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Local history Lewis, E.. D. Old prisons and punishments. p. 81-118. N. Y. escription °1898. (Half moon ser. v. 2, no. 3)

N. Y. state lib. (see Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder), & others. Historic New York. 1899. 2:81-118)

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the United State letter from Jonas Michaëlius from Manhatas in New Netherland, 11 Aug. 1628; translated and printed for private distribution by H: C. Murphy. 25p. Hague 1858. N. lib.

First minister of the Dutch reformed church in the United States. (see N. Y. (state)-Legislature. Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York, 1853-87. 2:757-70)

R974.7 qN421 Letter of Michaëlius to Rev. Adrianus Smontius, ed. by H: C. Murphy.

The first minister of the reformed protestant Dutch church in North America ; letter of Domine Jonas Michaëlius to Domine Adrianus Smoutius, dated at Manhattan, 11 Aug. 1628; translated from the Dutch with a preface and notes by H: C. Murphy. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1881. Publication fund ser. 13:365-87)

974.7 142 Including a facsimile of the original letter.

Reprinted from the Yearbook of the Collegiate reformed church of New York. 1896.

Jonas Michaëlius, eerste predikant der Nederduitsche hervormde gemeente op Manhattans of Nieuw-Amsterdam, het latere New York, in Noord-Amerika; medegedeeld door Mr J. T. Bodel Nijenhuis. (see Kerkhistorisch archief. 1857. 1:365-88)

N. Y. state lib. Jonas Michaelius, the first minister of the Dutch reformed church in the United States, facsimile of his letter, the only extant, written during the first years of the settlement of New York with transcript, preface and English translation by the late H: C.

Murphy. 22+5p. Amsterdam 1883.
Mines, J: F. A tour around New York; and, My summer acre, being the

recreation of Mr Felix Oldboy. 518p. N. Y. 1893. 917.471 M66

Contains illustrations of colonial buildings and description of life in the early days of the city.


Old New York revived. (see Historical magazine) 973 H62 V. 10-12 Local history

New York city 1866, 10:sup. 11-14, 38-43, 73–77, 108–13, 143-44

Religious his
Jan-Ap. 1867, ser. 2, 1: 42-44, 105-8, 166-67, 214-15
Aug. 1867, ser. 2, 2:110-113
Nov. 1867, ser. 2, 2:291-94

Mar. 1868, ser. 2, 3: 166–68
Picture of New York and stranger's guide. 492p. N. Y. *1828.

917.471 P58
First 135 pages, cbronologic record of the city's progress.
Prime, B: Y. New York in 1770; extract from a letter. (see New

York mercantile library. New York city in the American revolu. tion. 1860. p. 50-52,

N. Y. state lib. Sketch of the origin of the fire department. (see Reminiscences of the

city of New York and its vicinity. 1855. p. 277–79) 974.71 R28 Stevens, J: A. Life in New York at the close of the colonial period,

I see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York, 1892-93. 2: 445-64)

974.71 qW69 Old New York coffee-houses. (see Harper's magazine, Mar. 1882, 64:481-99)

051 H23 Old New York taverns. (see Harper's magazine, May 1890, 80:842–64)

051 H 23 Value of property in New York city in early times. (see Reminiscences of the city of New York and its vicinity. 1855. P. 117-18)

974.71 R28

Religious history
From the great mass of literature, controversial and other, touching
Trinity church, only that has been included which seems fullest and most

important in its bearing on the colonial period.
Baird, C: W. Pierre Daillé, the first Huguenot pastor of New York.

(see Magazine of American history, Feb. 1877, 1:91-97) 973 M27 Bayley, J. R. Brief sketch of the early history of the catholic church on

the island of New York. Ed. 2. 242p. N. Y. 1870. 282.7471 B34

Colonial period, p. 13-49.
Berrian, William. Historical sketch of Trinity church.
N. Y. 1847 .

283.7471 T731 Bowen, L. P. Days of Makemie ; or, The vine planted A. D. 16801708, with an appendix. 558p.

Phil. 1885.



386 p.


N. Y. 1732.

N. Y. 1725.

Local history, Campbell, Alexander. Protestation. 4p. N. 1.1733. N. Y. pub. lib. Religious his

Before Richard Nicolls, Mar. 26, 1733, against Rev. William Vesey's examiving certain charges made to the bishop of London against bin.

Supplement to the vindication of Mr Alexander Campbell : wherein all the objections made to the said vindication are answered, particularly those in a late paper called Mr Noxon's observations, etc. 35p.

N. Y. pub. lib. True and just vindication of Mr Alexander Campbell from the several aspersions cast upon him, and that load of undeserved calumny and reproach he at present lyes under. In a letter directed to

Edmund lord bishop of London. 14p. N. Y. 1732. V922.37 C15
The case of the Scotch presbyterians of the city of New York. N Y. 1733.

Entered in Thompsoï. History of the presbyterian churches in the United
States. 1895. pref. p. 16.
Clarke, R:H. Catholic church in New York. (see Wilson, J. G. ed.
Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 4:634-48)

974.71 qW69 Collection of some papers concerning Mr Lewis Rou's affair.


N. Y. pub. lib. Contents : 1 Acts of the French consistors in the city of New York passed

against him the 13th and 20th of Sep. 1724.

