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CHAPTER I. On the Classification of the Books of the New Testa-


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CHAPTER II. On the Historical Books of the New Testament.

Section I. On the Name and Number of the Canonical Gospels.

I. Observations on the General Appellation of GOSPEL, as applied to the Histories

of Jesus Christ.-II. General Scope of the Gospels.-iil. Their Number.-

IV. Importance of the Gospels.


Section II. On the Gospel by Saint Matthew.

I. Author.-II. Date:-III. In what Language written.-IV. Genuineness and

Authenticity of Saint Matthew's Gospel in general.-V. The Authenticity of

the first two Chapters examined and substantiated.–VI. Scope of this Gospel.

-VII Synopsis of its Contents.-VIII. Observations on its Style. 228

Section III. On the Gospel by Saint Mark.

I. Author.-II. Genuineness and Authenticity of this Gospel.-III. Probable

Date.-IV. Occasion and Scope.-V. In what Language written.-Synopsis

of its Contents.–VII. Examination of the Question, whether Saint Mark tran-

scribed or abridged the Gospel of Saint Matthew.–VIII. Observations on his



Section IV. On the Gospel by Saint Luke.

1. Author.-II. Genuineness and Authenticity of Saint Luke's Gospel, particu-

larly of the first two Chapters, and of Chapter viii. 27–39.—III. Date and

where written.-IV. For whom written.–V. Occasion and Scope of this Gos-

pel.–VI. Synopsis of its Contents.—VII. Observations on this Gospel. 260

Section V. On the Sources of the First Three Gospels.

I. Different Hypotheses stated.-II. Examination of the Hypothesis, that the

evangelists abridged or copied from each other.—III. Examination of the Hy-

pothesis, that the Evangelists derived their Information from a primary Greek

or Hebrew Document.-IV. And of the Hypothesis, that they consulted

several Documents.-V. That the only Document consulted by the first three

Evangelists was the preaching of our Saviour himself.


Section VI. On the Gospel by Saint John.

I. Author.-II. Date.—III. Genuineness and Authenticity of this Gospel.-

IV. Its Occasion and Design.--Account of the Tenets of Čerinthus.-Analysis

of its Contents.-V. Saint John's Gospel, a Supplement to the other Three.--

VI. Observations on its Style.


Section VII. On the Acts of the Apostles.

I. Title.-II. Author.-III. Genuineness and Authenticity.-IV. Scope.-V.

Chronology.-VI. Analysis of the Contents of this Book.–VII. Observations

on its Stylc.–VIII. On the Importance of this Book, as an Evidence for the

Truth of Christianity.


CHAPTER III. On the Epistolary or Doctrinal Writings of the New

Testament, particularly those of Saint Paul.

Section I. Account of the Apostle Paul.

1. The Birth and Education of Saint Paul-his Persecution of the Disciples of Christ

—and his Conversion.-Observations upon it.-II. His subsequent Travels

and Labours, to his second Visit to Jesusalom.-III. His third Visit to Jerusa-
lem, and subsequent Labours, to his fourth Visit to Jerusalem.-IV. His jour.

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