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General history


Wallace, J; W: Address delivered at the celebration by the New

York historical society, May 30, 1863, of the zooth birthday of Mr
William Bradford who introduced the art of printing into the middle


926.55 B72

The following list of newspapers printeil iu New York state before 1775
has been carefully revised by Mr Wilberforce Eames of the Lenox library.

The books immediately following bave also been consulted.
Grolier club of the city of New York. Catalogue of books printed

by William Bradford and other printers in the middle colonies.
N. Y. 1893

016.094 G89 Martin, C.. M. & Martin, B: E. The New York press and its makers. p.119-62, N. Y. 1898. (Half moon ser. V.2, no.4)

N. Y. state lib. (see Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder) & others. Historic New York. 1899. 2 : 119–62)

974.71 G63 North, S. N. D. History and present condition of the newspaper and

periodical press of the United States. (see U. S. Census, roth,
1880. Final reports. 1883-88. 8:1-446) R 317-3 qUn3 v.108

New York newspapers, p.387–408.
Thomas, Isaiah. History of printing in America. 2 v. Alb. 1874.

(in American antiquarian society. Archaeologia Americana; tran-
sactions and collections. 1874. v.5-6)

913.7 qAm3

Newspapers arranged chronologically

New York gazette (weekly)

Printed by William Bradford, 1725-44.
1st newspaper in New York city.
Patial files at:

New York society library (1726–29)
New York historical society (1730-38)
Lenox library (17333-40)

Pennsylvania historical society (1736-40)
New York weekly journal.

Printed by John Peter Zenger, 1733-52 ?
20 newspaper in New York city.
Partial files at:

Lenox library (1733-44)
Antiquarian society, Worcester (later than 1744)

New York gazette or weekly postboy (successor to Gazette)

General history

Newspapers Printed by James Parker, 1743–73. 3d newspaper in New York city. Partial files at:

New York bistorical society (1744-)

Lenox library (1744-66)
New York evening post (weekly)

Printed by Henry De Foreest, 1744-51.
4th newspaper in New York city.
Partial file at:

New York historical society (1750–51)
New York mercury (weekly)

Printed by Hugb Gaine, 1752–83.
Afterward called New York gazette and weekly mercury.
5th newspaper in New York city.
Partial files at:

Pennsylvania historical society.

Lenox library (nearly complete file after 1755) New York gazette (weekly)

Printed by William Wegman, 1759-67. 6th newspaper in New York city.

Nearly complete file at Lenox library. American chronicle.

Printed by Samuel Farley, 1761-62. 7th newspaper in New York city.

No copies found. New York pacquet.

Printed by Benjamin Mecon; one or more numbers issued, 1763.
8th newspaper in New York city.

Lenox library has first number.
New York journal or general advertiser.

Printed by John Holt, 1766-98 or not long after.

Published in Kingston, 1777 and in Poughkeepsie, 1777–83; several changes in title after 1783.

9th newspaper in New York city. This paper was intended to succeed the New York gazette or weekly postboy and so numbered, but the latter was published till 1773.

Lenox library has 1766-75, 1787–89.
New York chronicle.

Published by Alex. & James Robertson, 1769–70.
Publishers removed to Albany in 1770.
10th newspaper in New York city.
Lenox library has one number.


General his. Rivington's New York gazetteer; or the Connecticut, New Jersey,

Hudson's river and Quebec weekly advertiser.
Printed by James Rivington, 1773–75, 1777–83.
Discontinued from Nov. 1775 to Oct. 1777; changes of title after 1777.
11th newspaper in New York city.

Lenox library bas 1773–75, 1779-80.
Constitutional gazette.

Printed by John Anderson.
Published for a few months in 1775.
12th vewspaper in New York city.

Lenox library has one number.
Independent reflector; or weekly essays.

Printed by James Parker, 1752-53.
52 nubers form a set.

Complete file at Lenox library..
Albany gazette.

Printed by Alex. & James Robertson, 1771-75.

1st newspaper in Albany.
Occasional reverberator.

Privted by James Parker, New York.
September, 1753, no. 1-2.
No more published.

Complete file at Lenox library.

" J. Parker & William Weyman, New York, 1755, no. 1-6.
John Englishman.
" Parker & Weyman, April-July 1755, no. 1-10.

Lenox library has all but no. 9.

Beck, J. B. Historical sketch of the state of American medicine
before the revolution.

Alb. 1842.

