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LONE, with God; Oh! who can say,
The Mystery Deep these words portray!
It thrills the soul with love and fear,
To know and feel that God is near.

Alone, my God, Alone with Thee,
The bliss like this, for such as me,
How can so mean and vile a thing,
Remain alone before her King!

How soft and sweet time passes there
Alone with God, and lost in prayer,
If in some lonely little cell,

I may alone with Jesus Dwell.

Oh! would that my weak heart might be
That little cell, my spouse, for Thee;
Alone my God, yes, night and day,
And at Thy. feet I'd ever stay.

If oft Thou shouldst the Cross bestow
On one who merits nought but woe,
Oh! teach me then alone to be
Attentive to Thy love for me.

And when obedience calls me where
My labors take the place of prayer,
I'll strive to keep my eyes on Thee,
And midst my toils alone to be.

O God of love, come then and dwell
Alone, in this poor humble cell,

Until at last Thy Heart Divine

Consumes this wretched heart of mine.

CHOSE who love the poor during life shall

not be without consolation at the hour of death. -ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.

E think of death as being near to others but

as far from ourselves.

IGNORANCE is no excuse when we have neglected to learn what we are obliged to know. -ST. AMBROSE.

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IET us so live as to be an inspiration, strength, and blessing to those whose lives are touched by ours.

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ONLY a leaf, yet it shall bear

A wealth of love, of mintage true;

Only a simple earnest prayer

That silently goes up for you;

Yet you and I may never know

What blessings from that prayer may flow.

ORUE friends wait to be summoned in time of prosperity, but in time of trouble they come of their own accord and offer their help.

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