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tory Leisler

General his- Papers relating to the invasion of New York and burning of Schenec

tady by the French, 1690, (see N, Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51, 1:283–312. 974.7 N424 1850-51. 1:177-95.

974.7 qN423 Contents: Project of the Chevalier de Callieres, governor of Montreal,

Jan. 1689.

Memoir of instructions to Count de Frontenac, June 1689.

Account of the most remarkable occurrences in Canada from
Nov. 1689 to Nov. 1690, by M. de Monseignat.

Receipt of news of burning of Schenectady in Albany.
List of people killed and taken prisoners.

Letters: Jacob Leisler to Maryland; Jacob Leisler to the bishop of Salisbury; Robert Livingston to Sir Edmond Andros; Jacob Leisler to the governor of Barbadoes; Mr Van Courtlandt to Sir

Edmond Andros; Mr Livingston to Capt. Nicholson. The red sea men, (see N, Y. (city)-Common council. Manual. 1857. 16:455-79)

352.0747 N4k Schuyler, John. Journal of Capt. John Schuyler on his expedition to

Canada and Fort La Prairie during the latter part of Aug. 1690; tr. by S, Alofson, from the original Dutch manuscript. (see New Jersey historical society, Proceedings. 1845-46. 1:72-74)

974.9 1421 Shea, J: G. Early New York history from Canadian sources; the

New York expedition of 1690. (see Historical magazine, May 1868, ser. 2, 3: 263–65)

V,13 Todd, C: B. Benjamin Fletcher and the rise of piracy, 1692-98, (see

Wilson, J. G, ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892– 93. 1:489-522)

974.71 qW69 Also in National magazine, Oct. 1892, 16: 625-51, 973 M271.

973 H62

Leisler 1689-91
Brooks, E. S. Jacob Leisler in The Begum's daughter, (see Critic,
June 7, 1890; 16: 288)

051 4C86 Chandler, P.W. Trial of Jacob Leisler before a special court of oyer and

terminer for high treason, New York, 1691, (see Chandler, P. W.

American criminal trials, 1841-44. 1:255-66) N. Y, state law lib, Documents relating to the administration of Jacob Leisler, (see New

York historical society. Collections. 1868. Publication fund ser, 1 : 237-426)

974.7 142



Hoffman, C: F. Administration of Jacob Leisler, a chapter in Ameri- General his

can history (see Spark's library of American biography. 1844.
13: 179–238)

920.07 Sp2 Kapp, Friedrich. Jacob Leisler aus Frankfurt Main, (see

Kapp, Friedrich. Geschichte der Deutschen im staate New York.
1869. P-34-57)

325.243 K14 Leisler's grave. (see N. Y. (city)—Common council. Manual. 1856. 15: 439-41)

352.0747 N4k Letter from a gentleman of the city of New York to another concern

ing the troubles which happened in that province at the time of the
late happy revolution. 24p. N. Y. 1698. Printed by William

N. Y. pub, lib.
(see N. Y. (state)—State, Secretary of, Documentary history of
the state of New York) 1849-51, 2:423-35. 974.7

N424 1850-51. 2: 243-49.

974,7 qN423
Against Leisler. Only three copies known. Also reprinted in Collectanea-
adamentea, v. 23.
Loyalty vindicated ; being an answer to a late false, seditious and

scandalous pamphlet entitled A letter from a gentleman, etc. 28p
Bost, 1698.

Wivsor, 5:240, Reprinted in collections of the New York bistorical soci-
ety. 1868. Publication fund ser. 1: 365-94, 974.7 N42.
Marriage of Jacob Milborne and Mary Leisler. (see N. Y. (city)—Com-
mon council. Manual. 1869. 27:737-48)

352,0747 N4k Includes sketch of the Leisler troubles.

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A modest and important narrative of several grievances, and great

oppressions that the peaceable and most considerable inhabitants of
their majesties province of New York in America, lie under, by the
extravagant and arbitrary proceedings of Jacob Leysler and his
accomplices. n.p. n.d.

Grolier club, no. 9, p. 10; Winsor, 5:240.
Myers, T. B. Jacob Leisler, (see Historical magazine, Jan. 1872,
ser. 3, 1:18-20)


Papers relating to the administration of Lieut. Gov. Leisler, 1689-91.

(see N, Y. (state)--State, Secretary of. Documentary history of
the state of New York) 1849–51. 2:1-438.

974.7 N424
1850-51. 1:1-250.

974.7 qN423

V.2 I

tory Bollomont

974.7 Sch6

General his. Purple, E. R. Genealogical notes relating to Lieut. Gov. Jacob
Leisler and his family connections in New York. 24p.

N. Y.

929.2 91535
75 copies reprinted, with additions from the New York genealogical and
biographical record.
Schuyler, G; W. Jacob Leisler. (see Schuyler, G: W. Colonial

New York. 1885. 1: 337-80)
Seymour, C: C. B. Jacob Leisler. (see Seymour, C: C. B. Self-
made men. 1858. p. 23-29)

920.02 Seg
Smith, William. Rule of Jacob Leisler and his fate. (see Stedman,

E, C. & Hutchinson, E. M. comp. Library of American literature.
1888-90. 2:478-84)

R810.8 qSt3
From his History of the province of New York.
Vermilye, A. G. Leisler troubles in 1689; an address delivered before

the Oneida historical society. (see Old New York, Mar. 1891,

974.71 qoli
Period of the Leisler troubles, 1688-92. (see Wilson, J. G. ed.
Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 1:453-88)

974.71 qW69
Also in National magazine, Sep. 1892, 16:505–28, 973 M271.
The wife of Jacob Leisler. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council.
Manual. 1860. 19:594-95)

352,0747 N4k

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Queen Anne's war 1698-1719
Colden, Cadwallader. Affairs of New York and New Jersey under

the joint governors. (see New Jersey historical society. Proceed-
ings. 1860–64. 9:92-94)

974.9 1421
This communication to Zenger's paper is an interesting exposition of the
characteristics of several early governors.


