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for all his pains, only the mean present of two copies thereof. Mr. Gawler had this information from Dr. Ward's own mouth.

Pope Sixtus IV., although he increased the Vatican collection with

many valuable MSS., and encouraged the historian Platina by making him its librarian, had yet very little taste for learning and science, which the following story will sufficiently testify: Theodore Gaza, one of those literati who had fled from the barbarous conquerors of Constantinople, presented Pope Sixtus a translation of Cicero's works into the Greek language; the Pope, who having been a Cordelier full fifty years, enjoyed more pleasure from the questions of a Duns Scotus than the effusions of Tully, received the books coldly, cast them carelessly into a corner, and then ordered his chamberlain to give the author a sum by way of remuneration, which scarcely reimbursed him for the money he had expended in purchasing the parchment whereon his work was written. “ Fool that I was,” exclaimed the Greek in his own tongue, “to think that such an ass had a relish for any other food than thistles!” Luckily for the proverbialist, the good Pope knew nothing of the Greek language.

(0) I shall now wind up my annotations with some specimens of the puff direct, which are so common in this land of trade and universal speculation.

Since I feel that with scribes nought on earth can so

grieve 'em, As thus in a darkness Cimmerian to leave 'em ;

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My strain thus I terminate, trusting their fury To Nick will not hurl me without judge or jury:


The Battle-Boots,—the Stage-Boots,-
And Boots to walk and ride in,-

I strive all others to excel,
There lays my greatest pride in.

For noble legs, and gentle legs,
And legs of all dimensions,

A single pair will best shew proof
Of S. SMITH's just pretensions.

BLACKING.-A Complete Victory obtained over all Blacking Makers !!!—The brilliant WELLINGTON! which far out-rivals all other that was ever offered to the Public! and there never was such a bright polish given to the world, as that produced by this incomparable Blacking. It is not only waterproof, but also bullet proof.-It has likewise a tendency to brighten the UNDERSTANDINGS of men.

Take Notice. This choice Recipe was found among other valuable papers at the fall of St. Sebastian, and this wonderful Composition is now offered to the Public, in Pint Bottles 1s. 6d. each; and to the Navy, and Army, Duty Free.—Warranted full to the bung, and to keep in all climates.-To be had only at T. COLE's Repository, No. 14, Broad Street, Portsmouth.

Their praise is my due, not their censure I swear,
By silence the lash of correction I spare ;
Yet brief let me be, since 'tis order'd by fate,
I calmly must welcome the rancour of hate;
Since rather than pander-like cringe for applause,
I wou'd brave persecution in rectitude's cause :
My motto concise is—“ That truth knows no fear,”
While praise earn’d without it is purchas’d too dear.

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The Don Cossacks. When these heroes arrived in town, and were apprised of our liberal subscriptions for the relief of the suffering Russians, their iron countenances were bedewed with tears of gratitude. Observing a number of persons crowding into No. 9, Charing Cross, and being informed that it arose from the eagerness of the public to secure their fortunes in the state lottery, they instantly sent for two tickets, resolving to add their prizes to the above-mentioned subscriptions. When told that every ticket would be drawn a prize on the 6th of May, they exclaimed-Hurrah! Bish for ever !!


T. DAVISON, Lombard-street,

Whitefriars, London.

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Adage, the Greek
Adams, (Jack), a fortune-teller
Addison and Steele, their chaste and easy style
Advocate of Strasbourg, anecdote of
Agricultural writers
Agrippa (Cornelius), his Stygian pug
Aiken, (Mr. Edward), an architect
Aikin (Arthur), a writer on chemistry
Aiton (William) on gardening
Aldrovandi, the Hans Sloane of Italy
Alexander on his death-bed
Allingham (Mr.), his dramatic productions
Anacreon Moore

his style, point, and metre, his own
Andrews (Miles Peter), the late
Antiquarians, a race of maniacs

whole body of, gulled
Antique ring, a very valuable

modern, a substitute for
Aretin (Peter), the famous, anecdote of
Argumentum baculinum
Aristomachus, anecdote of, by Pliny
Armstrong, the mental energy of
Ass, an, relishes no food but thistles

the, a pattern of wisdom
nem a prayer to, heard

a hymn relative to

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85, 86


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