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Sida 239 - To him that hath, shall be given, and he shall have more abundantly ; from him that hath not, shall be taken, even that which he hath.
Sida 215 - Missouri, before any justice of the peace of such county wherein the mine is situate and the accident occurred ; and such fine, when collected, shall be paid into the county treasury for the use and benefit of said county.
Sida 208 - In all suits under this article, the parties to the contract shall, and all other persons interested in the matter in controversy, or in the property charged with the lien, may be made parties, but such as are not made parties will not be bound by any such proceedings.
Sida 218 - ... or shall handle or disturb any part of the machinery of the hoisting engine, or open a door to a mine and not have the same closed again, whereby danger is produced, either...
Sida 206 - The lien for the things aforesaid, or work, shall attach to the buildings, erections onimprovements for which they were furnished or the work was done, in preference to any prior lien or incumbrance or mortgage, upon the land upon which said buildings, erections, improvements or machinery >have been erected or put; and any person enforcing such lien may have such building, erection or improvement sold under execution, and the purchaser may remove the same within a reasonable time thereafter.
Sida 232 - ... labor, any order, check, memorandum, token or evidence of indebtedness, payable in whole or in part otherwise than in lawful money of the United States, unless the same is negotiable and redeemable at its face value, without discount, in cash or...
Sida 30 - SECTION 1. That the district court of each county, or a judge thereof in vacation, shall have power, and upon the presentation of a petition, or of the agreement hereinafter named, it shall be the duty of said court, or a judge thereof in vacation, to issue in the form hereinafter named, a license or authority for the establishment within and for each county of tribunals for voluntary arbitration and settlement of disputes between employers and employed in the manufacturing, mechanical or mining...
Sida 33 - ... or by the parties submitting the same ; and such writing shall contain the submission of the decision thereof to the umpire by name, and shall provide that his decision thereon after hearing shall be final...
Sida 214 - All boilers used in generating steam in and about coal mines shall be kept in good order, and the...
Sida 216 - ... mined, whether by shaft, slope, or drift; the number of mines in operation, the number of men employed therein...

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