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Purity of Intention.

AN'S life is but a succession of daily-recurring

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actions, which are, however, so many acts of virtue if performed with the requisite perfection. So that if our actions are accompanied with holy dispositions, our whole life shall be a series of virtuous actions, succeeding one another uninterruptedly, so many precious links of a golden chain.

Our intention gives all the value to our most. insignificant acts: by doing them for God, by offering them to Him, we introduce into them a Divine element; God, in accepting them, renders them in a measure worthy of Himself. Oh, what a well spent day is a day that has been given wholly to God! What a glory for this Divine Master is a servant who does all He wills, as He wills, and who lovingly offers Him all that he does!

Actions done through caprice, or simply from inclination, custom, human respect, hypocrisy, ostentation, interest, are not only fruitless for heaven, but often result in burdening the conscience.



ESUS my Master, I am not my own.


have been bought at a great price by You! I desire not henceforth to live to myself, but to You, and whatever I do in word or work, I sincerely desire and firmly resolve to do all in Your Name. My Jesus! this is all I can say. Do You in Your mercy give me strength and wisdom to accomplish what I have resolved in Your Presence this day. Jesus, my God! You have told me in Your unerring word to cast all my care upon You, because You have care of me! I do I cast all my sorrows, my solicitudes, and my uneasiness upon You. You. On my part, I will employ myself in promoting Your honor and glory, by doing everything in Your Name. know that on Your's, You will take into Your hands all that concerns me. I will attend to You; You will take care of me. Divine Jesus! Sweet Saviour of my soul, let this contract be inviolable and eternal between us-"I to my Beloved, and my Beloved to me.'


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O play through life a perfect part,
Unnoticed and unknown;

To seek no rest in any heart

Save only God's alone;
In little things to own no will,
To have no share in great,
To find the labor ready still,

And for the crown to wait.

Upon the brow to bear no trace
Of more than common care,

To write no secret in the face
For men to read it there.
The daily cross to clasp and bless,
With such familiar zeal,

As hides from all that not the less

The daily weight you feel.


In toils that praise will never pay
To see your life go past,
To meet in every coming day

Twin sister of the last;
To hear of high, heroic things,
And yield them reverence due,

But feel life's daily offerings
Are far more fit for you.

To woo no secret soft disguise
To which self-love is prone,
Unnoticed by all other eyes,
Unworthy in your own;

To yield with such a happy art,
That no one thinks you care,
And say to your poor bleeding heart :
"How little you can bear."

Oh! 'tis a pathway hard to choose,
A struggle hard to share,
For human pride would still refuse
The nameless trials there;

But since we know the gate is low
That leads to heavenly bliss,
What higher grace could God bestow
Than such a life as this?


The Mysterious Voice.

HAT strange voice is this impels me
Near to God, in all I see?


"Be thou faithful," thus it tells me, "God is ever near to thee."

In my childhood, when I wandered
Through the woods or by the sea,
Still I heard that voice and pondered
On the words it spoke to me.

When alone, I often hear it

This unseen but friendly guide

Like some gentle blessed spirit,
Ever ling ring at my side.

Oft in hours of silent sorrow,

This kind voice I plainly hear, From whose words new strength I borrow, Driving far all doubt and fear.

Often when my heart was beating

With its griefs that few may know,

I have felt how vain and fleeting
Are life's pleasures here below.

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