610.8 H 7
Annual address before the New York state medical society, Feb, 1, 1842.
Ed. 2. Alb. 1850.

N. Y. state lib. Curtis, F: C. Glimpses of early medicine in Albany. (see Albany medical annals, Oct. 1886, 7: 289-300)

610.5 00 McNaughton, James. Progress of medicine in New York state.

(see New York state medical society. Transactions. 1836-37. p. 53-81)

610.6 Gga Wyckoff, R. M. Early medicine in New York: a centennial contribution. (see New York state medical society. Transactions,

610.6 Gga 1876. p. 278-97)

N. Y. 1724.

Commerce and manufactures Colden, Cadwallader. Papers relating to an act of the assembly of General his

the province of New York for encouragement of the Indian trade Commerce
and for prohibiting the selling of Indian goods to the French.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Contents : 1 Petition of London mercbauts against act.

2 Reference of petition to lords commissioners.
3 Extract from minutes of lords commissioners.
4 Report of lords commissioners on petition.
5 Report of committee of council of New York.

6 Memorial concerning fur trade of New York.
Edsall, T: H: Something about fish, fisheries and fishermen in New

York in the 17th century. (see New York genealogical and bio.
graphical record, Oct. 1882, 13:181-200)

929.1 142 1 Hasenclever, Peter. The case of Peter Hasenclever.

97p. n.t-p.

923.843 H 27
Narrative of the establishment by him of iron foundries in various parts of
New York, 1761-69, and his subsequent failure.
Histoire et commerce des colonies Angloises dans l'Amérique septen-
trionale. 336p.
Lond. 1765.

N. Y. state lib.
New York, p. 135-66.
Homes, H: A: Notice of Peter Hasenclever; an iron manufacturer
of 1764-69. 8p.

908 H75
Notice of Peter Hasenclever ; an early iron manufacturer. (sce
Albany institute. Transactions. 1876. 8:199-206) N. Y. state lib.
Kennedy, Archibald. Report on trade and production, 1738.

see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of
the state of New York) 1849-51. 4:182-83 974.7 N424

1850-51. 4:117.

974.7 qN423 Papers relating to the trade and manufactures of the province of New

York, 1705-57. (see N. Y. (state)-State, Secretary of. Docu-
mentary history of the state of New York)

1 : 709-36. 974:7

1850-51. 1:483-99

974.7 qN423 Also in Manual of the city of New York. 1852, 11:441-49, 352.0747 N4k. Statistics of revenue, imports, exports, etc. 1691-1768.

(see N. Y.
(state)-State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of
New York)
1849-51. 1: 699-707 974.7


974.7 qN423 Tariff of 1655. (see N. Y. (state)-Legislature. Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New York. 1853-87. 1:572-73)

R974.7 qN421

Alb. 1875.



LOCAL COLONIAL HISTORY Local history Barber, J: W. & Howe, Henry. Historical collections of the state of New York. 608p. N. Y, 1841.

974.7 B231
Outline history of the state, 21.13-41: remainder of volume contains short
sketches of the counties in alphabetic orrer.
Fernow, Berthold, tr. & ed. Documents relating to the history and.

settlements of the towns along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers,
with the exception of Albany, from 1630 to 1684, and also illus-
trating the relations of the settlers with the Indians.
Alb.1881. (in N. Y. (state)-Legislature. Documents relative
the colonial history of the state of New York. 1853–87. v. 13)

R974.7 qN421
Powell, L. P. ed. Historic towns of the middle states. 439p.
N. Y. 1899.
(American historic towns)

974.7 P87


Ed. 3

New York city and vicinity

New York city
Bartram, F. S. Retrographs; comprising a history of New York city

prior to the revolution. 196p. N. Y. C1888. N. Y. pub. lib. Belden, E. P. New York; past, present and future; comprising a

history of the city of New York, a description of its present condition and an estimate of its future increase.


N. Y. 1849.

974 71 B41 Colonial history, p.11-20. 153p.

N. Y. pub, lib. Bernheim, A. C. Relations of the city and the state of New York. (see Political science quarterly, Sep. 1894, 9:377-402)

305 P75 Colonial period, p.377-86. Black, G: A. History of municipal ownership of land on Manhattan

Island to 1844. 83p. N. Y. 1891. (in Studies in history, economics and public law, ed. by the university faculty of political science of Columbia college. 1891-92. v.1, no. 3)

305 St. Booth, M.. L. History of the city of New York, from its earliest settlement to the present time. 846p.

N. Y. 1859.

974.71 B64 Prerevolutionary period, p. 21-509. History of the city of New York.


N. Y. 1867.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Paged continuously.
N. Y. 1880.67.

N. Y. pub. lib.


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