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I am so weak and weary to-night, dear Saviour, So tired of striving and so sick of sin,

That were I worthy of a place in Thy fair dwell


I'd ask that I just now might enter in.

Here let me kneel in sorrowful contrition,

And lean my head against Thy wounded


Aiss Thy hands and feet all torn and bleeding

And whisper to myself, "For me He died."

And I have grieved Him since-O, shame to say


Such base ingratitude it seemeth to me


How could I pierce again the heart that loved me, And bind the cruel thorns upon that brow?

I did not mean it, dear Lord; some sudden gust of passion,

Some snare the tempter laid with wily art, Entrapped my thoughtless feet and ere I knew it, My path and Thine were lying wide apart.

And as I turned, my wayward steps retracing,
I met Thine eyes so full of grief and love,
It broke my heart-O careless soul how could'st

So wrong His kindness and so faithless

Now, falling at Thy feet I plead for pardon
Amid such bitter tears of grief and shame;
Whilst Thou hast only loving words of comfort
for me

Not one reproach, not one just word of

Thou know'st I love Thee, dear Lord, though in my weakness,

Tempted and tired, Thy love I often grieve, Thou know'st I love Thee! stay Thou always

near me,

That from Thy heart my heart may strength receive.

Strength to o'ercome, to conquer every failing That mars my life or makes it incomplete; Strength that shall keep me safe from sin and wandering,

Faithful and pure forever at Thy feet.

Father and God.

ORD, give me faith to look above


In trial, and to trust Thy love;

Grant me submission to Thy will,
Through good or ill to love Thee still.

Help me to bear all care and loss,
And share with me life's heavy cross;
A prodigal, I come to Thee,
Sin-sick and weary-pity me!

Be Thou an anchor to my soul,
When over me dark waters roll:
Be Thou a star to guide aright
When I, despairing, grope for light.

Teach me obedience and fear,
Thy Name to honor and revere;
To kiss a loving Father's rod

And to acknowledge Thee my God!


Kight of the anxious heart,

Jesus, Thou dost appear,

To bid the gloom of guilt depart,
And shed Thy sweetness here.



HERE are wrongs that cannot be righted; There are crosses that must be borne; There are duties that cannot be slighted; There are thorn-crowns that must be worn.

There are griefs that cannot find comfort,
And wounds that cannot be healed;
There are sorrows so deep in the human heart
They cannot be half revealed.

But, oh! let us carry our crosses;
We carry them not alone;

Let us tread over earth's rough places

Even as Christ has done.

Let us bury our bitter sorrows
Deep in His Sacred Heart,

And think what a blessed thing it is
To have in His sorrows a part.

Let us think of the wrongs He suffered,
Let us think of the Cross He bore;

Let us think of His weary journeys.

Let us think of the Crown He wore.

Surely the pain and the sorrow

Christ chose for Himself must be best; Let us follow Him, then in the way of the Cross; 'Twill lead unto heaven's sweet rest.

IF we want to love our Lord fervently, to make Him some return for all His love to us, we must try to know Him by making ourselves familiar with His life. We must notice His ways -His gentleness and compassion; His tenderness with sinners, with the sick, the sorrowing, the little children.

I watch Thy face, Thy gentle face,

That looks with love on me;

And then I ask of Thee the grace

To love all men like Thee.

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