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Local history, Van Rensselaer, Mrs Sarah. The Bayards of New York and the Dutch period early history of the city. (see her Ancestral sketches. 1882. p.29-61)

923.27 9V35 1647-73.

The growth of the city of New York from 1626. (see her Ancestral sketches. 1882. p. 159–82)

923.27 V35 Watson, J: F. Historic tales of olden time, concerning the early set

tlement and advancement of New York city and state for the use of
families and schools.

N. Y. 1832.

974.7 W33 New York city. (see his Annals and occurrences of New York city and state in the olden time. 1846. p.141-390) 974.7 W331

Olden time; researches and reminiscences of New York city. (see his Annals of Philadelphia. 1830. apx.p.1-78)

974.811 W332 Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York from its first settlement to the year 1892.


N. Y. 1892-93.

974.71 qW69 Old New York. (see Cosmopolitan, Jan. 1892, 12:313--23) 051 qC82 Winthrop, B: R. Old New York. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual. 1862. 21:686-94)

352.0747 N4k Read before the New York historical society Feb. 4, 1862.

Dutch period
For first settlement of Manhattan Island, see Trading companies, p. 325.
Account of Anneke Janse and her family; also the will of Anneke
Janse in Dutch and English. 3гр.

Alb. 1870. 040


150 copies printed.
Anneke Jans Bogardus and her farm. (see Harper's magazine,
May 1885, 70:836-49)

051 H23

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Anneke Janse. (see Munsell, Joel. Collections on the history of

Albany. 1865-71. 2:422-27; 3:459-64) 974.743 qM92
Contains a partial genealogy of her descendants.

Antiquities of New York. (see Catholic world, Aug. 1869, 9:652-60)

205 C28

The beginning of the city. (see N. Y. (city)—Common council.
Manual. 1853. 12: 427-41)

352.0747 N4k

Biographical sketches of all the magistrates of New Amsterdam. (see Local history N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual.

1852. 11:378-400) Dutch period

352.0747 N4k Burgomasters of New Amsterdam 1653–74. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 2:49)

974.71 qW69 Davis, Asahel. History of New Amsterdam; or, New York as it was,

in the days of the Dutch governors together with papers on events
connected with the American revolution, and on Philadelphia in
the times of William Penn.

N. Y. 1854.

974.71 D29
Albany, Schenectady, Esopus and Newpaltz, apx. p. 93-111.
Durand, E:D. City chest of New Amsterdam

p. 209-38. N. Y. °1897. (Half moon ser. v. 1, no. 7)

N. Y. state lib. (sce Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder), & others. Historic New York. 1897. 1:159-90)

974.71 G63 The Dutch on Manhattan. (see Harper's magazine, Sep. 1854, 9:433-53)

051 H 23 The Dutch records of New York. (see Old New York)

974.71 qoli
May 1890, 2: 251-61 Dec. 1890, 2:337-42

Mar. 1891, 2:462-70
Contents : Ordinances of Gov. Stuyvesant; inordinate drinking to be sup-

pressed, goats and bogs must be kept out of the highway, ob-
servance of the sabbath, no liquor to be sold to the Ivdians,

trading by foreigners forbidden.
Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder). Fort Amsterdam in the days of the
Dutch. p. 239-74. N. Y. °1897. (Half moon ser. v. 1, no. 8)

N. Y. state lib. (see Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder) & others. Historic New York. 1897. 1:1–37)

974.71 G63 Historical minutes of the times of the Dutch. (see N. Y. (city)

Common council. Manual. 1860. 19:612-19) 352.0747 N4k McManus, Blanche. How the Dutch came to Manhattan. 82p. N. Y. 1897. (Colonial monographs)

974.71 M22 New Amsterdam from settlement through 2d occupation by the Dutch. Megapolensis, Johannes. Original letter. (see Old New York, Ap. 1890, 2: 145-51)

974.71 qoli
Dated 15 Aug. 1648: relativg to Bogardus and Anneke Jans.
Nash, S. P. Anneke Jans Bogardus; her farm and how it became the

property of Trinity church, New York; an historic inquiry. 105p.
N. Y. 1896.

283.7471 1733


Local history New Amsterdam. Proceedings of the burgomaster and schepens
New York city
Dutch period (see N. Y. (city)—Common council. Manual) 352.0747 N4k

1845, 5:340-71 1849, 8: 382-434 1852, II: 473-98
1847, 6:371-86 1850, 9:487-546 1853, 12:472-99
1848, 7:376-84 1851, 10:421-50

Records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674, A. D. ed. by
Berthold Fernow.

N. Y. 1897.

974.71 1424
Contents: Minutes of the court of burgomasters and schepens.
v.1 1653-55
v.2 1656-58

v.3 1658-61
V.4 1662-63
v.5 1664-66

v.6 1666-73
v. 7 1673–74, p. 1-139; Administrative minutes, p. 140-267;

Index, p. 269–352.
Records of the city of New Amsterdam, ed. by H: B. Dawson.
(see Historical magazine)


Jan.-Ap. 1867, ser. 2, 1:32-41, 108–12, 170-75, 224-29


Jan. 1868, ser. 2, 3: 39-45

2 : 30-34

Admiuistration of Gov. Stuyvesant.

