Bilingualism and Social Relations: Turkish Speakers in North Western Europe

J. Normann Jørgensen
Multilingual Matters, 1 jan. 2003 - 148 sidor
"Studies of the multilingual practices of Turkish speaking adolescents in North Western Europe. The speakers use their different languages for a wide range of purposes: getting their way, creating a comfortable atmosphere, saving face, being polite, showing respect, showing disrespect, scolding, and in many other ways to administer their social relations. The skills demonstrated by the young speakers are almost never taken into account by the majority societies."

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Linguistic Construction and Negotiation of Social
Cultural Orientation
The Creation and Administration of Social Relations
Language Choice as a Power Resource in Bilingual
Power Relationships Interactional Dominance
Languaging Among Fifth Graders

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Om författaren (2003)

J. Normann Jørgensen is at the Department of Nordic, University of Copenhagen. His research interests are sociolinguistics with special emphasis on bilingualism, youth language and their importance for language variation. His has published widely on the field of bilingual research.

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