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Deed to King George the first reciting the surrender by the five General his

nations of their beaver hunting country. (see N, Y. (state)-State, Lovelace Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. I:773-74 974.7. N424
1850-51. 1:525

974 7 9N423
Dated July 19, 1701.
Trial of Colonel Nicholas Bayard, in the province of New York for

high treason, 1702, (see Howell, T, B, comp. Complete.collection of
state trials. 1809-16. v. 14, col. 471-516) N. Y, state law lib.
v. 1-10 of this work known as Cobbett's complete collection of state trials.

973 H62


Cornbury 1702–8
For Rev. Francis Makemie's imprisonment, 1707, see New York city,
Religions history, p. 433.
Brodhead, J: R. Impeachment of Lord Cornbury as a forger, (see

Historical magazine, Nov. 1863, 7: 329-31)
Relates to the Makemie affair.
- Lord Cornbury. (see Historical magazine, Feb. 1868, ser. 2,

973 H63 v, 13 Clarke, George. Voyage to America, with introduction and notes by

E, B. O'Callaghan, 81+126p. N. Y, 1867. (in O'Callaghan, E. B.
New York colonial tracts, 1866–72, v. 2)


Oci Secretary of the province 1703-43: biographic, including will and genealogy. Lord Cornbury. (see N, Y. (city)—Common council. Manual. 1869, 27:763–64)

352,0747 N4k Sharp, John. Sermon preached at Trinity church in New York in

America Aug. 13, 1706 at the funeral of the Rt Hon, Katherine
Lady Cornbury. 16p. Lond. 1708.

923.27 C811 Stone, W: L. Administration of Lord Cornbury. (see Wilson, J. G.

ed. Memorial history of the city of New York, 1892-93 2:55-92)

974.71 qW69 Also in National magazine, Dec. 1892, 17: 95-119, 973 M271.

Lovelace 1708-10
Wilson, J. G. Lord Lovelace and the second Canadian campaign

1708-10. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of
New York. 1892-93. 2:93-120)

974.71 qW69 Also in National magazine, Jan. 1893, 17:189-212, 973 M271; and in annual report of the American historical association. 1892. 3:267–97, 973 Am33.

General history Hunter

Hunter 1710-19
For Palatine immigration, see Palatines, p. 502; for the negro plot of 1712,
see New York city, English period, p. 415.
Buckingham, John. Diary of the land expedition against Crown

Point in the year 1711. (see Knight, Mrs Sarah (Kemble). Journals
of Madam Knight and Rev, Mr Buckingham. 1825. p. 101-29)

917.4 K741 Mulford, Samuel. Memorial of several grievances and oppressions of

his majesty's subjects in the colony of New York in America. (see American historical association. Annual report, 1892, 4:45-52)

973 Am33 Copy of a tract relating to America found in Bodleian library by Prof. J. E. T. Rogers ; same as following:

Representations against the government of New York; a memorial of several aggrievances, etc. (see N. Y, (state)-State, Secretary of, Documentary history of the state of New York) 1849-51. 3:363-83

974.7 N424 1850–51. 3:220-32, 974.7 qN423 O'Callaghan, E: B. David Jamison, attorney general of the province

of New York, 1710. (see Magazine of American history, Jan. 1877, 1:21-24)

973 M27 Todd, C: B. Robert Hunter, and the settlement of the palatines,

1710-19. (see Wilson, J. G, ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 2:121-50)

974.71 qW69

Period 1719-53

Colden, Cadwallader. Observations on the situation, soil, climate,

water communications, boundaries, etc, of the province of New

(see N. Y. (state)—State, Secretary of. Docu-
mentary history of the state of New York)
1849-51. 4:169-79.


N424 1850–51. 4:109-15 974.7 9N423 Kalm, Pehr. Beschreibung der reise die er nach dem nördlichen

Amerika auf den befehl (der schwedischen akademie der wissenschaften) und öffentliche kosten unternommen hat; eine übersetzung. 3v. Göttingen 1754-64.


K12 Travels in New York, 1748 and 1749, 2:377-409; 3 : 194–311.

Kalm, Pehr. Travels into North America; containing its natural his- General his

tory 1719-53 tory and a circumstantial account of its plantations and agriculture in general, with the civil, ecclesiastical and commercial state of the country tr. into English by J: R. Forster,

3V. Warrington 1770-71. Travels in New York 1748 and 1749, 1:235-72; 2:223–352; 3:1-51.

917.4 K122

Ed. 2.

Lond. 1772.

917,4 K121

2V, Travels in New York 1748 and 1749, 1:183-212; 2:71-217.

(see Pinkerton, John, ed. General collection of voyages. 1808-14. 13:374-700)

910.8 qP65 From 2d ed. Lond. 1772. Travels in New York 1748 and 1749, p. 452–64, 573-619.

Murray, James. Description of New York, 1737. (see Wilson,

J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 2 : 202-4)

974.71 W69 Quinby, Josiah. Short history of a long journey; it being some

account of the life of Josiah Quinby, until he came to enter the 48th
year of his age, with remarks and reflections upon his own past
actions, бір.
N, Y. 1740.

