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shall have power to make, ordain, and enforce rules for the government of the body when in session, to enable the business to be pro ceeded with in order, and to fix its sessions and adjournments; but such rules shall not conflict with this statute, nor with any of the provisions of the constitution and laws of Ohio.

SEC. 9. Before the umpire shall proceed to act, the question or questions in dispute shall be plainly defined in writing, and signed by the members of the tribunal, or a majority thereof of each class, or by the parties submitting the same; and such writing shall contain the submission of the decision thereof to the umpire by name, and shall provide that his decision thereon, after hearing, shall be final. The umpire shall be sworn to impartially decide all questions that may be submitted to him during his term of office. The submission and his award may be made in the form hereinafter given, and said umpire must make his award within ten days from the time the question or questions in dispute are submitted to him. Said award shall be made. to the tribunal; and if the award is for a specific sum of money, said award may be made a matter of record by filing a copy thereof in the court of common pleas of the county wherein the tribunal is in session. When so entered of record it shall be final and conclusive, and the proper court may, on motion of any one interested, enter judgment thereon; and when the award is for a specific sum of money, may issue final and other process to enforce the same.

SEC. 10. The form of the joint petition or agreement praying for a tribunal under this act shall be as follows: To the Court of Common Pleas of

thereof, as the case may be:)

County (or to a judge

The subscribers hereto, being the number and having the qualifications required in this proceeding, being desirous of establishing a tribunal of voluntary arbitration for the settlement of dispute in the

(here name the branch of industry) trade, and having agreed upon A, B, C, D and E, representing the employers, and G, H, I, J and K, representing the workmen, as members of said tribunal, who each are qualified to act thereon, pray that a license for a tribunal in the trade may be issued to said persons named above.

Employers. Names.



Number Employes.

SEC. 11. The license to be issued upon such petition, may be as

[blocks in formation]

WHEREAS, The joint petition and agreement of four employers (or representatives of a firm, corporation, or individual employing forty men, as the case may be), and forty workmen has been presented to this court (or if to a judge in vacation, so state), praying the creation of a tribunal of voluntary arbitration for the settlements of disputes in the

trade within this county, and naming A, B, C, D and E, representing the employers, and G, H, I, J, and K, representing the workmen, Now, in pursuance of the statute for such case made and provided, said named persons are hereby licensed and authorized to be and exist as a tribunal of voluntary arbitration for the settlement of disputes between employers and workmen for the period of one year from this date, and they shall meet and organize on the day

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SEC. 12. When the tribunal agrees to submit a matter in controversy to the umpire, it may be in form as follows:

We, A. B. C. D and E, representing employers, and G, H, I, J and K, representing workmen, composing a tribunal of voluntary arbitration, hereby submit and refer unto the umpirage of L (the umpire of the tribunal of the trade), the following subject-matter, namely: [Here state fully and clearly the matter submitted.] And we hereby agree that his decision and determination upon the same shall be binding upon us, and final and conclusive upon the question

thus submitted; and we pledge ourselves to abide by and carry out the decision of the umpire when made.

Witness our names this

day of

A. D.


SEC. 13. The umpire shall make his award in writing to the tribunal, stating distinctly his decision on the subject-matter submitted. And when the award is for a specific sum of money, the umpire shall forward a copy of the same to the clerk of the proper court.

SEC. 14. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.

A law, providing for Boards of Arbitration, when voluntarily called for by disputing parties, would greatly increase confidence between employer and employe, and the decision of such a Board would, in nearly every case, be accepted.


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