Bellomont 1698-1701
Campbell, W: W. An historical sketch of Robin Hood and Capt,
N. Y. 1853

398,2 CI5
William Kidd, p. 97–263.
De Costa, B: F. Captain Kidd; why he was hung. (see Galaxy,
May 1869, 7: 742)

051 GI2
De Peyster, Frederic. Life and administration of Richard, earl of

Bellomont, governor of the provinces of New York, Massachusetts
and New Hampshire from 1697-1701, an address before the New
York historical society at its 75th anniversary 18 Nov. 1879.
59p. N. Y. 1879.

923.27 qB41

tory Bellomont

Earl, Robert. Piracy in its relation to the colony of New York. (see General his

Herkimer county historical society. Papers for 1898. 1899.

974.761 H42
Piracy in its relation to the colony of New York an address
delivered before the Herkimer county historical society May 14,
1898, (see his John Jost Herkimer. 1898. p. 5-7)

920 H42 Felt, J. B. Captain Kidd, (see New England historical and genealogical register, Jan, 1852, 6:77-84)

929.1 N422 Full account of the proceedings in relation to Capt, Kidd in two letters

written by a person of quality to a kinsman of the earl of Bellomont in Ireland. 512. Lond. 1701.

923.9 K53 Journal of the voyage of the sloop Mary from Quebeck, together

with an account of her wreck off Montauk Point, L, I, anno 1701
with introduction and notes by E, B. O'Callaghan. 17+50p. Alb.
1866. (in O'Callaghan, E. B. New York colonial tracts, 1866–
72. v. 1)


Oci Montague, John. Arguments offer'd to the right honourable the

lords commissioners for trade and plantation relating to some acts of assembly past at New-York in America. 23p. N. Y. 1701.

N. Y. pub. lib. A memorial on beitalf of several land owners and inhabitants of New York protesting against three acts: 1 Committing Ebenezer Williams and Samuel Burt for refusal to render an account of what they had formed. the excise for; 2 Act for vacating, breaking and annulling of several extravagant grants of land, etc.; 3 Act for granting £1500 to the earl of

Bellomont, £500 to John Nanfan, lieutenant governor. Murphy, H: C. The piracy of Captain Kidd. (see Littell's living age, Jan. 31, 1846, 8: 201-7)

051 L71 Parsons, C: W. Bellomont and Rasle in 1699. (see Magazine of American history, Ap. 1885, 13:346-52)

973 M27 Parton, James. Captain Kid, (see Parton, James. Colonial pioneers. 1890. p. 45-51)

E973.2 H62 The piracy of Captain Kidd. (see Hunt's merchants magazine, Jan. 1846, 14:39-51)

332 M53 T. A cruise with Kidd. (see Belgravia, Oct. 1874, 24: 473-79) 052 B41 Taking the oath of allegiance, 1699. (see Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany)


974.743 M92 1869-71, 3:197-201. 974.743 M921 List of those signing in Albany, Schenectady, manor of Rensselaerwyck, Kinderhook, Catskill, etc.


Ed. 2.

tory Nanfan

Lond. 1701.

917.47 W88

General his. Todd, C: B. Captain William Kidd. (see Lippincott's magazine, Ap. 1882, 29 : 380-89)


L66 Vermilye, A. G. The earl of Bellomont and suppression of piracy,

1698-1791. (see Wilson, J. G, ed. Memorial history of the city of New York, 1892-932:1-49)

971.71 qW69 Also in National magazine, Nov. 1892, 17:1-34, 973 M271. Wooley, Charles. A two years journal in New York and part of its territories in America, 9op,

N. Y, pub, lib. A two years journal in New York and part of its territories in America; a new edition with an introduction and copious historical notes by E. B. O'Callaghan. 97p.

N. Y. 1860. (Gowan's bibliotheca Americana 2)

Partly reprinted in Stedman, Library of American literature. 1888-90. 2:48–51, R810.8 qSt3.

Nanfan 1701-2
Account of the commitment, arraignment, tryal and condemnation of

Nicholas Bayard, esq. for high treason in endeavoring to subvert
the government of the province of New York in America by his
signing and procuring others to sign scandalous libels, called peti-
tions or addresses to his late majesty, King William, the parliament
of England and the Lord Cornbury, now governour of that province,
Lond, 1703

N. Y. pub, lib,
Account of the illegal prosecution of Col, Nicholas Bayard in the

province of New York for supposed high treason in the year 1701/2; collected from several memorials taken by divers persons privately, the commissioners having strictly prohibited the taking of the tryal in open court, 44P,

N, Y. 1702.

N. Y. pub, lib.
Only three copies known.
Case of William Atwood, esq. by the late King William constituted

chief justice of the province of New York in America and judge of
the admiralty there and in neighboring colonies; with a true account
of the government and people of that province, particularly Bay-
ard's faction and the treason for which he and Hutchins stand

N, Y. pub, lib. (see New York historical society. Collections, 1881. Publication fund ser. 13: 239-319)

974.7 N42 Chandler, P.W. Trial of Nicholas Bayard before a special court of

oyer and terminer for high treason, New York 1702, (see Chand-
ler, P, W.
American criminal trials. 1841-44 1:267-94)

N. Y. state law lib.

Lond, 1703.

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