N, Y, pub, lib.
A quaker merchant of Westchester county.
Representation of the lords commissioners for trade and plantations

to the king on the state of the British colonies in North America.
42p. n. p. 1727. ,

N. Y, state lib, State of New York in 1721, (see N. Y, (state)--Legislature, Docu

ments relative to the colonial history of the state of New York, 1853–87. 5:600-2)

R974.7 qN421 State of the province of New York 1738; 20 queries from the lords of

trade with reports in answer, (see N. Y. (state)—State, Secretary
of. Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. 4:163-241, 974.7 N424
1850-51. 4:105-56. 974.7 qN423


Delafield, M. M. William Smith, judge of the supreme court of the

province of New York, (see Magazine of American history, Ap. 1881, 6: 264-82)

973 M27 Includes an account of his family.

tory Freedom of

General his. O'Callaghan, E. B. Biographical sketch of Francis Harison. (see

New York genealogical and biographical record, Ap. 1878, 9:49-51) the press

929.1 1421 John Chambers; one of the justices of the supreme court of the province of New York. (see New York genealogical and biographical record, Ap. 1872, 3:57-62)

929.1 N421

Freedom of the press 1719-36 For troubles between Rev. William Vesey and Alexander Campbell 1732; and for Rev. Louis Rou's disputes with the French church 1726; see New

York city, Religious history, p. 433. Administrations of William Cosby and George Clarke, 1732-1743. (see National magazine, May 1893, 18:1-16)


M271 Alexander, James. (Denial that he ever advised or consented to the

Hon. George Clarke's taking on him the administration of this government, dated] N. Y. Mar, 24, 1738 Ip.

N, Y, 1736. V974.7

qN428 Bobin, Isaac. Letters of Isaac Bobin, esq. private secretary of Hon.

George Clarke, secretary of the province of New York, 1718–30, 196p. Alb. 1872, (in O'Callaghan, E, B. New York colonial tracts, 1866–72, v. 4)


Ост Campbell, Alexander. Maxima libertatis custodia est, ut magna

imperia diuturna non sint, et tempora modus imponatur quibus juris imponi non potest. 2p.

N, Y, pub, lib. A political handbill on the dissolution of the assembly by the governor maintaining the necessity of frequent elections. Printed by John Peter Zenger. Clarke, Gov. George. A proclamation in council [announcing the

death of Gov. Cosby; and charging all officers to continue to exercise their offices until his majesty's pleasure shall be known] given this roth day of Mar. 1735. ip.

N. Y. 1735

Printed by W: Bradford,

N. Y. pub, lib. Proclamation [Oct, 1, 1736.] Broadside 38x31 cm. N. Y. 1736.

V974.7 qN428
Agaivst Rip Van Dam.
De Peyster, Frederic. Memoir of Rip Van Dam. 26p. N. Y.

923.27 V 28
With portrait.
Dissolution, Robt. pseud. Letter from a gentleman in the country to

a friend in town [protesting against the long session of the assembly without a dissolution). ip.

N. Y, 1732.

N., lib.

N. Y, 1732,

the press

N. Y. 1734.

George 2, king of Great Britain. His majesty's royal commission to General his

William Cosby, for the government of the province of New York. Freedom of
N. Y. 1736.

V974.7 9N428 George Clarke. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual. 1869. 27 : 764-66)

352,0747 N4k Harison, Francis. To the right worshipful, the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New York.


V974.7 qN428
Defense of Harison against the accusation of Mr Alexander.
Hon. Rip Van Dam. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual.
1865. 24: 713-25)

352.0747 N4k Moore, J. B. William Burnett. (see American quarterly register, Feb. 1842, 14:290-95)


Morris, Lewis. Petition to the king in behalf of the inhabitants of

New York for a redress of grievances. (see Historical magazine,
Feb, 1867, ser, 2, 1: 68–79)

973 H62 v.11 Murray, Joseph. Mr Murray's opinion relating to the courts of jus

tice in the colony of New York, delivered to the general assembly
12 June 1734. 44p.

N. Y. pub, lib.
Nelson, William. Administration of William Burnet, 1720-28. (see

Wilson, J. G, ed. Memorial history of the city of New York.
1892-93. 2: 151–78)

974.71 qW69
Also in National magazine, Mar. 1893, 17:399-421, 973 M271.

Original documents relating to the life and administration of
William Burnet, governor of New York and New Jersey 1720-28,
and of Massachusetts and New Hampshire 1728–29. 217 p.
Paterson N. J. 1897.

923.27 B93
Edition of 50 copies.
N. Y. (province)-Chief justice. The opinion and argument of the

chief justice of the province of New York concerning the jurisdic-
tion of the supream court of the said province to determine causes in
a course of equity. Ed, 2 corrected, N, Y, Printed and sold by
J. Peter Zenger. 1733.

N. Y.

N. Y, pub, lib. This opinion on one of the points raised in the quarrel over their fees between Governor Cosby and Rip Van Dam the acting governor, led to the summary removal of Lewis Morris from the chief justiceship. 3. 15P. N. Y. 1733.

N. Y. pub, lib. P, P. Letter from a gentleman in New York to his friend in London. 3P,

V974.7 qN428

N. Y. 1734.

15p. folio,


N, Y, 1733

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