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tory Reformed

Onderdonk, Henry, jr. Friends on Long Island and in New York, General his1657-1826. (see his Annals of Hempstead. 1878. p.93–104)


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974.7 N424
1850-51. 3: 603-24 974.7 qN423


Ed. 3.

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Character and development of the reformed church in the colo-
nial period. 66p. (see Reformed church in America. Centennial
discourses. 1877. p. 41-106)

285.7 R25
Manual of the reformed church in America, 1628-1878.
676p. N. Y. 1879.

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Alphabetic list of churches with list of ministers and bibliographic data, p.571-616.

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(American church history)

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tory Reformed

N. Y.

General his- DeWitt, Thomas. List of ministers of the reformed Dutch church

in North America, in chronological order from 1633 to 1800. (see church

his Discourse delivered in the North reformed Dutch church 1857. P-71-79)

285.77471 N811 Gunn, Alexander. Memoirs of the Rev. John H. Livingston, pre

pared in compliance with a request of the general synod of the reformed Dutch church in North America.

540p. 1829.

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Memoirs of the Rev. John Henry Livingston, first professor of
theology in the reformed protestant Dutch church in North America.
New ed. 404p.
N. Y. 1856.

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church in the United States. (see Magazine of the reformed Dutch church)

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Jan. 1828, 2:312-15
Feb. 1828, 2:344-48
Holland society of New York. List of Dutch reformed churches

organized before 1800, with their records. (see Hackensack (N. J.)
Reformed Dutch church. Records of the reformed Dutch churches
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1849-51. 1:625–26. 974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:406-7. : 974.7 qN423 Ordination of the first clergyman in the reformed protestant Dutch

church in North America. (see Historical magazine, Nov. 1865,

Rev. Petrus Tesschenmaecker, 1679.
Reformed church in America - General synod. Acts and pro-

ceedings, vol. 1, embracing the period from 1771 to 1812; preceded
by the Minutes of the coetus, 1738-54 and the Proceedings of the
conferentie, 1755-67. 493p. N. Y. 1859.

285.773 R25 Rev. John H. Livingston. (see Old New York, Sep. 1889, 1: 94-105)

974.71 q011

tary of.

973 H62


Slavery Census of slaves, 1755. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Docu. General hismentary history of the state of New York)

3: 843-68.


1850-51. 3: 503–21. 974.7 qN423
Under names of masters.
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2 : 285-86)

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326.1 D85
Slavery and the slave trade in New York, p.17-20.
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address delivered before the Herkimer county historical society,
Oct. 12, 1897. I2p. n.t-p.

n.p. 1897. 326.9747 Ea7
Also in Herkimer county historical society. Papers for 1897. p.103-14,
974.761 H42.
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York. (see Historical magazine, Aug. 1866, 10:237-38) 973

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P. 300-3) 974.742 H83

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(see N. Y. (city)—Common council. Manual. 1863. 22:58194)

352.0747 N4k Voyages of the slavers, St John, and Arms of Amsterdam, 1659,

1663, together with additional papers illustrative of the slave trade under the Dutch ; translated from the original mss with an introduction and index by E. B. O'Callaghan. (in O'Callaghan, E. B. New York colonial tracts. 1866–72. v. 3)


Ост Williams, G: W. History of the negro race in America, from 1619 to 1880. 2 v. in 1. N. Y. 1885.

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See also Zenger, p. 364.
Bicentennial anniversary of the introduction of printing into the mid-

dle colonies. (see Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography,
1886, 10:78–85)

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delivered before the historical society of Pennsylvania, Dec. II, 1885. (see Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, 1886. 10:15-32)

974.8 P382 The Bradford bicentenary. (see Critic, Ap. 15, 1893, 22 : 236– 37)

051 4C86 Colonial printers in New York. (sce Book buyer, Feb. 1896, 23:810)

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051 C76 The first book printed in New York. (see Bookworm, Feb. 1890, 3: 89-92)

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Jan. 1889, 12:475–82 Ap. 1889, 13:90-99

July 13: 207-15 Additions to A list of the issues of the press in New York, 1693– 1752. (see Old New York, Feb. 1890, 2: 23-27) 974.71 OLI

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N. Y. state lib. (see Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder) & others. Historic New York, 1899. 2:119-62)

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974.71 qoli
Aug. 1889-Jan. 1890, 1:1-11,965-85,145-56, 217-23, 344-52, 385-95

Feb.-May 1890, 2:52.61, 73-87, 152-65, 269-83
Purple, S: S. Bradford family; genealogical memorials of William
Bradford the printer, 8p.

N. Y. 1873

929.2 qB72 50 copies privately reprinted from New York genealogical and biographical record, with additions. Simpson, Henry. William Bradford. (see Simpson, Henry. Lives of eminent Philadelphians, now deceased. 1859. P.124-29)

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Utica 1890.
Griffin, p.1042. Reprint from Utica berald, Oct. 28, 1890.
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American historical record, Sep. 1872, 1:387-92) 973 Am3

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Worcester 1810.

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913.7 qAm3 Printers in New York, 5: 290–313; newspapers and other periodical works, 6:96-127.



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