Long Island historical society. Memoirs, 1867. v. 1)

974.721 L85 Duyckinck, E. A. A peep into New Netherland 200 years ago. (see Putnam's magazine, Ap. 1868, 11:479-87)

051 P98 Description of the above journal of Dankers and Sluyter. Knight, Mrs Sarah (Kemble). Journals of Madam Knight and Rev.

Mr Buckingham, from the original mss written in 1704 and 1710. 129p, N. Y. 1825,

917.4 K741 Contents: Private journal kept by Madam Knight on a journey from Boston

to New York in tbe year 1701, p. 3–76.

Diary of the land expedition against Crown Point in the year

1711, kept by Rev. Johu Buckingham, p. 101-29. Private journal of a journey from Boston to New York in the year 1704. 92p. Alb, 1865.

917.4 K74 Lacroix, A. P. de. Algemeene weereld-beschryving nae de rechte

verdeeling der landschappen, plaetsen, zeeën, rivieren, &c, geographisch, politisch, historisch, chronologisch en genealogisch in't fransch beschreeven, in de hoogduitsche tael overgebraght met veel aenmerkingen en verbeteringen door Hieronymus Dicelius; nu vertaeld nae den tweeden druk met veel' aenmerkenswaerdige byvoegzelen opgehelderd door S, de Vries met landkaarten van N, Sarson, 3v.


LII2 Asher, p. 27–28, 10. 20.

This description is remarkable by the fact that it contains the same statement regarding the foundation of New Amsterdam as was made by Stuyvesant in bis letter to Nicholls in 1664, viz, that the town was founded in 1623.

New Netherland, 3:338–39.

Amst. 1705

Amst, 1705.

General his.. Lodwick, Charles. New York in 1692; letter from Lodwick to Mr tory, 1674-1719

Francis Lodwick and Mr Hooker dated May 20, 1692 read before the Royal society of London; copied from the original in the British museum. (see New York historical society, Collections, 1849, ser, 2, 2:241-50)

974-7 N422 0.7 Melton, Edward. Aenmerkenswaardige en zeldzame West Indische

zee. en landreizen door de Carabische eylanden, Nieuw-Nederland, Virginien en de Spaanische West-Indien, 96p.

. Asher, p. 26–27, no. 18. Reprint from his Zee en land reizen; continuivg it from 1682 to the death of the author, who was in New York during the quarrel between England and Holland.

New Netherland, p. 16-46. - Edward Meltons zeldzaame en gedenkwaardige zee en land

reizen door Egypten, West-Indien, Perzien, Turkyen, Oost-Indien
aangevangen in den jaare 1660 en geëindigd in den jaare 1677.
Amst, 1681.

910.4 M49
Asher, p. 24, no. 16.
New Netherland, p. 136-51.
Contents of the part concerning New Netherland, in Muller, p. 49-50.

Eduward Meltons zeldzaame en gedenkwaardige zee-en land reizen door Egypten, West Indien, etc. aangevangen in den jaare 1660 en geëindigd in den jaare 1677, 495P, Amst, 1702, N. Y. pub. lib. Asher, p. 24-26, no, 17.

Exact reprint of 1st edition, 1681.
Miller, John. Description of the province and city of New York with

plans of the city and several forts as they existed in the year 1695;
now first printed from the original manuscript; to which is added a
Catalogue of an extensive collection of books relating to America,
on sale by the publisher Thomas Rood. 43+115P.

Lond, 1843

Description of the province and city of New York with plans of the city and several forts as they existed in the year 1695; a new edition with an introduction and copious historical notes by J: G. Shea. 127p. N. Y. 1862. (Gowans' bibliotheca Americana 3)


M61 Partly reprivted in Stedman. Library of American literature. 1888-90.

2: 209–10, R810.8 qSt3. Pitman, Henry. A relation of the great sufferings and strange

adventures of Henry Pitman, chyrurgion to the late duke of Monmouth, containing an account: I Of the occasion of his being en

917.47 M611


gaged in the duke's service; 2 Of his tryal, condemnation and General his-
transportation to Barbadoes, etc. How he made his escape in a Andros

boat with some of his fellow captives, etc, Lond. 1689.
Grolier club, p. 89, no. 270.

Lamb, Mrs M. J. R. (Nash). Career and times of Nicholas Bayard,

the son of an exiled Huguenot. (see Huguenot society of America.
Proceedings. 1891. 2: 27-57)

N. Y. state lib. Morris, J: J. Captain Silvester Salisbury. (see Magazine of American history, Mar. 1888, 19:233-44)

973 M27 Came to New York at the time of the English conquest and held important offices. Van Rensselaer, Mrs Sarah. Nicholas Bayard and his times. (see her Ancestral sketches. 1882, p.63-127)

923.27 V35

Beginning of constitutional government

Papers relating to the restoration of New York to the English, and to

the charges against Captain Manning for its previous surrender to
the Dutch, 1674, 1675. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of.
Documentary history of the state of New York)
1849-51. 3:65-100, 974.7

1850-51. 3:43-65. 974.7 qN423

Andros 1674-83


Andros, Gov. Edmund. Answers of Gov. Andros to enquiries about

New York, 1678. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of Docu-
mentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. 1 : 88-92.. 974.7
1850-51. 1:60–62.