Records of the city of New Amsterdam in New Netherland, ed. by H: B. Dawson. V. 1, 79p. Morrisania N.Y. 1867. 974.71 D32

No more publisbed. 100 copies reprinted with changes from Historical magazine, v. 11. Chiefly orders of Gov. Stuyvesant and council selected

from the early Dutch records, 1747–59. New York city in 1661: the story of an old map. (see American bibliopolist, Dec. 1871, 3:497-98)

010.5 Am3 Noyes, J. O. The Dutch in New Amsterdam. (see National magazine, May 1858, 12:443-48)


N21 Paulding, J. K. comp. Affairs and men of New Amsterdam, in the

time of Governor Peter Stuyvesant; comp. from Dutch manuscript records of the period. 1612. N. Y. 1843.

974.71 P28 Schaghen, P. Original document; letter announcing purchase of New

York city. (see National magazine, Sep. 1892, 16:586-90) 973 M271 Scisco, L. D. The burgher guard of New Amsterdam. (see American historicai register, Ap. 1895, 2:737-47)

973 q.Am31 Garrison of Fort Amsterdam. (see American historical register, May-June 1896, 4:255-62, 372–77)

973 Am31 Stilwell, B: M. Early memoirs of the Stilwell family with a sketch

of the history of Manhattan Island and its vicinity under the Dutch.
N. Y. 1878.

929.2 St58

Valentine, D: T: Cornelis Steenwyck, burgomaster of New Amster. Local history

dam, mayor of New York. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council. English period
Manual. 1864. 23: 648-64)

352.0747 N4k
Law and lawyers in New Amsterdam. (see N. Y. (city)-Com-
mon council.
Manual. 1863. 22 : 569-80)

352.0747 N4k Van Rensselaer, Mrs Schuyler. The mother city of Greater New

York. (see Century magazine, May 1898, 56: 138-46) 051 Scr31
Watson, J: F. First settlement of the city of New York. (see his

Annals and occurrences of New York city and state. 1846.

974.7 W331

English period American divines: the Rev. Samuel Johnson, D. D. (see Christian observer, Dec. 1832, 32 : 763–76, apx. 829-36)

205 C462 Andrews, W: L. The Bradford map; the city of New York at the

time of the granting of the Montgomerie charter; a description to
accompany a (reduced] facsimile of an actual survey made by
James Lyne and printed by William Bradford in 1731. 115P.
N. Y. 1893

917.471 An2
Only two copies of the original are known to exist.
Beardsley, E. E: Life and correspondence of Samuel Johnson, D. D.

missionary of the church of England in Connecticut and first pres-
ident of Kings college, New York.

380p. N. Y. 1874.

923-77 J63 The burghers of New Amsterdam and the freemen of New York 1675

1866. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1886. Pub-
lication fund ser. v. 18)

974.7 142 Capture of the city of New Amsterdam by the English. (see N. Y.

(city)-Common council. Manual. 1861. 20:603-21) 352.0747 N4k Carpenter, D. H. New York's first mayor. (see New York genealogical

and biographical record, Oct. 1887, 28: 190-96) 929.1 9N421

Thomas Willett, mayor 1663.
Carther, E. Letter describing the stamp act riot in New York. (see

New York mercantile library. New York city in the American
revolution. 1860.
p. 41-49)

N. Y. state lib.
Chandler, P. W. Trials of certain negroes and others before the

supreme court of New York for a conspiracy to burn the city and
murder the inhabitants, 1741. (see his American criminal trials.
1841-44. 1:211-54)

N. Y. state law lib.

Ed. 2.

Local history Chandler, T:B. Life of Samuel Johnson, D. D. the first president of
New York city
English period Kings (now Columbia) college in New York. 208p.

N. Y. 1805.

923.77 J632 City affairs after the capture of the city by the English, 1665-1672. (see N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual.



352.0747 N4k City of New York in 1673. (see Family magazine, 1835-36, 3: 162-68)

051 (F21 Clarke, Jo. New York in 1672-73; A letter written by Jo. Clarke of

Fort James, N. Y. to Silvester Salisbury, commander of Fort Albany. (see Historical magazine, Feb. 1860, 4: 50-51)

973 H62 Condition of New York in 1757. (see Old New York, Ap.1890, 2:166–77)

974.71 qoli Condition of the city fortifications, from a survey in 1688. (see

Reminiscences of the city of New York and its vicinity. 1855. p. 123-25)


R28 Court of lieutenancy, 1686–96. (see New York historical society. Col

lections. 1881. Publication fund ser. 13:389-438) 974.7 N42 DeWitt, Edward. Map of the city of New York showing the original

high water line and the location of the different farms and estates; with an explanation. ( see N. Y. (city)-Common council. Manual. 1855 12:436-41)

352.0747 N4k The duke of York's present to the common council of New York. (see N.Y.

(city)—Common council. Manual. 1849. 8:343) 352.0747 N4k Execution of persons engaged in the negro plot in the city of New

York in the year 1741. (see N. Y. (city)—Common council. Man-
ual. 1866.
1866. 25:810-20)

352.0747 N4k Extracts from early newspapers, 1726-27. (see Old New York, Aug. 1889, 1:37-41)

974.71 qoli Extracts from early newspapers, 1733–34. (see Old New York, Dec. 1889, 1:357-59)

974.71 GOLI The first negro plot in the city of New York, 1712. (see N. Y. (city) — Common council. Manual. 1869.

Manual. 1869. 27:775–76) 352.0747 N4k Gerard, J. W. Dongan charter of the city of New York. (see Magazine of American history, July 1886, 16:30-49)

973 M27 New York city, 1664-88.


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