Sidor som bilder

For plenty O MOST merciful father! who, of thy gracious goodness, hast heard the prayers of thy people, and turned our dearth and scarcity into plenty and abundance; we give thce humble thanks for this thy special bounty ; beseeching thee to continue thy loving kindness unto us, that our land may yield us her fruits of increase, to our competent sustenance and seasonable comfort. Amen.

For peace, and deliverance from our ene


O ALMIGHTY GOD! who art a strong tower of defence unto thy servants against the face of their enemies; we give thee praise and thanks for our deliverance from those great and apparent dangers, with which we were encompassed and threatened. We thankfully acknowledge thy goodness, in not delivering us over as a prey unto them; and humbly beseech thee still to continue such thy mercies towards us, that all the world may know that thou alone art our mighty preserver and deliverer. Ameni is

For restoring public peace at home. O ETERNAL GOD ! our heavenly father! who alone canst make men to be of one mind, and still the outrage of an unruly multitude ; we thank thee that thou hast been pleased to appease the tumults which have been lately excited amongst us ; most humbly beseeching thee to give us a right understanding, that we may henceforth obediently walk in thy holy commandments; and, leading a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty, may continually offer unto thee our praise and thanks for these and all other thy mercies towards us, as becometh thy servants, and the disciples of Jesus Christ. Amen.

For deliverance from the plague, or other

common sickness. we humbly acknowledge before thee, o most merciful father! that all the severe punishments, which are threatened in thy law, might justly have fallen upon us, by reason of our manifold transgressions and hardness of heart. Yet, seeing it hath pleased thee,

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upon our weak and unworthy humiliation, mercifully to assuage the contagious sickness with which we lately have been griev. ously afflicted, and to restore health and joy into our dwellings ; we offer' unto thy . divine majesty our humble, but sincere, praise and thanks; and will extolthy glorious name for such thy preservation and providence over us, now and for ever. Amen.




ALMIGHTY GOD! who rulest over all the nations of the world, and disposest of them, according to thy good pleasure ; we yield thee our thanks, for having been pleased, as on this day, to place the king upon the throne of these realms. Let thy wisdom be his guide, and let thine arm strengthen him in all his righteous and lawful undertakings for the cominon weal; let justice, truth, and holiness,- let peace and love, and all those virtues which adorn the christian profession, improve and flourish in his days; direct all his counsels and endeavours to thy glory, and the welfare of our country. Lead both hirn and us to a willing and cheerful obedience to the laws; that neither our sinful passions, nor our private interest, may disappoint the designs of either for the public good : let him always possess the hearts of his people, that they may never be wanting in proper respect to his person, and dutiful submission to the authority with which he is intrusted : let his reign be long and prosperous, and crown him with happiness in the life to come. Amen.



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