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Miller, R. G. Letter and documentary evidence in relation to the Local history

Trinity church property in the city of New York submitted to the Religious hiscommissioners of the land office, June 21, 1855. 86p. Alb. 1855.

283.7471 1732 v.3 Moore, G: H. Notes on the maintenance of the ministry and poor

in New York, the colonial ministry acts; the vestry of the city of New York, the minister of the city; Trinity church and its first resident rector. (see Historical magazine, June-July 1867, ser. 2, 1: 321-33; 2:9-15)

973 H62 V. II-12 New York (city), Collegiate reformed church. Bicentenary of

the charter of the reformed protestant Dutch church of the city of
New York, May 11, 1896. 87p. N. Y. 1896. N. Y. pub. lib.
Contents : Historical address by E: B. Coe, p. 17-39.

Addresses by H: M. Baird, J. B. Remensnyder, Morgan Dix,
C. C. Tiffany, D. J. Burrell, p. 4-75.

The charter, p. 76-87.
Collegiate Dutch church proceedings at the centennial anniver-
sary of the dedication of the north Dutch church, May 25, 1869
and also at the laying of the corner stone of the new church on 5th
avenue, corner 48th street, on the same day. 76p.

N. Y. 1869.

285-77471 N812 Historical sketch of the origin and organization of the reformed church in America and of the Collegiate church of the city of New York. 48p. N. Y. 1896.

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reformed Dutch church in New Amsterdam and New York; marriages from 11 Dec. 1639 to 26 Aug. 1801, edited with an introduction by S: S. Purple. 3512. N. Y. 1890. (in New York genealogical and biographical society. Collections. 1890. V. 1)

929 9N42 Edition of 100 copies. New York (city), Trinity church. Charter, etc. of Trinity church in the city of New York. 30p.

30p. N. Y. 1846. 283-7471 1732 1.3 Trinity church bicentennial celebration, May 5th, 1897. 38p. 1897.

283.7471 q173 Noxon, Thomas. Mr Noxon's observations upon Parson Campbell's vindication. Ip.

N. Y. pub. lib.

N. Y. 1732.


Local history, Old New York and Trinity church. (see New York historical society. Religious his Collections. 1871. Publication fund ser. 3 : 145-408) 974.7 N42

Parkinson, William Jubilee: a sermon, containing a history of the

origin of the First baptist church in the city of New York delivered
Jan. 1, 1813.

N. Y. 1813

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From Vertoogh van Nieu Nederland by Adriaen van der Donck, and Cort
bericht by Van Tienhoven.
Rou, Louis. Difficulties in the French protestant church, New York.

(see N. Y. (state,—State, Secretary of. Documentary history of
the state of New York) 1849–51. 3: 1159–77.

974.7 N424 1850-51. 3: 703-13.

974.7 qN423 Sandford, L:H. Bogardus vs Trinity church; opinion in the case of

Nathaniel Bogardus and others vs the rector, church-wardens and vestrymen of Trinity church, June 28, 1847. 40p.

N. Y. 1847

283.7471 T732 V.2 Sharpe, Rev. John. Proposals for erecting a school, library and

chapel at New York, 1712–13. (see New York historical society.

Collections. 1880. Publication fund ser. 13:337-63) 974.7 N42 Spence, Irving. Letters on the early history of the presbyterian church in America.

Phil. 1838.

285.173 Sp3
Prosecution of Rev. Francis Makemie in New York, p.69–74.
To the Rev. William Vesey and his two subalterns, viz Tom Pert, the

Beotian, and Clumsy Ralph, the Cimmerian. 4p. N. Y. 1732.
Printed by J: P. Zenger.

N. Y. pub. lib.
A letter supporting Alexander Campbell in his differences with Rev.
William Vesey.
The true state of Mr Rou's case; or, A short discourse concerning his

difference with the present consistory of the French church in New
York. Printed and sold by William Bradford in the city of New
York. 1726.

Grolier club, p. 27, no. 69. Rev. Louis Ron's statement of his side of the question in the unsuccessful attempt to remove him.

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N. Y. 1887.

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205 C1622


Devoe, T: F. Market book; containing a historical account of the

public markets in the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and
N. Y. 1862.

643 M2 Public markets of New York, v. 1.

Old Fly market butchers. (see N. Y. (city) —Common council. Manual. 1868. 26 : 841–63)

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notices of some of its most distinguished members. (see New York historical society. Collections. 1849. ser. 2, 2:381-446)

974.7 1422 v. 7

New York chamber of commerce. Centennial celebration at
Irving hall, Ap. 6, 1868; report of proceedings. 44p. N. Y. 1868.