974.7 N423 Charles 2, king of Great Britain, Charter of libertys and privileges

granted by his royal highness to the inhabitants of New York and its dependencies, 1683. (see Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany) 1850-59 4:32-39.

974.743 M92

1869-71, 4:25-32, 974.743 M921 Ferguson, Henry. Sir Edmund Andros,


923.27 An23 An address delivered before the Westchester county historical society, Oct. 28, 1892.

Ed, 2,

n.p. n.d.

General history Dongan

Moore, J. B. Sir Edmund Andros, (see American quarterly register, Feb, 1841, 13: 273-75)

370.5 Am35 -Sir Edmund Andros. (see Moore, J. B. Memoirs of American governors, 1846, 1:403-22)

923,27 M78 Only v. 1 published : also appeared under title Lives of the governors of New Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, 923.27 M781. Sir Edmund Andros. (see N. Y. (city)—Common council, Manual, 1869, 27: 768–71)

352.0747 N4k Stone, W: L. Administration of Sir Edmund Andros, 1674-82, (see

Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York,
1892-93. 1:363-98)

974.71 qW69
Also in National magazine, July 1892, 16:249–74, 973 M271.
Whitmore, W: H. Sir Edmund Andros. (see Whitmore, W: H, ed.
Andros tracts, 1868-74. 1: pref. 5-49)

974.4 W 59

Dongan 1683-88
Benjamin, Marcus. Thomas Dongan and the granting of the New

York charter, 1682-88. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history
of the city of New York. 1892-93. 1:399-452) 974.71 qW69

Also in National magazine, Aug. 1892, 16:373-97, 973 M271.
Brodhead, J: R. The duke of York's approval of the New York

bill of rights, 1684. (see Historical magazine, Aug. 1862,


H62 Clarke, R. H. Hon. Thomas Dongan, governor of New York. (see

Catholic world, Sep. 1869, 9: 767-82)

205 C28

Danaher, F. M. Address delivered before the Dongan club of Albany,
N. Y, July 22, 1889, 55P, Alb, 1889.

923.27 L62
Sketch of Gov. Dorgan.
Dealey, P. F. The great colonial governor. (see Magazine of
American history, Feb, 1882. 8: 106-11)

973 M27 Thomas Dongan.

Dongan, Gov. Thomas. Gov Dongan's report to the committee of

trade on the province of New York, dated 22d Feb. 1687. (see N. Y. (state)-State Secretary of Documentary history of the state of New York) 1849-51. 1:145-89. 974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:93-118. 974.7 9N423 Also in Manual of the city of New York. 1850. 9:456-86, 352.0747 N4k.


Moore, C: B. Laws of 1683; old records and old politics. (see New General hisYork genealogical and biographical record, Ap. 1887, 18:49-63) King William's

929,1 9N421 Winsor, Justin. Denonville and Dongan. (see his Cartier to Frontenac, 1894, P, 326-40)

973.1 W73

King William's war 1688-98
For French and Indian expedition of 1690 and the burning of Schenectady,

see Schenectady county, p. 497.
Beyard, Nicholas & Lodowick, Charles. Journal of the late

actions of the French at Canada. 55P. N. Y. 1868. N., lib.
Reprint of London ed. of 1693.

Journal of the late actions of the French at Canada, with the
manner of their being repuls'd by his excellency, Benjamin Fletcher,
their majesties gouvernour of New York, to which is added : 1 An
account of the present state and strength of Canada; 2 The examina-
tion of a French prisoner; 3 His excellency, Benjamin Fletcher's
speech to the Indians; 4 An address from the corporation of
Albany. 22p. Lond. 1693.

V 974.7 B46
Brodhead, J: R. The government of Sir Edmund Andros over New

England in 1688 and 1689 ; read before the New York: historical
society Dec. 4 1866. 4op. Morrisania N, Y. 1867. N. Y. state lib,
Also in Historical magazine, Jan. 1867, ser. 2, 1:1-14, 973 H62 v.11.

New England as used here included all the territory (except Pennsylvania)
between Maryland and Canada.
De Peyster, J. W. Benjamin Fletcher, colonial governor of the

province of New York 30th Aug. 1692 to 13th Ap. 1698; a bio-
graphical sketch or address to be read before the Oneida county
historical society. 118p. N. Y,
Address proper, and 112 p. of notes. 30 copies printed.

Griffin, p. 1042.
Ford, W. C. Sketch of Sir Francis Nicholson. (see Magazine of
American history, May 1893, 29:499-513)

973 M27 Journall of what passed in the expedition of Coll, Benjamin Fletcher

governor in chiefe of the province of New York, etc. to Albany to
renew the covenant chain with the five canton nation of Indians,
(see N. Y, (state)—State, Secretary of, Documentary history of
the state of New York) 1849-51, 1:346–55, 974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:220–25.

974,7 qN423

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