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General his. Montresor, John. Journals of Capt. John Montresor, 1757–78. (see tory, 1753-76

New York historical society. Collections. 1881. Publication
fund ser.
14: 113-520)

974.7 N42 Parton, James. Sir William Johnson. (see Parton, James. Colonial pioneers.


E973.2 H62
Pratt, D. J. Biographical notice of Peter Wraxall, secretary of Indian

affairs for the province of New York and of the first provincial con-
gress held in Albany in 1754. бр.

Sabin, 15 : 395.
Purple, E. R. Genealogical notes of the Colden family in America.
N. Y. 1873

929.2 9C674 With additions from the New York genealogical and biographical record, Oct. 1873, 4 : 161–83.

Notes, biographical and genealogical, of the Colden family and some of its collateral branches in America. (see New York genealogical and biographical record, Oct. 1873, 4:161-83) 929.1 N421

Sketch of Cadwallader Colden, p. 161-68. Shea, J: G. Introduction. (see Colden, Cadwallader. History of the five Indian nations. 1866. pref. p. 3-40)

970.3 C673 Biographical sketch of Colden. Stevens, J: A. jr. Colonial New York; sketches biographical and historical 1768-84. 172p.

N. Y. 1867.

(in Colonial records of the New York chamber of commerce)

38. qN42 Stone, W: L. The life and times of Sir William Johnson, bart. Alb. 1865.

N. Y. state lib. Thurman, John, jr. Extracts from letterbooks. (see Historical magazine, Dec. 1868, ser. 2, 4: 283-97)


1.14 Letters dated at New York, 1760-88.



French and Indian war 1753-65
For campaigns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, see also Lakes George and
Champlain, p. 508.

For campaigns of Oswego and Niagara, see also Central New York, p. 510 and
Lake Erie aud Niagara, p. 511 respectively.
Alexander, William, anon, The conduct of Major Gen. Shirley, late

general and commander in chief of his majesty's forces in North
America, briefly stated.

Lond. 1758.

973.2 Sh6 1755-56.


dian war

Banyar, Goldsbrow. Diary of Goldsbrow Banyar, deputy secretary General his

of the province of New York, Aug. 5 to 20, 1757. (see Magazine French and In. of American history, Jan. 1877, 1:25-33)

973 M27 Clarke, William. Observations on the late and present conduct of

the French with regard to their encroachments upon the British
colonies in North America together with remarks on the
importance of these colonies to Great Britain; to which is added,
wrote by another hand Observations concerning the increase of
mankind, peopling of countries, etc.



N. Y. state lib. Defence of New York against the slanders of New England. (see N. Y. (city)—Common council. Manual. 1870. 28:892-97)

352.0747 N4k Supplement to the New York mercury Feb. 23, 1756. Dunlap, William. Treaty of peace of 1763: Indian hostilities after

the peace. (see his History of the New Netherlands. 1839-40. 2:apx.69-72)

974.7 D92 Dwight, Timothy. Travels in New England and New York.

4V. New Haven 1821-22.

917-4 D96 Batı les near Lake George, 1755-57, 3:361-86. An impartial account of Lieut. Col. Bradstreet's expedition to Fort

Frontenac, to which are added a few reflections on the conduct of that enterprize and the advantages resulting from its success; by a

volunteer on the expedition. 6op. Lond. 1759. N. Y. state lib. Johnson, Sir William. Account of conferences held and treaties

made between Major General Sir William Johnson, bart. and the chief sachems and warriors of the Indian nations in North America at their meetings on different occasions at Fort Johnson in the county of Albany, in the colony of New York in the years 1755 and 1756; with a letter from the Rev. Mr Hawley to Sir William Johnson, written at the desire of the Delaware Indians and a preface giving a short account of the six nations, some anecdotes of the life of Sir William Johnson, and notes illustrating the whole; also an appendix containing an account of conferences between several quakers in Philadelphia and some of the heads of the six nations in April 1756. 12+77p.

Lond. 1756.

970.4 J63 Journal of a provincial officer in the campaign in northern New York in 1758. (see Historical magazine, Aug. 1871, ser. 2, 10:113-22)




French and In.
dian war

Lond. 1772.

General his- Journals of Sir William Johnson's scouts, 1755-56. (see N. Y. (state) —

State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New


4: 257-87. 974.7 N424 1850-51.

4:167-85. 974.7 qN423 Kennedy, Archibald, anon. Serious considerations on the present state of the affairs of the northern colonies. 24p. N. Y. 1754.

973.2 K38 Lamb, Mrs M. J. R. (Nash). Governor Robert Monckton. (see Magazine of American history, June 1887, 17:470-73)

973 M27 Mante, Thomas. History of the late war in North America. 542p.

971 M31 Montresor, James. Journals of Col. James Montresor, 1757–59.

(see New York historical society. Collections. 1881. Publica-
tion fund ser.

974.7 142 Review of the military operations in North America from the com

mencement of the French hostilities on the frontier of Virginia in 1753 to the surrender of Oswego on the 14th of August 1756; interspersed with various observations, characters and anecdotes, necessary to give light into the conduct of American transactions in general and more especially into the political management of affairs in New York in a letter to a nobleman. 144p.

