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ESUS, my Saviour, my God, my Friend,
In life and in death, my soul defend;

In joy and sorrow, in good and ill,
Be Thou my Hope and Protector still.

My joy Thy glory, my hope Thy Name:
Amiable Jesus, my heart inflame;
In virtue's ways all my steps direct;
Powerful Jesus, my soul protect.

To Thee I fly as to sure repose,
Conquering Jesus, subdue my foes;
When in affliction and grief I bend,
Comfortless Jesus, be Thou my Friend.

Let not Thy torments and sighs be vain,
Suffering Jesus, my hope sustain ;
Thou too didst weep in Thy mortal years,
Sorrowing Jesus, accept my tears.

Grant I may walk in Thy footsteps bright,
Glorious Jesus, be Thou my Light;
Grant I may never desert Thy side,
Crucified Jesus, be Thou my Guide.

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When my race is run and I reach the goal,
Merciful Jesus, welcome my soul;

Freed from this valley of tears and woe,
Bountiful Jesus, my crown bestow.

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ERSEVERE in thoroughly conquering yourself in the small daily contradictions you receive. Make the bulk of your desires about this; know that God wishes nothing from you at present save that. Busy not yourself then in doing anything else, do not sow your desires in another's garden, but cultivate well your own. Do not desire not to be what you are, but desire to be very well what you are. Occupy your thoughts in making that perfect, and in bearing the crosses, little or great, you will surely meet, and, believe me, this is the GREAT TRUTH, and the least understood.

PERFORM all your actions as if you really saw the Divine Majesty present before you; for in this way a soul advances much.

“My Elect shall not Labor in Vain.“

H, why dost thou inwardly murmur?
Is life but a fruitless land?

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Will thy footsteps be wasted if others

They guide o'er the trackless sand?

Shall the tear that has fallen in secret,

And the strain on the breaking heart, And the last bitter drop in the chalice. From God's sight ever depart?

And the long and the weary temptation, And the grief o'er the past—the past, And the anguish of many struggles

Ere the crowning one at last?

Has the labor of years proved fruitless?
Is the pure, high hope brought low?
These things-shall God not see them?
These things-shall He not know?

Oh! nothing for Him is attempted
But what He counts as done;

Each failure each shipwrecked endeavor,
He has counted one by one.

It is said (it is God who has spoken :)
"His elect shall not labor in vain;"
Though sorrow on earth be their portion;
Their fruit shall for ever remain."

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By sorrow and dire contradiction,

God to mankind would life impart,

And His last sad plaint when dying,
Was the cry of a broken heart.

There is strength in each toil and struggleIn the brave heart's inward strife,

In the chill of seeming failure

For these are the seeds of life.

Each heart-ache endured for Jesus,
Has gone up and told its tale,
And though upon earth deemed fruitless,
With Him-shall it not prevail?

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Oh? because his soul hath labored,

He shall see a long-lived seed,"

Is the promise of Truth Eternal,

For Whom the will is the deed.

Oh yes! there is joy in sorrow,
Oh yes! there is balm in tears:
For their fruit-God's greater glory-
Shall last for Eternal years.

To The Blessed Virgin Mary.

O Virgin, purer than the light!
Mother of God! Thy welcome Name,
Linked by a Mother's dearest right,
Still by Thy Son's its place must claim.

To form Thy Jesus' Sacred Heart,

Mary! Thy Heart its life-blood gave;
With His in joy it bears its part,

With His it bleeds, mankind to save.

In vain an entrance do we seek,

To Jesus' Heart, except through Thine;
To Thy dear Son, O Mother; speak,
And bid His Heart enkindle mine.

JESUS let me feel Thee near me,

Only give one loving smile,

That will comfort, aid, and cheer me,
Will my lonely hours beguile.

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