2 Petitiov of several beads of families to the governor in council.
3 Order of the council about the petition.
4 Answer of the consistory to said petition.
5 Mr Rou's reply to this apswer.

6 The two reports of the comunittee of the couucil, with the

orders of that board concerning the same. Daly, C:P. Settlement of the Jews in North America ; ed. with notes

and appendices by M. J. Kohler. 171p. N. Y. 1893. 296 D17

New York, p. 1-58.
De Costa, B: F. Early Huguenots of Manhattan. (see Wilson,

J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93.

974.71 qW69 DeLancey, W: H. Title, parish rights and property of Trinity

church New York from the appendix to Bishop De Lancey's 20th conventional address, delivered in Oswego, Aug. 19, 1857. 23p. Utica 1857

283.7471 T732 7.4 De Witt, Thomas. Discourses delivered in the North reformed

Dutch church (collegiate) in the city of New York on the last sabbath in August 1856. 1oop.

N. Y. 1857

285.77471 N811 History of the reformed cburch in New York city.

New York



Dix, Morgan. Historical recollections of St Paul's chapel ; to which Local history

is prefixed an account of the celebration of its centennial anniversary. Religious hisOct. 28, 29 and 30, 1866. 64p. N Y. 1867.

283.7471 Sa21 History of Trinity parish. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 4: 188–207) 974.71 qW69

History of the parish of Trinity church in the city of New
N.Y. 1898.

283-7471 9T731
In 3 volumes.

Old Trinity, New York and its chapels. (see Perry, W: S. ed.
History of the American episcopal church. 1885.

1885. 2:473-84)

283-73' P42 Dunshee, H: W. anon. History of the school of the collegiate re

formed Dutch church in the city of New York, from 1633 to 1883.
284p. N. Y. 1883.

373.747 N4E Dyer, A. M. Points in the first chapter of New York Jewish history (see American Jewish historical society. Publications.

1894. 3:41-60)

296 Am3 Pulpit censorship in New Amsterdam. (sce American historical register, Feb. 1895, 1:507-14)

973 Am31 Early Dutch reformed church in Nassau street in the city of New York. (see American historical record, Sep. 1872, 1:400-32)

973 qAm Early history of the catholic church on the island of New York. (sce Historical magazine, Oct.-Nov. 1869, ser. 2, 6:229-33, 271-79)


H62 v.16
From Catholic world, Dec. 1869, 10: 413-20, 515–25, 205C28.
A familiar conversational history of the evangelical churches of New
N. Y. 1838.


Foote, W:H: Rev. Francis Makemie and his associates.

The con-
finement and trial of Makemie for preaching a sermon in New
York, 1707.
(see Foote, W: H:

Sketches of Virginia. 1850.

285 1755

Greenleaf, Jonathan. A history of the churches of all denominations

in the city of New York from the first settlement to the year 1846.
N. Y. 1846.

277.471 G84
N. Y. 1850.

277.471 G841 Harrison, W: H. anon. Trinity church title; an exposure of Miller's

letter, with documents, etc. addressed to the late commissioners of the land office.


Alb. 1856. 283.7471 1732 v.3

Local history Historical documents relating to the French protestants in New York.
New York city
Religions his

1686–1804. (see Huguenot society of America. Collections. tory 1886. 1:327-431)

284.57 H87 Induction of the Rev. William Vesey. isce Old New York, Jan, 1890, 1:401-17)

974.71 qoli Introduction of methodism. (see Old New York, Aug. 1889, 1:41-45)

974.71 qoli Isaacs, A. S. The Jews of New York. (see Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial

history of the city of New York. 1892-93. 4:380–85) 974.71 qW69 Kemp, R. M. comp. Old St Paul's chapel, Trinity parish, New York,

names and histories that have clustered round it in four generations.
N. Y. 1896.

N. Y. pub. lib.
Kohler, M. J. Beginnings of New York Jewish history. (see American

Jewish historical society. Publications. 1893. 1:41-48) 296 Am3

Civil status of the Jews in colonial New York. (see American Jewish historical society. Publications. 1897. 6:81-106) 296 Am3

Phases of Jewish life in New York before 1800. (see American Jewish historical society. Publications. 1893-94. 2:77-100; 3:73-86)

296 Am3 Makemie, Francis. A good conversation; a sermon preached at the

city of New York, January 18, 1706/7. 36p.
Sabin, 11:136.
For preaching this sermon the author was imprisoneil.

(see New York historical society. Collections. 1871. Publication fund ser. 3:411-53)

974.7 N42 Narrative of a new and unusual American imprisonment of two presbyterian ministers and prosecution of Mr Francis Makemie, one of them, for preaching one sermon at the city of New York, by a learner of the law and lover of liberty. 47p.

N. Y. pub. lib. 52p, N. Y. 1755

N. Y. pub. lib. (in Force, Peter, ed. Tracts and other papers. 1846. V.4, no. 4)

N. Y. state lib. Memorial with accompanying documents of inhabitants of the city of

New York in communion with the protestant episcopal church in the state of New York praying the repeal or amendment of an act entitled "An act to aller the name of the corporation of Trinity church in New York and for other purposes”, passed Jan. 25, 1814. 48p. N. Y. 1846.

283.7471 T732 v.1 Appended are 579 manuscript signatures.

Bost. 1707

Bost. 1707.

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