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Civil lists

General his- O'Callaghan, E. B. comp. Laws and ordinances of New Netherland, tory

1638–74; comp. and tr. from the original Dutch records in the office of the secretary of state, Albany N. Y. 602p. Alb. 1868.

N. Y. state law lib.

Redfield, A. A. English colonial polity and judicial administration,

1664-1776. (see McAdam, David & others, ed. History of the

bench and bar of New York. 1897. 1:35-93) N. Y. state law lib. Seymour, Horatio. Influence of New York on American jurisprudence. (see Magazine of American history, Ap. 1879, 3:217-30)

973 M27 Smith, William. Mr Smith's opinion humbly offered to the general

assembly of the colony of New York on the 7th of June 1734 at their request, occasioned by sundry petitions of the city of New York, Westchester county and Queens county praying an establishment of courts of justice within the said colony by act of the legislature. 45p.

N. Y. state law lib.

N. Y. 1734.

Civil lists

List of all the officers employed in civill offices in the province of New

York the 20th of April, 1693, and of their salaries. (see N. Y. (state)-
State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)


974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:197-202. 974.7 qN423 Lists of colonial officers. (see Civil list and constitutional history of the colony and state of New York by E. A. Werner. 1891. v.35)

351.2 N42 Contents : Colonial executives, p. 206.

Auditors general, p. 216.
Treasurers, p. 217.
Schout-fiscals and attorneys general, p. 219.
Surveyors, p. 221.
Officers of the port of New York, p.
Commissioners of Indian affairs, p. 263.
County judges, p. 533-41.
Surrogates, p. 541-51.
Sheriffs, p. 561–79.

County clerks, j). 580–90.
O’Callaghan, E. B. The register of New Netherland, 1624 to 1674,
Alb. 1865

351.2 OCI List of officials, colonial and local.


Classes of settlers

General his-
Classes of set.

2 V.

For Huguenots, see also Newpaltz, p. 480, and New Rochelle, p. 469. For tlers palatines, see Palatines, p. 502. For English on Long Island, see Suffolk

county, p. 454 and its towns. Baird, C:W. Histoire des réfugiés Huguenots en Amérique ; traduit de l'Anglais par N. E. Meyer et de Richemond. Toulouse 1886. Huguenot emigration to America.

N. Y. 1885

284.5 B162 New Netherland, 1: 148–200. DeWitt, Thomas. On the sources of settlements in New York. (see New York historical society. Proceedings. 1848. p. 72–88)

974.7 N421 Disosway, G. P. The Huguenots in America. (see Smiles, Samuel.'

Huguenots; their settlements, churches and industries in England and Ireland. 1868. p. 427-42)

284.542 Sm4 Huguenots in New York, p. 429-33.

Huguenots of Staten Island. (see Continental monthly, June 1862, 1: 683-88)

051 276 Holland society of New York. Year book. 1886-98. N. Y. 1886-98.

974.7 qH71
Kapp, Friedrich. Geschichte der deutschen einwanderung in Amerika.
V.1, 416p.
N. Y. 1869.

325.243 K14
v.1 Geschichte der deutschen im staate New York bis zum anfange des 19 ten
jahrhunderts. No more published.
Knevels, J. W. Our Dutch progenitors. (see New York historical
society. Proceedings. 1849. p. 182-220)

974.7 1421 Lefevre, Ralph. Huguenots of Ulster county. (see Historical society of Newburgh bay and the Highlands. Papers. 1894. p. 41-55.)

N. Y. state lib. Vermilye, A. G. Huguenot element among the Dutch. 23P. Schenectady n. d.

284.5 V59 (see Reformed church in America. Centennial discourses. 1877. p. 139-61.)

285.7 R25 Mingling of Huguenot and Dutch in early New York. (see Huguenot society of America. Abstract of proceedings. n. d. 1:24-31.)

N. Y. state lib.

Ed. 3


General his. Waldron, W: W. Huguenots of Westchester and parish of Fordham. Immigrants 126p. N. Y. 1864.


W 52 Wittmeyer, A. V. Huguenots in America and their connection with

the church. (see Perry, W: S. History of the American episcopal church. 1885. 2:407-36)

283.73 P42

tary of.