N. Y. pub. lib. Charter and bylaws; with a history of the Chamber of commerce of the state of New York.

N. Y. 1849.

381 N422
N. Y. 1855.

381 1421

Colonial records, 1768-1784 with historical and biographical sketches by J: A. Stevens jr. 404+172p. N. Y. 1867. 381 9N42 Stevens, J: A., jr. Commercial history of the city of New York. (see

Wilson, J. G. ed. Memorial history of the city of New York. 1892-93 4:498-550)

974.71 qW69 Merchants of New York, 1765-1775. (see Galaxy, June 1875, , 19:787-800)

051 G13

Local history
Long Island

Long Island The eastern part was settled by the English from New England and the town's included in the present county of Suffolk and part of Queens placed themselves under the jurisdiction of New Haven. By the treaty of Hartford in 1650, the west line of Oyster Bay was made the boundary between the Dutch and English claims. In 1664 on the conquest of the duke of York, the whole

island became part of his dominion. Agreement between John Scott and Gov. Stuyvesant, 1663-4. (see

O'Callaghan, E. B. History of New Netherland. 1846-48. 2: 578)


Scott was “president of the English of ye townes of Gravesend, Ffolstone,
Hastings, Crafford, Newark and Hempsted".
Bunker, M.. P. Long Island genealogies being kindred descendants
of Thomas Powell. 530p. Alb. 1895. (Munsell's historical ser. V. 24)

929. 1

B88 Colve, Gov. Anthony. Charter to the several towns on Long Island,

anno 1673. (see N. Y. (state)—State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New York)

1849-51. 1:655-58. 974.7 N424

1850-51. 1:426-27. 974.7 qN423 DeKay, J. E. Indian names on Long Island. 12p. Oyster Bay 1851.

929.4 D 36 Fernow, Berthold, tr. & ed. Documents relating to the history of

the early colonial settlements, principally on Long Island, with a map of its western part made in 1666. 8oop. Alb. 1883. (in N. Y. (state)--Legislature. Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York. 1853-87 v. 14)

R974.7 1421 Flint, M. B. Early Long Island, a colonial study. 549p.

N. Y. 1896.

974.721 F64 Limited letter press ed. containing a bibliography.

Prerevolutionary, p. 1-384.
Furman, Gabriel. Antiquities of Long Island. 478p.

974.721 F98 General history of Long Island. (see History of Suffolk county, N. Y. 1882. p. 16-48)

974.725 qH62 Jones, W: A. Long Island.


N. Y. 1863 Griffin, p. 1012. Read before Long Island historical society, Nov. 5, 1863. (see Historical magazine, Mar. 1864, 8: 89-98) 973

Moore, C: B. Laws of 1683; old records and old politics. (see

New York genealogical and biographical record, Ap.
18: 49-63)

929.1 qN421 Contains much information about Long Island towps.

N. Y.



Moore, C:B. Shipwrights, fishermen, passengers from England. (see

Local history

Long Island New York genealogical and biographical record, Ap. 1879, 10:66-76, Oct. 1879, 10:149-55)

929.1 N421
Mainly settlers on Long Island.
Mulrenan, Patrick. Brief historical sketch of the catholic church
on Long Island.

N. Y. 1871.

282.747 L86 Nicoll, E: H. Early settlement of Long Island. (see Magazine of American history, Mar. 1884, 11:239-43)

973 M27 Onderdonk, Henry, jr. Bibliography of Long Island. (see Furman, Gabriel. Antiquities of Long Island. 1875. p. 435 69)

974.721 F98 Historic and anterevolutionary churches of Long Island. (see Perry, W: S. ed. History of the American episcopal church. 1885. 1:598-99)

283.73 P42 Prime, N. S. History of Long Island from its first settlement by

Europeans to the year 1845, with special reference to its ecclesiastical concerns.

N. Y. 1845

974.721 P93 Rate lists of Long Island, 1675, 1676 and 1683. (see N. Y. (state) -

State, Secretary of. Documentary history of the state of New

1849-51. 2 : 439-542. 974.7 N424
1850-51. 2:251-314.

974.7 qN423 Contents : List of Easthampton, 1675.

List of estate of Huntington, 1675.
Soutbold's estimate, 1675.
Valuation of estates at Flushing, 1675.
Valuations of Flushing, Gravesend, Hempstead and Jamaica, 1675.
List of the estate of Newtown, 1675.
Valuation for Brookhaven, 1675.

Assessment rolls of the five Dutch towns in King's county;
Flatbush, Brooklyn, Bushwick, New Utrecht and Flatlands, 1676.

Rate list of Bushwick, 1683.
Rate list of Flatlands, 1683.
Valuation of Brooklyn, 1683.
Rate list of Flatbush, 1683.
Rate list of New Utrecht, 1683.
List of persons, lands and cattle ratable, Gravesend, 1683.
Rate list of Newtown, 1683.
Flushing estimations, 1683.
List of town estate of Jamaica, 1683.
Valuation o estates of Hempstead, 1683.
List of estates of Oyster Bay, 1683.

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