Sidor som bilder

Immaculate Heart of Dary.

URE Heart of our Sweet Mother!

P To thee be thanks and praise,

For all the tender mercies

That crown our nights and days.

For all the ceaseless blessings,

That Jesus' Heart thro' thine,

O fount of joy unfailing!

Outpours in love divine.

Blest Spring whose crystal waters,
Well from God's Heart of Love,
Be here our strength and sweetness,
Our bliss in Heaven above.

IT is a trite saying that a kind word, a gentle word, costs nothing. Yet nothing is so precious, and, alas, nothing is so rare.

Use gentle words, for who can tell

The blessing they impart?

How oft' they fall (as manna fell)
On some nigh fainting heart.

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E who leads a good life has a friend in our Divine Lord; and having such a friend, what has a man to fear? No earthly misfortune can diminish the love of Jesus Christ. Earthly friends may turn from us, but the love of God remains.

Be Thou my Friend, my close companion ever!
Earth's paths diverge as comrades onward


Friends may depart, but Thou, O, leave me never!

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WHAT is resignation? It is putting God between one's self and one's grief. The Christian's cup may be brimful of sorrow, but, for him, the over-flowing drop is never added.

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IF we knew the inner life of many of the people we meet, we would be very gentle with them and would excuse the things in them that seem strange or eccentric to us. They are carrying burdens of secret grief. Let us remember that we are bidden by the Apostle to bear one another's burdens.

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the fruits.

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My Lord and J.


HAVE a friend so very precious,
So very dear to me;

He loves me with such tender love,
He loves so faithfully;

I could not live apart from Him,
I love to feel Him nigh;

And so we dwell together,
My loving Lord and I.

Sometimes I'm faint and weary,
He knows that I am weak,
And as He bids me lean on Him,
His help I gladly seek;
He leads me in the paths of light,
Beneath a summer sky;

And so we walk together,

My loving Lord and I.

He knows how much I love Him,
He knows I love Him well;

But with what love He loveth me,
My tongue can never tell,

It is an everlasting love,

An ever rich supply;

And so we love each other,

My loving Lord and I.

I tell Him all my sorrows,
Tell Him all my joys;
Tell Him all that pleases me,
Tell Him what annoys;
He tells me what I ought to do,
He tells me how to try;

And so we walk together,
My loving Lord and I.

He knows how I am longing,
Some weary soul to win,
And so He bids me go and speak,

The loving word for Him;
He bids me tell His wounds and love

And why He came to die;

And so we work together,

My loving Lord and I.

I have His yoke upon me,
And easy 'tis to bear,

In the burden which He carries,
I gladly take a share;
For then it is my happiness,

To have him always nigh,

We bear the yoke together,
My loving Lord and I.


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