Lists of immigrants
For settlers in a particular locality, see namo of county or town under
Local colonial history.
Baudartius, Gulielmus. First emigrants to New Netherland, 1624;

translated from Gedenkwaardige geschiedenissen zo kerkelyke als

Arnhem 1624. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secre-
Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. 4:131-32. 974.7 N424

974.7 qN423 Bergen, T. G. List of early immigrants to New Netherland, 1654-64

alphabetically arranged. (see New York genealogical and biographical record)

929. I

Oct. 1883, 14:181-90 Ap. 1884, 15:72-77

Jan. 1884, 15:34-40
Early immigrants to New Netherland, 1657-64. (see N. Y. (state)-
State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)

3:52-63 974.7

1850-51. 3:33-42. 974.7 qN423
Also in Holland society of New York. Year book. 1896. p.141-58, 974.7 qH71.
Early immigrants to New Netherland. (see Holland society of New
York. Year book. 1896. p.124-29)

974.7 qH71 Mentions lists that have been published. List of citizens of New York admitted as freemen between the years

1683 and 1740. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 2: 204-8)

974.71 qW69 O'Callaghan, E. B. Early highland immigration to New York. (see Historical magazine, Oct. 1861, 5:301-4) .


H62 Alphabetic list of Scotch highlanders coming to New York, 1738–42. Selyns, Henricus. List of church members and their residences in

1686, kept by Selyns, pastor of the Dutch reformed church. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93 1:446-52)

974.71 qW69

Settlers in Rensselaerwyck from 1630-46, compiled from the books General his

of monthly wages and other mss. (see Holland society of New Genealogy York. Yearbook. 1896. p. 130-40)

974.7 qH71 From O’Callaghai. History of New Netherland. 1846–48. 1:430-41.



Census population For enumerations of the whole colony. Census of a special locality is found with its history. Dexter, F. B. Estimates of population in the American colonies. (see American antiquarian society. Proceedings. 1887-88. new 5:22-50)

906 Am3
New York, p. 33–35.
Hough, F. B: History of the census in New York and plan proposed
for the state census of 1865.

(see Albany institute. Transactions.

N. Y. state lib.
List of inhabitants of province by counties, 1738. (see N. Y. (state) -
State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)
1849-51. 4: 184-88.

974.7 N424 1850-51. 4: 118-22.

974.7 qN423
All counties except Westchester.
Livingston, R. R. Census of state of New York at different periods

since 1731. (see Society for the promotion of useful arts. Tran-
sactions. 1807
2: 216-18)

630.6 F92a
Enumeration by counties ir 1731, 1771, 1786, 1791, 1801.
Statistics of population of province of New York, 1647-1774. (see

N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the
state of New York) 1849-51. 1: 687-97 974.7

1850-51. I: 465-74.

974.7 9N423

Genealogies of special places will be found with their local history. His.
tories of single families are not included.
Bergen, T. G. Register of early settlers of Kings county, Long Island,

N. Y., from its ist settlement by Europeans to 1700; with contribu-
tions to their biographies and genealogies. 452p. N. Y.

929.1 B45 Bunker, M.. P. Long Island genealogies, being kindred descendants of Thomas Powell.


(Munsell's historical ser. V. 24)

929. I


Alb. 1895.

General his. Griffin, Augustus. Griffin's journal; ist settlers of Southold; the Genealogy

names of the heads of those families, being only 13 at the time of their landing; ist proprietors of Orient, biographical sketches, etc. etc. 312 p. Orient, L. I. 1857.

929.1 G87 Holgate, J. B. American genealogy, being a history of some of the

early settlers of North America and their descendants from their ist emigration to the present time. 244 p. Alb. 1848. 929.1. qH71

Mostly New York families. Latting, J. J. Genealogical fragments. (see New York genealogical and biographical record)

929.1 N421 Oct. 1879, 10:170-77

Ap. 1880, 11:70-74
Jan. 1880, 11 : 12–24

Oct. 1880, II : 168-71
New York genealogical and biographical record, 1870-98. V. I-29.
N. Y. 1870-98.

929.1 N421
v. 18-29 are quarto, 929.1 qN421.
Pearson, Jonathan, comp. Contributions for the genealogies of the

descendants of the ist settlers of the patent and city of Schenectady from 1662 to 1800. 324p.

Alb. 1873.

929.1 P311 Contributions for the genealogies of the ist settlers of the ancient county of Albany from 1630 to 1800.

Alb. 1872,

929.1 P31 Contributions to the history of the ancient Dutch families of New York. (see New York genealogical and biographical record)

929.1 N421
Jan. 1871, 2:22-23 July 1871, 2:139-41
Ap. 1871, 2 : 68–70

Oct. 1871, 2 : 190-92
Purple, E. R. Contributions to the history of the ancient families of
New York. (see New York genealogical and biographical record)

929.1 N421
Ap. 1876, 7:49-64 Jan. 1878, 9:3-16
July 1876, 7:117-24 Ap. 1878, 9:52–62
Oct. 1876, 7: 145-51

July 1878, 9:113-25
Jan. 1877, 8:11-20 Oct. 1878, 9:153-60
Ap. 1877, 8:67-73 Jan. 1879, 10:35-43

July 1877, 8:124-33
Talcott, S. V. comp. Genealogical notes of New York and New
England families.

747 p.
Alb. 1883

929.1 T14

182 P:

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