N. Y. state lib. Review of the military operations in North America from the com

mencement of the French hostilities on the frontiers of Virginia in
1753 to the surrender of Oswego on the 14th of August 1756; in a
letter to a nobleman. (see Massachusetts historical society. Col-
lections. 1801. 7:67-163)

974.4 M38
Said to have been written by Gov. Livingston and his friends Messrs
W. Smith and Scott, lawyers, New York.
Stark, Caleb. Memoirs and official correspondence of Gen. John

Stark, with notices of several other officers of the revolution, also,
a biography of Capt. Phinehas Stevens and of Col. Robert Rogers,
with an account of his services in America during the “ seven year's
Concord N. H. 1860.

923.57 St25 Thompson, Samuel. Diary while in the service in the French war,

1758, with notes by W: R. Cutter. 6op. Bost. 1896. 973.2 T37 50 copies printed for private distribution. Thompson participated in Abercrombie's expedition against Ticonderoga.

Lond. 1757



Walker, J. B. Robert Rogers, the ranger. (see Bay state monthly, General hisJan. 1885, 2: 211-25)

974.4 qB34 PrerevolutionWilson, J. G. Sir Danvers Osborn and Sir Charles Hardy, 1753-61.

(see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York.
1892-93. 2: 287–313)

974.71 qW69 Winslow, Gen. John. Gen. John Winslow's letter to the earl of Hali

fax, relating to his conduct and that of the troops under his command
on the Ticonderoga expedition in 1756 (dated Bost. Dec. 30, 1756).
(see Massachusetts historical society. Collections. 1800. 6:34-39)

974.4 M38 Woodhull, Nathaniel. Journal kept when colonel of the 3d regi

ment New York provincials, in the expedition to Montreal in 1760.
(see Historical magazine, Sep. 1861, 5:257-60)



Lond. 1777.

p. 94.

Prerevolutionary 1765-76
Almon, John, ed. Collection of interesting, authentic papers relative

to the dispute between Great Britian and America, shewing the
causes and progress of that misunderstanding from 1764 to 1775.
280+ 202p.

N. Y. state lib.
Known as the Prior documents.
Contents : Letters from Sec. Conway to Lieut. Gov. Colden, p. 43.
Gov. Moore's letter to Sec. Conway 27 May 1766, p. 94.

20 June 1766,
speech to New York council and assembly 12 June
1766, p. 95.

Address of council of New York to Gov. Moore with his reply
14-16 June 1766, p. 96.

Address of assembly of New York to Gov. Moore with his reply 16 June 1766, p. 97.

Gov. Moore's two messages to the assembly of New York and the
answers 13–23 June 1766, p. 97,

Extract from a letter of Lieut. Gov. Colden to Sec. Conway 24
June 1766, p. 99.

Extract from a letter of Gen. Gage to Sec. Conway 15 July
1766, p. 101.

Extract of a letter from Gen. Gage to the duke of Richmond 25
Aug. 1766, p. 108.

Copy of Gov. Moore's message to the general assembly of New
York 17 Nov. 1766, p. 119.

Address of general assembly of New York to Gor. Moore
15 Dec. 1766, p. 120.

General history Prerevolutionary

Extract of a letter from Lieut.-Gov. Colden to the earl of Sbelburne, 26 Dec. 1766, p. 124.

Extract of a letter from Gen. Gage to the earl of Shelburne 17 Jan. 1767, p. 124.

Act to furnish barracks in cities of New York and Albany with firewood, etc. 10 July 1766, p.

125. Extract of a letter from Gen. Gage to the earl of Shelburne 10 Feb. 1767, p. 130.

Extracts from the manuscript journal of the general assembly of New York laid before parliament 10 Nov.-19 Dec. 1766, p. 144.

Gov. Pownall's speech against suspending the goverument of New York 15 May 1767, p. 162.

Petition of mercbants of New York to the house of commons,

p. 163.

Authentic account of the proceedings of the congress held at New York

in 1765 on the subject of the American stamp act. 37p. n.p. 1767

N. Y. state lib. Colden, Cadwallader. State of the province of New York. (see New

York historical society. Collections. 1877. Publication fund ser. 10:68-78)

974-7 N42 Dated Dec. 6, 1765. Conduct of Cadwallader Colden, esq. lieutenant governor of New York

relating to the judges' commissions, appeals to the king and the stamp duty. 56p.

N. Y. 1767

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(see New York historical society. Collections. 1877. Publication fund ser. 10:431-67)

974.7 142 The assembly made every effort to discover the author but in vain. Sedgwick. Memoir of William Livingston. 1833. p.124, 923.27 L761; and,

Analectic magazine, Oct. 1814, 4:307. Dawson, H: B. Sons of liberty in New York; a paper read before the New York historical society, May 3, 1859. 118p.

N. Y. 1859.

974.7 D32 Printed for private circulation. Sons of liberty was the name given to the organized opposition to the crown which started about the time of the Zenger

trial and flourished specially just preceding the revolution. Deed executed at Fort Stanwix Nov. 5, 1768, establishing a boundary

line between the whites and Indians of the northern colonies. (see
N. Y. (state) - State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the
state of New York) 1849-51. 1:587-91. 974.7 N424

I: 377-81.

974.7 qN423

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