Sidor som bilder

What will you do without Him
In the lone and dreary day,

Of trouble and perplexity,

When you do not know the way;
And no one else can help you,
And no one guides you right,

And hope comes not with morning
And rest comes not with night?

What will you do without Him
When death is drawing near,
Without His love-the only love
That casts out every fear-
When the shadow-valley opens,
Unlighted and unknown,
And the terrors of its darkness
Must all be passed alone?

What will you do without Him

When the great white throne is set, And the judge who never can mistake And never can forget

The Judge whom you have never

As Friend and Saviour soughtShall summon you to give account

Of deed and word and thought?


What will you do without Him

When He hath shut the door, And you are left outside, because You would not come before? When it is no use knocking,

No use to stand and wait;

For the word of doom tolls thro' your heart, That terrible "Too late!"

You cannot do without Him
There is no other name
By which you ever can be saved,
No way, no hope, no claim!
Without Him—everlasting loss
Of love and life and light!
Without Him-everlasting woe
And everlasting night.

But with Him-oh, with Jesus!
Are any words so blest?

With Jesus, everlasting joy

And everlasting rest!

With Jesus-all the empty heart

Filled with His perfect love;

With Jesus-perfect peace below
And perfect bliss above.

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Why should you do without Him?
It is not too late,

He has not closed the day of grace,
He has not shut the gate.
He calls you!-hush! He calls you,
He would not have you go
Another step without Him,
Because He loves you so.

Why will you do without Him?
He calls and calls again :

"Come unto Me! Come unto Me!"
Oh shall He call in vain?

He wants to have you with Him;
Do you not want Him too?

You cannot do without Him!

And He wants-even you.


CHE greatest of earthly ills are entirely out of proportion to that eternal weight of glory which, if we only will it by God's grace, one day awaits us. Is it not our Lord Himself Who has taught us to say, "Thy will be done!" It is the tenderest and fondest word that love ever pronounced, whereby we salute and bless in advance a will as yet unknown.


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XY fate is in Thy hands,

My God, I wish it there;

My heart, my life, my health I leave,

Entirely to Thy care.

My fate is in Thy hands,

Whatever may it be,

Pleasant or painful, bright or dark,

As best may seem to Thee.

My fate is in Thy hands,

Why should I doubt or fear;

My Father's Heart will never cause
His child a needless tear!

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